The Coastal Post - January, 1

West Marin Voices

By Jan R. Markle

"Do you think prayer can heal the body?"

nter: "There's a harmonious energy when you're in a group of people praying. I had someone ill and we requested prayer from an organization and he took a turn for the better. Over a hundred people were praying for him. Maybe it's the tonal energy that you can send out into the either."

CHAI BABA CHAI, Woodacre, 45, tea maker: "Prayer sets up the right vibrational pattern. Where there's prayer, it opens the heart. It's the opposite of stress. It's a manifestation of home. I've seen it work in the sense that you keep the faith but you don't have a set idea of what you believe in. That'll heal any sitation.

QI QE ROSS, Forest Knolls, 45, musician, artist, music healer: "As a Native American, prayer is the key to the thunder[nation, all the sacred ancestor spirits, the ones you call angels. When you pray, you connect with God, or what we call tdhe Great Grandfather or Grandmother. When we're aware of the spirit in prayer we're more aware of that which fuels the soul, a spirit that is more potent than any bomb or laser that man has created. As a child I was [pronounced dead, but prayer brought my life back.

ALICE RANTOS, Inverness Park, 64, fiber artist: "I'm not a very religious person but I think there might be something to it. My parents were Christian Scientist and of course we never went to the doctor at all. We were all very healthy but I don't know if it was prayer or denial."

ROBIN LIVINGSTON, Inverness, 20, student: "I think you can heal yourself not by praying but by mentally overcoming whatever it is you're healing. I'm not sick because I've convinced myself I'm not. Once you're aware of your health, you can heal yourself by meditating. My Mom used to put her hands over my forehead when I had a headache and after she and I would concentrate, I wouldn't have the headache."

LEFTY ARNDT, Point Reyes, 88, looking up, talking with everybody and being happy: "My mother died when I was 2-years-old. The Methodist priest who raised me said, 'say a prayer and your mother will be back,' so I don't believe in it. I don't bewlieve in any religion and that's why I'm getting along so good. I go to the doctor and that's enough. I just say 'look up and keep that smile on your face and you'll be happy.'"

CYNTHIA CURTIS, Stinson Beach, 32, home health aide: "I do believe that it does. I've read a lot that p[oints in that direction. I believe Jesus can heal anything if you ask him in the right way. I believe that prayer can heal illnesses. I had a physical problem and my doctor suggested visualizing it working properly. It hasn't worked yet but I'm still trying."

JACKIE MORITZ, Point Reyes, 73, reitred: "It depends on the prayer.

Healing physical illness has a lot to do with your confidence that you'll be healed, whether it's prayer or some other confidence. Prayer is a confidence in God. I've had experience with it. I always have a good outlook that things are going to work out for th4e best and have confidence in God. I know people who don't pray but they still seem to do well because they ahve an outlook that they will be healed and overcome their illness and they do."situationthebelievead a lot that pretiredgs are going to work out for thl seem to do well because they a