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A First of Its Kind Directory Indexing More than 30,000 Health Websites

Using the internet to research health-related issues or diseases has just become simpler and quicker thanks to HEALTHFINDER, the first and only Internet search tool and directory dedicated exclusively to locating healthcare resources on the Internet.

Identifying and indexing over 30,000 health-related websites, HEALTHFINDER has been designed for consumers and healthcare professionals as a starting point and simple tool to quickly locate and retrieve information on the latest research in diseases, treatments and other health related subjects, in addition to related products and services.

In light of managed care, individuals have become more health conscience and are increasingly looking for health-related information to help them understand their clinical diagnosis, make informed decisions and research ways to feel better and live longer. The ease of use of HEALTHFINDER and ease of information retrieval will make it a popular site with the general public. The HEALTHFINDER search tool is found at and is free to all users.

According to Henry Racki, Managing Director of Health-Connection, LLC. and the creator of HEALTHFINDER, "The existing popular search engines have numerous websites in so many different subject areas that retrieving specific query results is frustrating, time consuming and filled with multi-duplicate results. HEALTHFINDER sorts and indexes only health-related websites and presents the results in a concise and easy to retrieve format without duplicates", he added.

The first section of HEALTHFINDER; The Internet Diseases and Conditions Directory, will to be opened for use next week. It will provide users with a tool to quickly locate, review and retrieve the latest information about diseases and conditions via the Internet.

HEALTHFINDERs 48 Directories comprise is the largest database of healthcare related websites on the Internet, currently indexing and cross-referencing over 30,000 health related websites. The Disease and Conditions Directory alone has indexed and referenced over 150 diseases and sub-categories and referenced over 6,000 disease and conditions-related websites. The Directory will become one of the busiest and most valuable areas on the Internet because it targets the subjects precisely and provides the most complete list of reference websites presented in an easy to review format. is The Digital Information System and Internet search tool dedicated to the Healthcare Industry. It was created as an Internet communication system to assist healthcare professionals in finding and exchanging information. seeks to provide healthcare professionals and buyers the best starting place and research tool to locate healthcare information, products and services on the Internet.

Since its inception in 1996, has become extremely popular with thousands of healthcare professionals visiting the website each day. The most popular feature are the Health Industry databases that have been providing valuable contact information for those searching for healthcare providers, facilities, products and industry associations and organizations around the world.

The is owned and managed by Health Connection, LLC, a Connecticut Limited Liability Company that is a partnership of health industry associations and DIS Systems, LLC. It is maintained and updated by DIS Systems with the help of the partner associations who are dedicated to keeping this resource open for the benefit of healthcare professionals and the general public.

For more information on HEALTHFINDER and how to use it, visit the Health Connection Website at or contact us by e-mail at [email protected] The HEALTHFINDER telephone number is 860.258.4960 and the fax is 203.258.4967.