The Coastal Post - April, 1997


We Can't Believe We Are So Good!

Hello? Are we missing something? It seems totally unbelievable that a major scientific conference was held last month in Virginia on the effects commercial aviation is having on our atmosphere, and the only media representative there was Jim Scanlon of the Great Western Pacific Coastal Post (to use our full name).

What does this have to say about our national media so concerned with OJ, Jon Benet, Tim Mc Veigh, our presidents knee and who shot whom where? Where was the NY/LA/WA Times, Investigative Reports, 20/20? Good heavens, Time had its staff covering "Heaven" of all things. What is wrong with the people who chose what we see on the tube and in print?

The Coastal Post has always had a reputation for being something of a miniature pit bull, not afraid to shred the cuff of big opponents, if, perhaps, once in a while, barking up the wrong tree. But we can't be that unusual to be the only one plan and go after an interesting story which should be perfectly obvious to anyone with a micro gram of brains.

The Coastal Post has a micro budget comparable to what most large newspapers spend for coffee on an average morning. If we can make scarce dollars stretch out to cover a distant conference (by looking

after our pennies) what the hell is wrong with all the other newspapers! Are they all advertisement sheets with news as filler ! This is sickening. Pardon us while we barf.

We are going to have to think about this one for a while, and we suggest that you do so too.

And while you are thinking about this, perhaps you might consider an advertisement in the Coastal Post to help cover our expenses. You will get just that, an honest ad in an honest paper-and -we would like to

think that the good people who read your ad will, most likely, not be total jerks.