The Coastal Post - March, 1997

Black-On-Black Crime


A recent columnist in Marin's daily, pushing either a racist or a witless liberal guilt trip agenda, whined that blacks are only 12 percent of the U.S. population but they comprise over half the population on Death row in our nation's prisons.

He apparently never bothered to research the subject. If he had, he would have learned that although they are only 12 percent of the population, the most recent (1995) FBI report on arrest data indicates that of offenders for whom race was known, blacks committed some 53 percent of our murders, nearly half our rapes, 59 percent of our robberies, and 38 percent of aggravated assaults. Those percentages have been more or less consistent over the past decade.

Most of that was black-on-black crime. Of murder victims for whom race was known, 49 percent was black, nearly all killled by other blacks. One wonders if there is something in the psyche of blacks that makes them more disposed to killing. For example, across the entire sweep of black Africa, there's not one black nation that is not now, or was not until very recently, engulfed in a wave of inter-tribal genocide, or of mass killings of its people by their own despotic government.

It is blacks, especially in poor black neighborhoods, who are the chief victims of this wave of violence perpetrated by black criminals. For example, about 49 percent of U.S. murder victims are black, over 95 percent of them killed by other blacks. It's popular in liberal media circles to name guns as the biggest killer of young black males. Wrong. The biggest killer of young black males is other young black males.

For years our gutless liberal media have been too cowardly to address the issue of black crime. Under pressure from black leaders, the media years ago caved in and stopped identifying the race of the criminal in their news reports on crimes whenever the alleged criminals were black. Sometimes they got around that extorted self-censorship by publishing a mug shot. But it's only recently, although still seldom, that they've begun to identify blacks as perpetrators within the text of news articles. They've never had any compunction about identifying whites as criminals.

For years it was only Ebony which had dared to discuss the issue, devoting one entire issue of the magazine to "Black-on-Black Crime." The rest, fearing charges of racism, carefully skirted the issue. The long taboo against speaking of black crime has only recently been broken as the media in general gradually begins discussing the facts of black crime.

It's especially revealing when a black leader such as Jesse Jackson can admit being embarrassed when, walking at night and hearing footsteps behind him, he nervously looks back and then feels a sudden sense of relief upon seeing that the person behind him is white.

It is blacks, especially poor blacks, who are the worst victims of black violent crime. Sadly, the government exacerbates the problem. Witless gun-phobes like Senator Boxer, Representative Schumer, and President Clinton pretend to fight crime by seeking to ban inexpensive handguns. Such arms are the only affordable means many of society's less affluent members have for the protection of themselves and their families against the vicious criminals who prey upon them.

Such disreputable gun-grabbing politicians follow the infamous credo of Connecticut's late Senator Thomas Dodd, author of the Gun Control Act of 1968 (which he copied-in many places verbatim-from Adolf Hitler's 1938 Nazi gun law). Dodd's credo, that "gun control is the sweetest gravy train of free publicity ever invented," has been the guiding motivation behind many gun laws in recent decades. Instead of serving in public office, such political hacks should be standing trial for aiding and abetting violent career criminals through their efforts to disarm the victims of crime.

One need consider only Washington, D.C, with its population over 70 percent black. D.C. gun laws have banned handguns, and idiotically require that all other guns be kept not only unloaded, but also disassembled. Its gun laws were directly responsible for Washington's murder rate skyrocketing to over 80 per 100,000 population, nine times the national average, making Washington the murder capital of the nation.

Washington's former black police chief said the D.C. gun law was wrong and should be repealed. Recently another high ranking D.C. police officer, the president of the Black Police Officers Association, said the law was counter-productive, and he pleaded for its repeal so that D.C. residents might purchase handguns for their own protection.

It's worth noting that President Clinton recently commented, speaking on the abortion issue, that anyone who interfered with a woman exercising her constitutional rights is a terrorist. By President Clinton's own terms, it follows that anyone interfering with the right of Washington residents, or of any other Americans, to exercise their constitutional right to arms must likewise be considered a terrorist. That includes those notorious terrorists Sen. Barbara Boxer, Rep. Charles Schumer, and President Bill Clinton himself.

When may we expect the attorney general to indict and prosecute them?