The Coastal Post - February, 1997

Coastal Post Celebrates 18 Months On Internet

By Jim Fox

I am not sure how many readers realize that for the past 18 months The Coastal Post has been just a few keystrokes on your computer away. That is for the computer users that are hooked up to the Internet. Just go to: . Now you can view The Coastal Post from anywhere in the world, for free. Not only can you view the entire printed articles in the current edition, but you can view many articles that for some reason or another did not make the pen and ink version (usually because lack of space).

You can view every back issue of The Coastal Post since we first went on-line in September 1995. What easier way to send in your letter to the editor then to email it to [email protected]? The January issue shows how people from all over the world have been reading The Coastal Post on-line. There was an emailed letter to the editor from a Jerzy Matuszczak in Krakow, Poland and another letter about homeowners insurance from Connecticut. Our little Marin paper now is getting much deserved worldwide recognition. The scope of most articles go way beyond our counties borders.

We have had our share of problems and delays in getting the Internet site running smoothly. I have developed custom software that eases generation of the on-line version and things are now going great. The number of people reading the on-line version of The Coastal Post are now at about 100 people a month. I am certain that as more people become aware of this service, more people get on the Internet and as the word of this great publication passes around the world, our on-line readership will surpass our pen and ink readership. Think of all the trees we will be saving.

Right now we lose money providing this service. People who read the on-line version don't get to view all the wonderful advertisements that are in the printed version. If everyone read just the on-line version, we would not get any advertising income. You can change this by buying at a very reasonable rate, an on-line advertisement. Contact Don Deane for more information. We can create and online ad for you and a WEB site for you, even if your not on the Internet, or want to be on the Internet.

Jim Fox can be reached at 415-458-1999 or you can visit his WEB site at: