The Coastal Post - March, 1997

Army Corps Wants Wetlands To Be Wet


The Army Corps of Engineers is upset that the Black Point Partners have dug ditches on their property and have rejected the wetlands map submitted by them.

The Corps gave them 10 days to comply with the order, but a disagreement exists over whether the work was done properly. The Black Point Partners, Bill Bunce and Vince Mulroy, plan to build an 18-hole golf course and 53 houses on the Renaissance Faire site. From the first moment the project was mentioned, there has been opposition by the Black Point Forest and Wetlands Project because of the huge destruction of trees and wetlands. They don't trust the developers and think smaller wetlands means they can develop more land.

Opponents say this is a move to destroy seasonal wetlands habitat. The Partners say drainage is no different than in past years and would allow a farmer to grow oat hay on the flat areas of his property.

Phil Peterson of the Rescue Project said the "main cuts in the dikes are unrepaired," and that "significant rain is going to be lost to further drainage with the half-hearted efforts that were made there." Of course, wetlands habitat is supposed to be wet, and the developers don't want that. They want dry land to build on.

To show you how much this has upset the environmentalists, the Marin Conservation League has on its newsletter a "Black Point Update."