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Volume 22, No 4, April 1st, 1997

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  1. Sexy Cars, Greasy Sluts, Magic Carpets BY STEPHEN SIMAC
  2. Health Care District Focus on Mental Health By Georgia Sears
  3. Aircraft Are Screwing Up The Atmosphere? By Jim Scanlon
  4. The Wage War Is Being Lost BY KAREN NAKAMURA
  5. Earth Moves After Buck Center Begins Excavation By Don Deane
  6. Farmlands Protection Bill Falling Flat With Farmers By Don Deane
  7. Curiosity In Elderly May Lead To Longer Life
  8. When Coverage Of Media Power Gets Hazy By Norman Solomon
  9. Invasion Of The Body Snatchers - Sequel By Auren Hoffman
  10. John Duncan: 1915-1997 BY JOAN REUTINGER
  11. Little League Opening April 6 On Sunday April 6th, West Marin Little League will open the 1997 baseball season. A parade will begin at Lucky Market in Fairfax at 10 AM (don't forget Daylight Savin
  12. Is There A Monorail In Our Future? BY JOAN REUTINGER
  13. Peter Behr 1915-1997 BY JOAN REUTINGER
  14. Spring Wildlife Check List BY KAREN NAKAMURA
  15. Tragedy On The Wing?
  16. Rewarding Inefficiency A Failure Of The Democratic Process BY GERALD N. PEARLMAN
  17. News And Notes Of Novato BY BETTY MACHADO
  18. Dinner With The President By Proctor Jones
  19. Flight 800: Was It "Friendly" Fire? BY EDWARD W. MILLER
  20. Food BY ELLIE & WIM
  21. God's Name In Vain
  22. Individual Rights: Social Wrongs By Frank Scott
  23. How To Defeat Organized Crime BY KIRBY FERRIS
  24. Letters To The Editor
  25. Marin As I See It By Sanford I. Gossman
  26. Just Your Typical Small Town Saloon BY STEVEN LOGAN BARKHURST
  27. EDITORIAL Hello? Are we missing something? It seems totally unbelievable.

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