The Coastal Post - March, 1997

News And Notes Of Novato


Hello, Dear Hearts

Spring has arrived. This is a wonderful time of the year. If you wish to enjoy a rural atmosphere, do come to Novato now. The trees are all in blossom, especially the flowering plum. This was the tree Lucille Cannon supported to be the street tree of Novato, granted the Garden Club and the women of Novato elected her to the City Council. Think we are still fighting for the same cause. Have you seen the beautiful planted pots along Redwood Blvd.? That is a project of the Novato Garden Club.

North Marin Water District knows how to do a budget

Under the leadership of North Marin Water District manager John O. Nelson, now retired, Directors George Amaroli and John Schoonover handle a budget with an eye on the consumer's pocketbook! For the third year in a row, our water rates have not been raised. Thanks, guys. At least there is one public agency that is able to function without screaming, we need more money in order to operate! The 17,800 water customers have a bill of $233 per year. Compare that to a Marin Municipal Water District customer's bill of $473 a year, or the average bill in the Bay Area, $315. Thank goodness we aren't hearing, We should raise the water rates to match the other Bay Area billings. I have had this fight for years in other public agencies, "keeping up with the Jones." Breath of fresh air!

Thank you for Jack's birthday party!

To everyone who came to the party for Jack's 76th birthday, and sent cards for the February 6 event, we say "thank you." He seemed to understand the reason for everyone being there. The staff at Pleasant Care where Jack resides were all great. How fast the years have gone by!

Taking Care of Tomorrow

This was a forum held on February 8 in Olney Hall, College of Marin, Kentfield campus, sponsored by COM's Emeritus College and the Marin Commission on Aging, an all-day session on a beautiful Saturday. It was amazing how many people were in attendance. Dr. Tom Peters, Director of Marin County's Health and Human Services was the keynote speaker. He gave a gloomy picture of the financial cuts to be expected by seniors. Liz Rottger, Director of Division of Aging of Health and Human services, was on the panel. She was asked about the Beryl Buck money-would the Department go back to court and review how Mrs. Buck's money was being spent in light of the Washington and Sacramento cuts as described by Dr. Peters. Answer: No. So much for that lack of action.

Sheila McGorty, Marin County ombudsman, was on the panel. I just couldn't ask her how a family member could file charges against a parent for Senior Abuse and the parent can never receive a copy of the filed charges. Didn't seem like the time or place, but it does happen.

The afternoon session had Patricia Tobin, attorney of elder law, as a panel member on the topic "Do Medicare and Medi-Cal Pay for Long-Term Care?" She was very knowledgeable about the subject and had a lot of questions asked of her. She practices in Mill Valley. It was a timely forum.

Congratulations to Kathleen Epperson, Insurance Agent, who put the program together and was a panel member on the subject, "What Are the Pros and Cons of LTD Insurance?" Watch in the Fall, should a follow-up forum take place.

The best "red" phone book in town

This is a new Community Directory. It has our red and white City Hall on the front. Go right to page 19, Calendar of Events. I called about Daffodil Days in March and received a very nice letter from the American Cancer Society. This is a major fund-raising event for them. From February 1 to March 8 you can order a variety of floral arrangements stressing daffodils, to be delivered on March 24.

Contact the American Cancer Society, 25 Bellam Blvd., San Rafael, 454-8464 to learn more about the Daffodil Days events.

Also listed in March: Novato Live Classical Guitar Concert. This is sponsored by the Novato Civic Arts Commission. Call 897-4323 for more information. The Novato Civic Arts Commission needs help with the City funding on the upcoming City of Novato budget. This is one reason we pay taxes! Lobby your favorite council person to be sure your receive their vote in favor of the Novato Civic Arts Commission funding. There will be a City Council election in November. Ask Ernie Gray and Pat Ecklund how they will give support for the funding!

Skateboard Park at Marion

The location is wrong, state most people. The funding is far too high. The Marion Park owners are ready to sue! This is a fast-track project with only special interest support. There will be a TV program on this subject on February 20 at 9:00 p.m. Live on Channel 23 and to be in City Council Room. As a Public Advocate, I am producing and paying for the program. The program is the third Thursday of the month, 9:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers. Come on down and join me. I love a live audience.

Goodman Project is moving right ahead

This is another fast-track project by the City Manager. Rod Wood is being described as "a new bridgegroom with a first credit card." He is making loans, using the interest from investments to purchase the Goodman site and then expects to go to the ballot for voters approval of bonds for streets, O'Hare improvements plus anything else that needs fixing. Time will tell.

Lights at Indian Valley College for ballfields

It seems the College Board couldn't act on the final phase of completion of the EIR. Our City Attorney Jeff Walters did not push for Judge Briener's final ruling before he retired. Now, Judge Vernon Smith has a letter to San Francisco courts requesting Judge Briener to come out of retirement for his opinion.