The Coastal Post - April, 1997

Letters Apr 97

"I've Been Down So Long, It Looks Like Up To Me"

I am an aged man, useless even in prime, now condemned to a graying ineptitude weighed down by sloth and bitter regret. Commiseration fuels me to respond to "K.B." ("Falling Down," Letters, March issue). In order merely to imprint my feeble chalkmark upon the blank slate of nihilistic sentiment: I, too, am alone and helpless. I, too, am "fallen down" (was I ever up, I wonder?) and what of it? Please forgive an old man's spiteful ramblings, and pray to your impotent Gods (for I have none) for my peace and quiet.



Response To Falling Down

Though an avid reader of your monthly newspaper and town crier, I have not previously been inspired to communicate with either you or your readers, preferring the relative anonyminity of the west marin life, home to so many hermits and invisibles like myself. However, the letter from a K.B. in San Anselmo, printed in your March issue under the heading "Falling Down", so inspires a response, or at the very least some sign of life from a fellow lost soul, wandering mind, atrophied physicality, et al!

So. Mr or Ms K.B., despair not. "Anyone else" Does feel this way. I too can speak to the daily burden of dyspeptic melancholy and soul-atrophy, whereby just to continue to be is a great struggle. Having fallen by the wayside, to use your metaphor, (and what is West Marin for many an old witch but a blissful wayside?) I wonder at the stars, the cold nights of lonesome wind, the black immensity of bay and ocean, mournful death-call of solitary ship in distant fog. Are such wonderments reasons to continue? Are such heartbreaking moments of - dare i say - aesthetic bliss enough to justify the torment of the everyday, the utter banality of merely existing, in this heavy shroud of aged meat that is this woman's old body-bag? I ask you, and your readers. Yes, one like myself or dearest lost K.B. might pay the price of "social disparagement" (and all those walking weekend tanning salons who condescend my person in passing on the streets and front porches of my fair town can attest to this), this society may have no use for us (and us for them?), but: to exist, simply to be, in nature and in sunlight, in wind and on land, in flesh and with breath, in sadness and song... Oh, dear, what to do what to do...


Miss Hattie McGraw

67 years old

Tomales, CA

On Home Safe Home

I enjoyed the article in this month's issue, "Home Safe Home" by (presumably) the Rev. T.W. Silver, and might be interested in attending his event at the Civic Center on March 11th. However, I would like to get more information first, and wonder if there's a way to reach Rev. Silver directly?

Thanks much,

Joseph Kerrick

[email protected]

Thanks Simac For UFO Story

I'd like to thank Steve Simac for his excellent overview of the UFO/ET phenomenon. I've been looking into it for awhile myself, and what strikes me is the similarity of the aliens described in abduction reports to the underlying nature of "postmodern" humanity. There is a whole range of variation on the basic critters with big heads, big unblinking eyes, and skinny little bodies. They are the definitive caricature of the science fiction/computer-nerd notion of the next step in evolution, namely all brain and no messy animalistic body with its primal urges. The skin color of the aliens is usually gray, which is also significant. Most often there is one, or at most two, beings who are a little taller, a little more human-looking, and more communicative with the abductee; the rest of the little buggers all march around silently in lockstep and follow orders so perfectly and rigidly that they are sometimes described as biorobots. The beings certainly seem to have a hive mind.

The apocalyptic warnings given to abductees by the aliens are usually interpreted in terms of ecological disaster or war; but I note a fine line in the reported words of the aliens that the underlying cause of all the possible catastrophes is that "humans are losing contact with the inner soul of their being" (a quote from a conversation with an alien).

The abductee phenomenon has a certain validity because it can't be reasonably explained (or explained away) by any of the disciplines of the current paradigm, including especially psychiatry; despite some claims to the contrary, postmodern science is as mystified by it as Mr. Simac. But there is an area where the abductee reports begin to elide with the less substantial "contactee" and channeling phenomena, which are certainly susceptible to explanation as merely subjective events. What will sometimes happen is that folks in the latter category, and people who share the "New Age" belief-system in general, will pick up material and notions reported by the abductees and amplify them in imaginative ways, sometimes to absurd proportions. But even some of these amusing confabulations can shed light on the overall picture, given that the collective unconscious is a large (if not necessarily the decisive) factor in the phenomenon.

As has been extensively reported in the media, the abduction phenomenon has a large sexual overtone. Sperm and eggs are involuntarily extracted from abductees, and human women are implanted with fetuses which are then "harvested" before the pregnancies come to term. They are later shown babies which appear to be human-alien hybrids. And this is the most popular interpretation of what's going on: that it's a "hybridization" project being carried out by the aliens.

An extenuation of this hypothesis is provided by those abductees who claim to have experienced a spiritual aspect to the events. Some of them have discovered that they themselves are "hybrids", at least in the soul. They rediscover their alien identities during the abductions, and begin to function as aliens themselves, willingly participating in the plan to conjoin the two species. These claims have indeed inseminated the New Age subculture, where the current trend is to have babies with alien souls, and raise them accordingly. One advantage accruing to such children is that they'll be sure to make the cut when the Lightships come to beam up the elect from Armageddon.

So the most compelling overall pattern revealed in the UFO/ET/abduction phenomenon is that humanity is being transmogrified into a new species resembling that of the Gray aliens; or perhaps the formerly human race will just be subsumed in toto into the alien hive. And to return to the original premise above, it provides a very instructive picture of exactly where humanity is at right now, in its present state of evolution-if indeed you can call it that.

One abductee who discovered his true alien identity provides us with intimate knowledge of what Gray sex is like, from an episode recovered under hypnosis in which he remembered having sex as an alien. He had a small penis which did not become hard, but just sort of "worked its way in." His testacles were "just some bumps" on his body. The act was "not horny-passionate. . . not a rhythmical in-and-out intercourse," but "just a rocking embrace". The act "doesn't take long. . . . It's not like I have to work myself to a place where my body will release (the sperm). I can just put it in and release it." A clear fluid "just oozes out." (Quoted from _Abduction_ by John Mack, Scribner's, 1994.)

Before I ever became conversant with the alien abduction phenomenon, my observation of present-day people was that they were turning into what I called "humatons": palid creatures with no primal force, little or no sexual polarization, and no true individuality despite the great cultural shibboleth of individualism. Robot-like, they move through their days in the irresistable ebb and flo of a mechanoid, soulless civilization, gray little entities in the postmodern hive.

Joseph Kerrick

San Rafael, CA 94915

[email protected]

Live The Word Of Christ

Why the scourge of gangs? I hear every day of the malevolence of the gangs and the decomposition of society left in there wake. The liberals in this country wants a Godless country, and thus these problems befall them. My Father says; The cynics are sunk down in the pit that they made: in the net which they hid is their own foot taken.

The judgment of my Father is to take away the control his word has on the people thus allowing the imaginations of their own heart to come to fruition. Because, when they knew my Father, they glorified him not as God, neither were they thankful; but became vacuous in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. And society is now without a body, without substance.What is called in Genesis without form. These people professing to be wise, became fools.

It is the word of my Father that does the controlling, if a person loves the word. It is the same word the Supreme Court ruled could not be taught to our kids in public schools, in fact could not even be seen. Now the reason for all this is power. True power is the ability to control the mind of others. In the old testament the word consent is involved in the word reign. It is the consent of those who are under the reign, and the one who reigns over us eventually become tyrants.

Without the control of the word, man becomes evil. For all the imaginations of his heart are evil. It is only when society returns to His living word, accepts love which is the Spirit of that word, which we call the Holy Spirit. That he will allow His word to control those of that society. The living word is also known as Jesus the Christ because He lived the Word. Keep looking to that which is perfect, and seabillows of the mire will not role over you.

Allen D. Elliott

La Mirada, CA 90638-1747

The Goddess Cometh

God works in mysterious ways, and if Jesus Christ were to return in the body of a female, might we even rejoice?

"Only that which is impossible is true." Prepare.


The Voice of Silence

Tracks For Traffic Relief

According to a poll by the Chronicle, KRON-TV and KQED-FM, "Many Bay Area residents are yearning to move to the relatively wide, open spaces of the North Bay."

The Santa Rosa metropolitan area already had a huge growth in population in the 1980s, which will continue if high-tech companies continue to add lots of new jobs in Sonoma County in the next decade. Highway 101, Sonoma and Marin's main artery, already increasingly congested, will congest even more.

But there is a potential second transit artery, the old Northwestern Pacific Railroad right-of-way from Larkspur to Healdsburg, recently bought by the Golden Gate Bridge and Transportation District along with Marin and Sonoma Counties. The tracks are in place, and with the inevitable continuation of population growth in the North Bay, Highway 101, even if expanded beyond four lanes north of Novato, could not adequately handle the population expansion. Why not establish a commuter rail or light rail line on the already existing tracks, Healdsburg to the Larkspur Ferry Terminal?


San Anselmo

Holy Man A Terrorist

In his outrageous attempt to blame the U.S. conviction and life imprisonment sentence of Egyptian Sheik Omar Abd Al-Rahmanon on a Zionist conspiracy theory, Edward Miller misses the key fact that Sheik Rahman was found guilty for his leadership role in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the thwarted attempt to bomb New York landmarks by a New York jury-not a singular "Zionist judge." ("A Political Prisoner in the U.S.: Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman," March 1)

As for Sheik Rahman's supposed "quiet teaching of Islam" in the years prior to his U.S. imprisonment, actually Sheik Rahman has long been the spiritual guide of Egypt's militant Jihad organization. This organization is a militant offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood movement which promotes the establishment of a radical pan-Islamic theocracy throughout the Muslim world and vehemently rejects any Western presence or influence. In 1981 Sheik Rahman issued a religious edict sanctioning the assassination of President Anwar al-Sadat. His followers were also responsible for the assassination of Egypt's speaker of Parliament.

That Mr. Miller describes Sheik Rahman and his violent, terrorist teachings as quiet and holy is entirely incorrect and extremely offensive.


Associate Director

Anti-Defamation League

San Francisco

Biker-Hiker Conflict Misplaced

I think that the shared-use, volunteer-built trail proposed by the Bicycle Trail Council from Bullfrog Basin to Azalea Hill would benefit everyone. Those opposing it continue to deploy the usual smoke screens-safety and environmental disruption-to cover the fact that they just don't want to share.

I found the IJ's presentation of the story most interesting, though. "Hiker-Biker Fight on Horizon" for the headline, and "Should bicyclists be allowed to build and ride on a trail connecting...." These promote a paradigm of conflict, complete with condescending paternal overlords ruling their children. In reality, the "bicyclists" are mainly Marin residents, voters, taxpayers and they comprise a significant portion of all public land users.

It is unfortunate that Marin's land use issues continue to be framed in a superficial, unproductive way by Marin's most widely read local a biker-hiker conflict. I believe that this presentation shifts attention away from how land use policies are made and the fact that Marin's bicycle policies are not the best use of our human, financial or natural resources. The policies are made by politically privileged insiders that don't want the general public to understand the real issues and choices regarding resource use, nor do they represent the cross-section of public opinion.

The IJ could serve its readers well by doing a series of insightful, balanced reports about the inner workings of our local government. Bicyclists that have tried to participate in a positive way with our policymakers have uncovered the facts. Marin's inner circle has concentrated its political power into myriads of committees and commissions filled with carefully screened, appointed officials that have no term limits. It is a fascinating, little-known story.



Nihilistic Nature

I am writing in response to a letter printed in your March issue entitled "Falling Down," by a K.B. of San Anselmo. As a newcomer to West Marin, I wish to humbly grace your pages with some private considerations of a life lived here on Tomales Bay, haven to such breezy solipsisms. Indeed, I find your paper a welcome beacon in the miasmatic fog of everyday social gestures and self-flagellations, and think of your readers' input as laying the foundation for some community of shared solitudes.

Firstly, then, what gentle sun shines on such small vacancy of hazard? The land here is vast and open, and the lone skeptic such as myself might still be stirred by the late-night storm of wind and rain on rolling green fields. True, as Cioran writes, that the interval between my life and death is suffered as a wound, but with K.B. in mind, I with much quietude proffer the setting of sun as a wound of such sublimity to (perhaps) render all painful mutterings awe-struck and benumbed. Silence! This stretch of sea and sun seem to whisper, trembling o'er horizon's lip with hazy indeterminacy. Row, row, row your boat, life is but a dream. And: where else but in the midst of a violent West Marin twilight might one find such dissolution of Form, the atrophy of Nature's firm lines and heretofore harsh contours! An affront to aesthetics? Travesty of clear-headed, liberal-Californian, romantic-rationalism? Bah! Bug-hum! Frop, drip, frollip through weeds and heather, musty beaches of toxicity and dreck, expose yourself, K.B., dear reader, dear fools! Expose yourself to sun and grace and evening's soft flutter of meaninglessness.

Yes, K.B., one exists physically, or feels oneself to, in nature, though not necessarily in society (for worse or for better, I daren't surmise), and yes, 'tis true life has no use for us. Use! What bollocks, what brim-brine, rock-coatings of seabird slime and weak tourist pataphysics. What long yawns of thoughtless armchair utilitarians, nestled far from coast or open plain, no doubt, fingers licked through and greased with convenience store dips and sauces. No! I shout (though in humble reverence only), nod instead to the irreverent rhythms of Uselessness, and listen to the ocean: "Nothing, is what the water ripples." Look to what is bigger than us, bigger than any of us and any metaphysics of doubt, and find such meaninglessness in yourself. And in doing so, find not atrophy and loss, but rebirth in the half-lit mystery of some haphazard roll of dice that is your or my life. Life, I say, life, that absurd pulse that breathes you into existence every waking moment, carries you into this world in that package of skin and bones you call a body. K.B., friends, enemies, take heed, merely open your eyes and stop for second, to breathe and to look. And perhaps to know. Know what? Nothing!



Gladiator Games

Getting Away With Murder

A few months ago the media throughout California reported that California Department of Corrections had begun an internal investigation of staged incidents at one of the state's prisons. These incidents resulted in the deaths of several inmates. They were shot by CDC guards. These guards set up a situation where rival gang members were put together in a small enclosed yard. One of the inmates would be given a knife and told to attack the other. When the attack began, the guards, who were observing their game, opened fire on one of the inmates. The guards even took bets.

Most convicts in prison in California knew that this had been going on for a number of years. I myself heard about these staged incidents while I was in the California prison system. I also have observed the cruelty of some CDC guards. It seems that one of the guards working at this particular prison decided to whistle blow. He went to the FBI and gave them names, dates, deaths, everything. But he was threatened by CDC officials. Still he was able to give the FBI evidence.

When this story was made public, it was stated that CDC and the FBI would investigate the charges. Since then nothing has happened. How can CDC possibly investigate itself without being biased? Remember, CDC attempted to cover this up. And the coverup decision was made at the top in Sacramento. Peter, do you know of the coverup? I'll bet you do.

The point I am making is that murders were committed by CDC officers, and not one has been charged with anything. And the media has become extremely silent. A demand for justice is needed, and those involved need to be charged with the murders. Stop the coverup, Pete, and appoint an independent counsel to investigate these murders.

I cannot give you my real name because I am on parole and I know that if CDC discovered my identity my life would be in jeopardy.


Bureaucratic Fascism

John Churchman awakened my ire with his piece on the golden age of agencies.

Awhile back I was sitting on my deck and mused over the fact that it was really larger than I needed. Why not buy one of those pre-fab solariums I see all over Marin? I checked out the various sources, found a company that did a lot of these even for big outfits like the Bank of America, and found something I liked.

I then checked with the county about permits (big mistake). The people at the Planning Department checked over the packet I had gotten from the solarium company. They charged me a modest fee and said they saw no problem. A nice lady told me that I might not even have to get approval from the building department. The job was no big deal, she said.

Being an honest sort, I walked next door and asked the building department if I could go ahead. Zap! Right in the kisser. Thus began the wildest journey through red tape traps I have ever experienced. I won't bore you with the frustrating details. Suffice it to say that it took some 30 trips over the hill from West Marin to Central Marin and four months before I obtained a permit. Each time I went there, they found something wrong, and sent me back to the solarium people for more information. On one occasion they made me start over because a document bore the wrong address. The conversations I had were the most idiotic I have ever encountered. The boss said to me, "How do I know this won't blow over in the wind?" I offered to take him around Marin to see the many solariums done by this company, and for him to name one instance when one blew over in the wind. I was wasting my wind.

In the end, they caused my project to increase 15% in cost, and I am left with the feeling that I must never do anything to my house again. If I do, it will have to be done after midnight. I call this kind of bureaucratic nonsense fascism. When I was 19, I went off to war. I understood clearly that I was going forth to save the world from fascism. It's sad to realize that it has come home to roost.


Strictly Legal

It has recently come to our attention that there are a few far-fetched claims to the medical marijuana exemption since the passage of Ca. H. & S. Code 11362.5 (Prop. 215) in November, 1996.

It is in the public interest and out of concern for patient protection that we disclaim any affiliation with persons attempting to provide marijuana to patients as a scam for private profit. We will not support thin claims of medical need, nor unregistered caregivers.

Free legal representation is available for any person who is currently registered with us as an exempt patient or caregiver, or who has a notarized caregiver-grower contract with the Marin Alliance/West Marin Alliance for Medical marijuana. There is no charge to register qualified patients and caregivers.

We will provide patient and caregiver legal protection, cannabis consultation, and delivery services to any qualified patient, physician, or caregiving organization in Marin or West Marin, as we have since 1992.

If anyone has any questions, please contact the Marin/West Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana at (415) 256-9328.

Thank you all for your confidence and support throughout the years of struggle to a sane and compassionate solution to the medical marijuana issue.


Executive Director

Marin/West Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana


Fish Predators

Recently the Independent Journal quoted MMWD publicist Libby Pischel as saying, "I don't think the fish would complain if there were more water in the creeks," in reference to the volume of rainfall we have had in Marin thus far this winter. While this situation may bode well for fish (especially if runoff is sufficient to dilute pollutants), we should also be hopeful for our native amphibians. In a recent article published in Conservation Biology, researchers Gamradt and Kats (1996) note that two recently introduced predators-crayfish and mosquito-fish, have devastated newt populations in California. I would hope that in the summer MMWD officials will not offer mosquito-fish to the public as an anti-mosquito strategy and thereby restock these predators into our streams. MMWD's money would be better spent building bat havens and building our local bat colonies which are more efficient controlling the mosquito problem. As for the crayfish, we can only hope that those misguided individuals who illegally place them in our streams can be dissuaded from doing so. The crayfish attack both eggs, larvae and adults of newts.



Campaign Financing

For years, maybe since the birth of our nation, cost of running for office has been high. Lately, the cost has hit the ceiling. Both parties are screaming at each other, "Where did you get the money?"

It's pretty obvious to those that care to know that the large corporations and the wealthy have been financing the campaigns, sometimes giving to both sides in order to keep the cost of running high. That way they kept control and made darned sure that the politicians didn't step on their toes.

Luckily for us, both parties are screaming at each other. This gets the public to be aware of how the wealthy control the policies of our government.

Maybe now the public will increase its demand for campaign financing control, and take the control away from the rich, the would-be rich and always-were-rich.

Perhaps, then, we can cool down the military contracts, the corporation tax breaks and giveaways and not look to cut Social Security, Medicare, schools, food stamps for the poor, etc.


San Rafael

Teach Local History

Bravo to the Coastal Post for their continuing series on the history of Marin. The latest selection (March 1st) on John Lucas was fabulous. Do you realize that no other newspaper in the Bay area carries such articles? Why? Brain-dead journalists, that's why. Do you realize in Marin that there are no school boards, school administrators, or teachers who even care? Why? Brain-dead teachers, that's why. Local history is important on several different levels-let's demand it be taught! Go directly to your school boards and start demanding, and if you have to yell and scream, ok, so be it. It's the only way that self-righteous bunch of bums will listen to you.


San Rafael

The Politics Of Pragmatism

Is the following an accurate assessment of our America system? This is a quote from one of the characters in John Steinbeck's Cannery Row (1945): "The things we admire in men, kindness and generosity, openness, honesty, understanding and feeling are the concomitants (accompaniments) of failure in our system. And those traits are detest-sharpness, greed, acquisitiveness, meanness, egotism and self-interest-are the traits of success. And while men admire the quality of the first, they love the produce of the second."


San Anselmo

Free Radio Persecuted

One can only laugh at the idea of a disaster preparedness program for the town of Bolinas. Not only are our so-called local officials too wrapped up in political action committees (PACs) and scam operations so as to be dysfunctional, but the rapidly emerging police state regards such as a survivalist threat.

Not so long ago, less than qualified individuals deep in PAC-scam made an attempt at creating a disaster radio system. As with their "Radio Free Bolinas." The idea sounded great, but was doomed to fail due to the nature of those involved. I, being a licensed professional radio engineer, set off with my partner to create a functional system. This system could not only maintain in operation under the most adverse conditions, but could also be adapted to detect violent storms and large earthquakes days in advance of their physical occurrence.

Construction of the system began utilizing military field radios hidden within a working botanical garden, so as to not spoil the so-called view. Materials were donated by the nearby RCA (now MCI) station to help facilitate completion of this project. About this time the PAC-scam got the notion that their phone calls were under our scrutiny. The rumor was advanced further by the children's newspaper, "Bolinas Hearsay News." Not only was the radio system a threat to the criminal operatives in Bolinas, but also a threat to the growing cell phone empire at the fire department.

At first vandals were sent in the night to cut wires. Next the community development agency (CDA) set upon the property owner. "We don't like your radios," barked Miz Nannen, CDA. Abatement proceedings were instituted. Park ranger man joined in and falsified complaints were issued. Unmarked jeep Cherokees with no license plates staged at the firehouse began staking out our lot. We now were at war.

Needless to say, the county SWAT team destroyed our federal licensed (KDGOSX) disaster station, on the eve of the Pearl Harbor anniversary. All gone now folks, so just dial 911. But wait for the dial tone.



Open Letter To Senator Barbara Boxer

Senator, I suggest that you owe an explanation to all Americas as to why you choose to deceive us, apparently deliberately, about the purpose and effect of S.70, your so-called "junk guns" bill. Why have you said that S.70 would require all American-made handguns to meet the same requirements the law imposes on imported arms? Those requirements were not imposed by law, but by the politically motivated whims of the BATF.

Why do you say S.70 would ban only cheap and unreliable handguns, when in fact it would also ban many fine, expensive, reliable arms? Those requirements for imported arms include banning revolvers with barrels shorter than 3 inches, and banning semi-autos less than six inches in overall length and four inches in height. Those limits would also explicitly ban a number of America-made Colt, Smith & Wesson, and Ruger revolvers and Walther, Colt and Beretta semi-autos, all of them fine, reliable, expensive, well-made, accurate firearms. Why are you deceiving the American people about what guns your S.70 would ban?

Why do you claim you want to ban unreliable guns, when if fact you allow an exemption for police? Why should they, specifically, be able to use unreliable guns? Do you want to get more cops killed? If such guns are reliable enough for police to use, why not for us common folk, many of whom are better trained in arms than many police?

Why do you deceive us about the number of children who die from gunfire by using data that lists anyone under age 20 as a "child"? Why are you thus continuing to advance the deceitful, mendacious agenda of HCI and other gun prohibitionists?

Why have you falsely claimed that S.70 would ban guns most used in crimes, when the Justice Department, respected criminological studies, the anti-gun former New York police commissioner, and the anti-gun Police Foundation all say that such claim is false, counterproductive, and mythical?

You owe us an explanation for the deceptions you are practicing upon both the American media and the American people. Your S.70 is elitist and racist, seeking to disarm the underclass, denying them affordable means to protect themselves and their families and property from the predatory violent criminals who prey upon the most vulnerable segments of society. How, in good conscience, can you possibly justify sponsoring such discriminatory, repressive, elitist, racist legislation, when it would not only fail to reduced crime but would actually endanger society, increasing the relative power and encouraging the predatory activities of those violent criminals.

I look forward to the favor of an early response to the above questions so that I may share it with the several sportsmen's and military organizations to which I am sending copies of this letter, in expectation of subsequently being able to publish your response to the memberships of such organizations.


San Rafael

God's Name In Vain

"What Christians have got to do is take back this country, one precinct at a time, one neighborhood at a time, and one state at a time. I honestly believe that in my lifetime we will see a country once again governed by Christians and Christian values."

-Ralph Reed, Executive Director, The Christian Coalition

"In America today, the people who have come into [our] institutions are primarily termites. They are destroying institutions that have been built by Christians...the termites are in charge now, and that is not the way it ought to be. The time has come for a godly fumigation."

-Reverend Pat Robertson, Founder, The Christian Coalition

Poor God! His name is bandied about profusely and frivolously by all kinds of religious sects. In any conflict with people of other traditions and loyalties God is "on our side."

When torn apart by such inner conflicts, humans become neurotic, psychotic, or whatever. How must God feel when those who worship Allah (God) and His Word (the Koran) go about with their killing, those who worship Yahweh (God) and His Word (the Torah) go about with their killings, and those who worship the Trinity (God) and His Word (the Bible) go about with their killing? All believe God especially favors their side.

All of these-Moslems, Jews, Christians-claim to worship the One Universal Creator that made the heavens and the earth, as well as humankind, the flora and fauna of earth, and all the stars and galaxies in space.

The fact is, many of these "religious believers" do not worship a universal deity. They are worshippers of tribal gods, giving these the name of the Universal Creator.

Let it be clearly understood that I am not here discussing whether a Creator God does or does not exist. Perhaps there is such a God. Possibly not. My concern is the nature of the attitudes, policies and deeds of certain worshippers.

That God does exist in the minds of those who identify themselves as "believers" cannot be denied. Furthermore, these mental images of God are shaped to be favorable to the particular believers.

Most of these believers of all faiths see God as caring, protective and authoritative. while He may punish us when we do wrong, He will love us again when we reform. They believe that God cares for all His children, especially those who express their respect for Him by performing certain rituals-letting Him know what we want and need by our prayers, by kneeling, bowing, facing toward a Holy City, chanting, fasting, wearing hats, barring our heads in "His House," eating bread and drinking wine, avoiding drinking wine, reading and heeding His Word in Koran, Torah and Bible.

Certain rituals are traditional with believers and become scared when linked to the mental image we call "God." The God belief places the stamp of Supreme Validity and Authority on attitudes and customs that are familiar and agreeable to us. Our minds have created the God concept in our own image.

Our Holy Books are sufficiently variegated so that we can find a God image to fit our particular values and outlook. While some believe in a God of Love and Forgiveness, others prefer a God of (what they call) Justice. If we hate the haters and would kill the killers, there is a stern God that demands revenge, punishment-death penalty, stoning of adulterers, cutting off hands of thieves, castrating rapists, etc.

Those who appeal to their God image as authority for their policies and deeds born of selfishness (ruthless profiteering), hate and fear (militarism, death penalty) condemn alternatives of their values as "ungodly," "subversive," etc. their minds are closed by their use of "Supreme Authority," guarded by the ramparts of bigotry.

By claiming that God favors and has blessed something we favor-tradition, ritual, tribe, nation, book, money, belief system, etc., we raise that something to the highest level. If is now sanctified and becomes the object of our worship.

When we worship any of these abstractions as more sacred than Life, or more than the lives of our fellow-human beings, we have created a false god. Those who would kill, hate, or reject other human beings on behalf of a nation, religion or "principle" are not worshippers of a Universal Spirit, but of a tribal god.

Those who claim their nation is a Christian Nation are in reality worshippers of the Christian religion, not of a Universal God. A nation dominated by the religion of Islam, in which followers of other faiths have inferior advantages, is a nation that worships Islam and the Koran, not an Universal Allah, as is claimed.

Naturally, such one-religion, or preferred-religion, nations are in constant conflict with those around them. While their citizens may believe that they are victims, and merely defending themselves and their holy places, the reality is that their worship of tribal gods has already raised walls between them and their neighbors. By claiming God-chosen superiority they have downgraded others, provoked enmity.

Those who truly worship a Universal spirit see "humanness" before nationality, religion, race or culture. They exalt the living earth as more scared than profits, privilege and power, and they act to preserve living species and their habitats, the purity and healthfulness of Earth's air, water and soil. While they may not even believe in the existence of a personal God, theirs is the true worship of the Power of Process responsible for our planet home and our Human Family, or species. These are not guilty of taking God's name in vain.



Wasting Money

Once again, the Clinton administration screws the taxpayers three ways from the middle.

First, he pressures the INS to by-pass the law and do a half-assed job of checking aliens before granting them citizenship, so we got a lot less than our money's worth for the salaries we pay Clinton and his INS functionaries to carry out the law, plus unchecked citizens.

Now we learn he's going to spend another $4.3 million of our taxes to hire the Coopers & Lybrand accounting firm to review the problem and determine how and why the INS screwed up in the first place, doing the job that should be done by the INS, the GAO, and the Congress, all of whom we're already paying to do just that.

It just proves once again the aptness of the last half of Daniel 4:17.


San Rafael

Doctor Spreads The Word

Great hospital story in the March edition. I distributed a bunch of copies at the Health Care District Board meeting. Here's $25 for the bunch.



Kinsey Encourages Illegals

The Pt. Reyes Light recently ran an obscure announcement in Spanish stating that Marin Supervisor Steve Kinsey would be speaking on March 22 at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Olema. Kinsey, whose district runs through a wide swath of the County from San Rafael's Canal to Pt. Reyes, was targeting those residents of his district of Latino extraction.

As a constituent of Kinsey, I attended that Saturday night meeting and was aghast at what I witnessed. The hall was filled with Spanish-only speaking persons of dubious legal status-and here was my supervisor freely giving advice on how to circumvent federal and state immigration and welfare laws, in order to receive public social services!

The church broke out in wild applause when Marin Deputy Sheriff Bill Hernandez (in full uniform) stated that the Sheriff's Department did not take part in the recent San Rafael undocumented worker street raid, and does not routinely assist nor cooperate with the INS.

Talk about separation of Church, State and law enforcement-this is an outrageous affront to the spirit of our duly-enacted federal and state laws!

Afterward, I approached Supervisor Kinsey and stipulated if he ever again dared take part in publicity providing political legitimacy to Marin's illegal aliens, I and scores of other citizen voters, would create such a public firestorm that he most likely would not survive.


San Rafael

Opportunists And Profiteers

I would like to correct several misstatements in the IJ article on Friday, March 31. "Medical marijuana rivalry heats up." First of all, we see 260 members per month, not per week. The average person will spend about $20 per week. This equals $1,400 weekly (as opposed to $20,000). We are all patients who work as volunteers for the Alliance, and we do not take salaries. We barely cover our rent and the supply cost.

Les and Darice McKay are currently restrained by court order because Les threatened to beat me at 2:00 a.m. on the telephone three days before the IJ article came out. I recorded the threat on tape, called the Sheriffs' department, and played it for the Deputy Sheriff. The Deputy called the McKays immediately and was also verbally abused. The Deputy called me back and suggested that I get a restraining order as soon as possible, because in his opinion, Les McKay is "volatile and could be dangerous."

Why are these people lying about me for a cheap publicity shot and threatening me with bodily harm? It must be because their plot to steal the confidential patient records out of the Marin Alliance office to start their for-profit pot business did not work. I was out of town during most of February when the harassments occurred. Fortunately, my co-director, Rowdy Yates, stopped them cold.

Why did the McKays claim I owe them money and threaten to beat me if I did not pay? I told the reporter that I had owed Les a little money, we paid him, and they were out. The McKays then came in, demanding that we repay them for the pound of mediocre marijuana they "donated" last November. They did the same thing to the Oakland Club. The McKays then proceeded to terrorize, intimidate, verbally abuse, and threaten Persons with AIDS and other disabilities who happened to be around my office at whatever time they decided to show up. Several patient complaints regarding abuse by the McKays are being filed with the police.

I have proof of the embezzlement by Aaron Thames. He stole money from the collective and left three days after Prop. 215 passed. I got him kicked out of the Cannabis Cup Contest in Amsterdam and black-balled on the strength of the evidence.

Thames also issued CBC Marin cards to the McKays under false circumstances. McKay is a professional pot grower who swore to "wipe out all the other growers." They are not patients and have been in California for less than one year. Neither of them circulated the Initiative, nor did anything to help with the 215 campaign. They are simply opportunists.

A Little League mother whose relative received medical marijuana from us suggested that we close our office early during the Little League season. We have been closing at 3:00 on Friday and 2:00 on Saturday, hours before the games start, to accommodate her request.

We are in the old Fairfax Medical Center building. We do not store marijuana on the premises. The professional atmosphere and wheelchair accessibility has been ideal. It is a non-smoking office, away from schools and churches.

I would never intimidate patients over money or marijuana. I just keep improving the system. This is a work-in-progress, and we are getting better all the time. I have worked with over 3,000 patients in the past five years. We can overwhelm you with letters of support.We are applying for our non-profit status. Our creed of patient protection will keep our loved ones safe from the wolves. We have a terrific team of lawyers who will defend our members for free. We have volunteers running three new delivery services in West Marin, Marin City, and Novato, in the name of compassion.

The Marin Alliance has adopted a new garden plan, modeled after the San Jose Club. For an initial $125 membership fee, each member will receive one ounce of high-grade marijuana monthly for $25. We are signing up qualified people for this new program immediately. We can produce patient-grown, organic, medical-grade marijuana in two months after setup. Yes, that is $400 a pound. Great plan for the Alliance, looks bad for the profiteers. You bet!


Executive Director

Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana


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