The Coastal Post - February, 1997

Letters Feb 97

Liked Editorial

I would like to thank you for the editorial "1000 days to the millennium" that recently ran on your editorial page. Journalism of this quality helps people draw together, and find new strength in such groups

as the Alliance and New Party. I'm sure you are intimately familiar with both direct corporate censorship on the media, as well as the self-censorship culture among many mainstream reporters and editors.

Thanks again for a highly readable and informative editorial.


[email protected]

Fort Collins, CO

Jerzy Matuszczak Says Thanks

Thank you very much for your kind help. After you have printed my letter I have got few answer. I am really happy to have friends. All new letters are welcome. I want wish to all people in California all the best in 1997.

Best regards

Jerzy Matuszczak

[email protected] Jerzy

The Gay Agenda

When I first heard of the gay movement, to become teachers in California schools, they stated that they were not going to teach gay and lesbian life styles. That was just a couple of years ago. Listen to them now. In the Advocate, the nation's most nefarious gay magazine, they are demanding the endorsement of homosexuality by all religions. The removal of anti-homosexual passages from the Bible and the indoctrination of our young in heteroclitic behavior.

From Chuck Colson in the Southern California Christian Times, Jan 1997 issue. "Most ominously, they call for the expurgation of "ugly and ignorant homophobia" through the use of "heavy punishments" and "public humiliation."

The article in the Advocate bodes ill toward us, if their agenda is not speedily enacted, "we will subject orthodox Jews and Christians to the most sustained hatred and vilification in recent memory."

This magazine is very boastful in its conclusion with a challenge. "We have captured the liberal establishment and the press. We have already beaten you on a number of battlefields .... Surrender now."

The reason they have even gotten a foothold is because churches and Christians, have not met their responsibility. The gay agenda has been to propagate the fallacious idea that homosexuals are an oppressed minority who are only reacting against unbearable injustice.

Let us look at some facts: 1)"The homosexual movement is wallowing in money and awash in insidious political power. Marketing surveys show that the average household income of homosexuals is considerably higher then the average American. 2) They are threefold better educated then the average American., and thrice as apt to hold professional or managerial positions.

As for being unexorcised in political power, homosexuals have unrefuted clout far beyond their numbers. Now several entities have granted them "protected class" status.

My father testified through John in Rev. 22:18& 19, "For I testify unto every man that hears the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

These words tells of the eternal damnation and disapprobation you will undergo if you take out that which you demand, and it will be just and fitting for you. You may take the words out of every book as Hitler tried to do, but you cannot take them out of the harts of true Christians. We will not bow down to you.


La Mirada, CA

A Response To "Teaching Kids To Kill"

I have a major problem with uninformed people talking about GAMES, and how dangerous they are. The game she talks about, Warhammer 40K is no worse than chess. Ask her what she thinks of the "classic" war game. I think what she, and most of the game industries critics miss, is that we are playing GAMES. Now, if a kid goes out, and say playing Warhammer 40K kills people, is that the game's responsibility, or the sign of a child (or adult) with a sick mind. The ability to look at a GAME, and have fun, and the ability to differentiate between fantasy and reality is easy for a normal person. The people that she is talking about, twisted, etc. come from an unstable mind. I believe that the biggest thing with games that needs to be stressed (concerning kids) is that parents need to be involved, and not let their children fall in with one or two unstable individuals. Wargames, especially ones like Warhammer 40k, or Fantasy Battles, are played by intelligent people. There is way too much book keeping, mathematics, etc. for someone uneducated to be able to play very well.


[email protected]

Trust A Balanced Budget Amendment

On approximately February 26th the Senate and, I believe, the House will take a vote on the same Balanced Budget Amendment that failed in the 104th Congress by one Senate vote. Here is your chance to send a letter urging its passage.

Everyone has his/her own reality. Interacting with other realities is what makes life so interesting. We talk our values and others respond with theirs.

There is a short-term reality that says, "Enjoy life now and don't be concerned about the future. It will take care of itself." Sort of like the fable of the grasshopper and the ant. Then there is the middle-term reality. It's the English attitude of just "muddle through."

A long-term reality attempts to examine from history what the possible outcome will be from certain actions. Throughout history whenever a nation's credit exceeded the confidence of those lending additional credit, "pop went the balloon." Our Constitution was created because the old Articles of Confederation balloon went pop. Their currency coined the phrase "not worth a Continental damm." You, your family, city, state, or country can't continually defy the invisible hand of economic gravity.

Since the late '60's our political leaders have proven they can't keep their fingers out of the cookie jar. Sure they are working up to a balanced budget by 2002. But you can just bet that a balanced budget won't stick ever after. They need a legal instrument (a big stick) that forces them to say to their constituency, "I'm sorry, but you just can't have that sugarcake. We can't afford it." The so called entitlements of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are the black hole of the budget. They take about 60%. The remedies are relatively simple (gradual privatization, similar to the country of Chile, and reducing the CPI figure 1.1% based on increased accuracies in accounting according to the Boskin report and Senator Moynihan).

Are you concerned that ever since Richard Nixon repudiated the Gold Reserve Standard, we have not had one year of a balanced budget? Is this YOUR country? Get off your couch and write your smooth talkin' Congressman and two smooth talkin' Senators that they had better vote for the all inclusive Balanced Budget Amendment! No leaving the Social Security off-budget. That's another smoke and mirrors trick.

For more detailed information than I am permitted here, refer to George Will's Book Restoration starting on page 193 and remarks by George Davidson, Chairman of the National Taxpayer's Union, before the Senate Judiciary Committee on January 5, 1995. You may access his remarks through the web



Thousand Oaks, CA

The Democrats' Anthem

Now he's a common, common man.

Tax him! Tax him all you can.

Tax his house and tax his bed.

Tax the bald spot on his head.

Tax his shoes clear off his feet.

Tax his bread and tax his meat.

Tax the farmer, tax his fowl.

Tax the dog and tax his howl.

Tax his plow and tax his clothes.

Tax his pig and tax his squeal.

Tax his boots run down at the heel.

Tax his cow and tax his calf.

Tax him if he dares to laugh.

Tax the barn and tax his lands.

Tax the blisters on his hands

Tax the water and tax the air.

Tax the sunshine if you dare.

Tax his car and tax his gas.

Tax the road that he must pass.

Tax the bridges on the bay.

Tax the people who pass that way.

Tax the living, tax the dead.

Tax the unborn before they're fed.

Tax the casket he may buy.

Tax the plot where he will lie.

Tax them all and tax them well.

And do your best to make life Hell!


Santa Rosa

The Right To Choose One's Home Place

Re. Marcia Blackman (Letters, January '97). Whoa, what a diatribe! Is this letter for real? What designer label did Marcia crawl out from under? Point for point, Marcia:

1. There is a God-given right to live in Marin. It is not a privilege that is earned, like a driver's license. However, one does need a decent income, even for subsistence.

2. A person is not necessarily unskilled, stupid, or a kid living at home to quality for a lousy, poor-paying job in Marin. I got one, and I sure can't be the only person who barely survived "downsizing" and went from 50k/yr. to $7.60/hr. tossing salads just to keep my head above water.

3. High school education is not free-even in public schools. That's where a tiny piece of our tax dollars go when those dollars are not subsidizing Big Business or the Pentagon.

4. Sonoma is not necessarily "less expensive." If everyone living in Sonoma could make a living wage in their own county, how come the 101 corridor is such a clogged mess Monday through Friday?

5. Marcia, how do you think those under $10 per hour folks are living? They are share renting.

6. True, it is not necessary to live in a $400,000 home or an $800 apartment. Personally, I've got my eye on a pup tent under a freeway bridge, and I believe I've earned that right. And at this point in time, that would be just about according to my "needs."

7. I have a B.A. I'd like to go for my MBA, but, alas, education is NOT free. Nonetheless, yeah, I sure am motivated.

8. You have absolutely no idea of what most "subsidized" housing is like. And if you visited some, you, too, would be appalled, and prefer peeing in the elevator. Oh heck, you'd probably pee in your pants.

9. Believe it or not, Marcia, most people in Marin do live the best way they can within their means. As a matter of fact, the only people that I know of who live beyond their means are those making enough money to quality for credit that they promptly overextend and start playing a shell game with their credit cards. Your average $10/hr. worker does not have that option. Belvedere, fear not!

10. Define luxury, Marcia. Most honest folks would say: a roof over my head, basic necessities such as food, utilities, clothing. And maybe a movie or free entertainment, say, once a month. No time for that "breakaway weekend" at some fancy hotel. Who could take the time when they're working 16 hours a day, six days a week? And Marcia, I've got a tip for you. Folks are stacked to the rafters in the Canal area. They love it. Makes 'em feel just like home when there was six kids to a bare mattress on a dirt floor. Isn't it lovely? No step-down here. Whoops, did I just accidentally step on sister's head?

Marcia, I do believe you need to re-examine your thinking. Why should you be bearing a grudge 'cause Marin is made up of different people from different socio-economic backgrounds? I see you as a mean-spirited, prissy, privileged fool. Should misfortune befall you, you'd be the first in line demanding your rights-'cause you jumped through all the hoops, didn't you? Well, so did most of the people struggling today.


Black Point

Help Saves Lives

Re. "Poor and Spoiled?" by Marcia Blackman

I was outraged by your uninformed letter about poverty and people's right to live in Marin. It's obvious to me that you have little experience with real poverty. Sure, you shared a bedroom once to make rent. Big deal.

I was born into poverty. My mother was on welfare for 17 years. I never knew my father, who abandoned the family when my twin brother and I were only one year old. There were four of us children all together, left in the hands of my emotionally disturbed mother to care for. She was an alcoholic by the time I was five. I had a total of three stepfathers, all of which were alcoholics. Two of them were abusive on many levels.

You see, not all of us can live with our parents while we work minimum wage jobs. You see, some of us were never given any support to get an education or better ourselves on any level.

Praise God that I was taken in by loving foster parents, or I would probably be dead and unable to write this letter now.

Your lack of compassion tells me how little contact you have had with real human suffering. As Mahatma Ghandi said, "Poverty is the worst form of violence."

Maybe if someone would have helped my mother, our lives would all be different now.

I am eternally grateful to my foster parents, my friends, some of my teachers, and the therapists who have helped me to heal. And I am also very thankful for all help I have received financially.

No, Marcia, giving things to people for "free" does not make them unappreciative and lazy. It saves lives.



Underpaid Does Not Mean Unskilled

Marcia Blackman's January 1 letter really pisses me off. I don't know anyone earning $6/hr. who expects to live in Belvedere. Most of my friends are struggling to stay in West Marin where we grew up. We live in small, cold and run-down rentals for the luxury of living here, but in no way do I feel spoiled.

First off, my family and I are lucky to have affordable rent. Still, with all the work we've done to this rental, we live with leaking roofs, septic problems, drainage problems, mold, mildew and a constant struggle to stay warm and dry.

Karen Nakamura's estimate of $75-$125/monthly for utilities is way off base. During winter our PG&E; bill averages $200/mo. That is with no heat except woodstove and no luxuries other than an old washer and dryer. I have no computer, stereo, microwave or other appliances, but my water heater and refrigerator are old and energy-drainers. I can't afford to replace them, and am always behind on PG&E.;

If you add water, garbage, something for heat (wood or kerosene), that brings our utilities closer to $350/mo. That's not including basic phone rate, cable, car insurance, gas, medical care, etc.

I also cannot feed a family of four (two teenagers) on $250/mo. Not a chance, not even scrimping.

Marcia's assumption that people 16-20 can live with their parents while they continue their education is also way off base. My parents were forced to move away after my father lost his business when I was 17 and a senior in high school. I was on my own. I have seen that happen over and over, and have opened my home several times to my own children's friends when they were left in the same position.

Wouldn't it be nice if we were all paid what we're worth? The truth is that wages are the only thing that haven't risen dramatically over the years, and women in particular are underpaid.

I am 48 years old, I have two years of college and lots of experience in different areas. Because I decided to stay home with my young children (I worked in my home much of that time), I am left in the position of having to accept extremely low wages to try and reenter the work force. I deserve more. I am smart, responsible and have much to offer. Yes, I feel I deserve more than $6-7/hr. Because my husband and I both did hard, physical work for many years, we are now left with broken bodies, no medical insurance, and a dire necessity to retrain for better opportunities. Because we were self-employed for many years, no one is going to pay our way to get the help we need. We qualify for help, but don't ask for it, because we want to make it on our own, no matter how difficult.

But, spoiled? I don't think so. Yes, my children are lucky to grow up in beautiful Marin, but we do not live in luxury. My oldest son lives in a ghetto in Santa Rosa, unable to afford to live where he grew up. My other children will not be able to stay here either, with housing costs rising steadily.

Is it selfish and spoiled to not want to leave one's community? We couldn't afford moving costs, anyway, and huge deposits, cleaning fees, new hookups, etc. This is a serious problem, and we lower-paid workers are not responsible for what has happened to this county's economy. Sonoma County isn't a whole lot cheaper now anyway. Most of us need to be close to work, and our children's schools. Most of us can't afford to start over in a different county. That doesn't solve the problem.

I don't think Marcia has a clue, nor I bet, does she have children to feed and support. She is the one that sounds spoiled, with only herself to take care of and little compassion or understanding of what it is like struggling to just pay the bills and raise a family. Get a clue, Marcia. Most of the people I know getting paid low "unskilled" wages, are skilled, talented, educated woman who do way more than their share for a whole lot less than they deserve. And, no, I wouldn't live in Belvedere if you paid me. It's people like you, with your attitude, that keep people like me living near poverty. Thumbs down to you, Marcia. Your arrogance disgusts me!


Pt. Reyes

The Road To Compassion

To Marcia Blackman:

Here's how to lose the elitism that poisons your mind:

Marry the wrong man 'cause you're too young to know better and want to get away from home and be a grown-up.

Endure a bad marriage for many years for the sake of the children, get a divorce, move to California for the sake of your hopes and dreams, experience the "feminization of poverty" as you drop from middle to poor class when child support is not forthcoming and there's no way to get it without going back where you came from.

Raise your children as best you can day by day, holding tentatively onto your health, sanity and life, working at home doing what you can when the children are too young to leave alone, working in the world, taking whatever jobs you can find, when the children are old enough to leave alone, going to school at night.

Finally, move to West Marin to patch together the tattered remnants of your soul, suffer three family tragedies, continue to struggle, alone, continue to help your grown children whenever and however you can.

Pray constantly for tomorrow to be better than today, believing it will be in spite of despair, finding help where you can, and eventually, yes! Things get better.

And in all this I had the help of family. So many don't.

Get a life, Marcia, a real life. Your soul is in hiding from your inflated ego, and we're on this earth to grow our souls, not blithely, without thought or understanding, to judge and condemn those less fortunate.

Walk a mile in another's shoes if you're not willing to change your own life. Perhaps your attitude is a defense against "white, liberal guilt," or maybe conservative guilt. So do volunteer work. See the reality of other people's lives. The ideal has got to be approached via the real.



Opposite Sides On Freeway History

The editor's note on my January 9 letter to the Point Reyes Light contradicted my statement that Marin supervisors voted 3-2 in 1966 against the proposed freeway to Point Reyes Station. It cited a 1982 report by People for Open Space as its source.

In saying that the freeway was turned down in 1966, I relied not only on my memory of the storm of opposition, but also on Marin County's "Balanced Transportation Program: An Evaluation of Local Plans," published in March, 1970.

This report noted that proposals for the freeway and for a second deck on the Golden Gate Bridge brought about "aroused public opinion (which) resulted in a paralysis of decision-making." As "a direct result," said the report, "the Marin County Board of Supervisors, on November 21, 1966, passed Resolution 9161 calling for the establishment of a joint state/regional/county transportation planning program keyed to achieving a better balance of transportation modes."

In addition to presenting the views of San Anselmo Homes Association (one of many which opposed the freeway), I later served on the City-County Transportation Committee whose second report was published as an official county document in 1972-10 years before the report you cited and far closer to the events in question. That report reaffirmed the first, declaring no new freeways should be built and calling for increased emphasis on transit.

And, yes I still blame Gary Giacomini for trying to claim killing of the freeway as his accomplishment six years before he even ran for office. As usual, we are on opposite sides of this particular political fence.



* * *

Here is a correction to the Point Reyes Light January 2 story in which Gary Giacomini claims major credit for defeating the freeway to Point Reyes Station that was proposed in the 1960s. The Light reported that the freeway "got a vote of confidence from the Board of Supervisors in 1966 despite loud coastal opposition."

In fact, the supervisors voted on November 21 to turn down the freeway and to set a policy of "balanced transportation," in which transit, as well as roads, would play a part. The vote was 3-2, and those in favor were Peter Behr, Tom Storer and George Gnoss.

Golden Gate Transit was set up as a result of that vote, and remain our only alternative to the automobile. Marin voters have three times refused increased taxes to expand the bus service.

The freeway was defeated by a coalition of eastern Marin homeowners and environmental organizations, plus many individual citizens. West Marin (a very different community from what it is now) said little, although I do recall a Chamber of Commerce organization which favored it.

I was then president of San Anselmo Homes Association, and as such attended all relevant meetings in order to express our strong opposition to the freeway. I do not remember Giacomini being active at all. The supervisors' climactic 1966 vote opposing the freeway occurred six years before Giacomini's initial campaign of 1972-which, to cast a charitable light on it, perhaps explains his lack of knowledge.



False Advertising By MGH

To Ann Otter, Chair, MGH Board of Directors

We have not, despite our repeated requests and your December 5 written assurance to the Health Care District Board, received justification for MGH Corporation's quality of care advertised claims. We have investigated the claim, published repeatedly during the past six months in the Independent Journal, the Marin Scope newspapers, and the Pacific Sun, that "We [MGH] received the highest possible quality rating from the California Medical Association and State and Federal agencies."

We find that neither the State Department of Health Services, nor the California Medical Association provide "quality ratings." We have also found that the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, which does rate hospitals for federal program eligibility, and which did rate Marin General Hospital, rated it far below "the highest possible quality ratings."

We have been informed that Corporate Board Members are responsible for inappropriate corporate conduct, especially when they have been notified of that conduct. Please consider this letter such notification.

This is to notify you that we are filing, with the California Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission, complaints of consumer fraud and false advertising.


Correspondence Secretary

Marin Safe Healthcare Coalition

San Anselmo

* * *

Dear Attorney General Lungren:

We ask that you investigate what appears to us to be repeated instances of health care false advertising, and possible consumer fraud, by Marin General Hospital Corporation. Patients stake their very lives on their beliefs about the quality of care they will be receiving at a hospital. All false advertising about that quality should be publicly censured and stopped immediately.

Please see the enclosed referenced items:

1) Our self-explanatory letter to the Chair of the Marin General Hospital Corporation Board of Directors;

2) Items labeled (A) through (D) which were sent to the Chair and which we feel clearly substantiate our claim of false advertising and consumer fraud.

Please keep us informed of the progress of your investigation. Feel free to contact us if we may be of further assistance.

Thank you for your attention.


Correspondence Secretary

Marin Safe Healthcare Coalition

San Anselmo

Environmental Bureaucrats

In response to Guy W. Meyers' article "Next Stage-A New Movement," Mr. Meyers grossly over- or understates or overlooks several facts. Communism, socialists, anarchists crumbled, not heard from? Ever heard of Castro, Kadafi, Hussein? Over 160 billion dollars was "invested" by the environmental movement of government (ours only) to curtail, stop, eliminate, destroy or otherwise overburden with ridiculous laws and bureaucratic red tape, the timber, mining, oil and fishing industry, cattle ranchers and others who provide food and shelter for our people. The federal government actually funded a $1,200 tunnel to be built under a road to allow a certain breed of frog to continue its crossing of this road to breed and not become extinct. What for? What benefit? This is just one small example of thousands of others we're not aware of. $160 billion dollars could feed, clothe, shelter and maintain a lifestyle Mr. Meyers already enjoys for countless millions of other people worldwide.

Mother Nature is resilient, strong, self-perpetuating and always returns as evidenced by thousands of years of natural disasters. Wake up, guy, smell the flowers! Your bandwagon of environmentalism is riddled with inconsistencies, inaccuracies and is not addressing the truth.

I'm 84 years young and have pretty much seen it all. Therefore, the real corporations plundering our planet as you say are really the ones hiding under the banner of environmentalists. $160 billion dollars. Let's see...frogs or people? That's a tough one.


Santa Rosa

Honest Mid-East Reporting

I have found Edward Miller's column to be the most reliable source of information in determining whether U.S.-Middle East policy is serving our national interest as opposed to special interest.

Edward Miller's voice is the only voice in the Bay Area that is honest on Middle Eastern affairs. The American press is totally controlled by persons who place Israel before America.

To me the Coastal Post with Edward Miller is simply the premier monthly publication on Middle East issues. Keep up the excellent work and long live the Coastal Post.


San Rafael

Sinister Machinations

Letter bombs from Egypt to an Arab press. Call the Likud for a redress! Low-impact bombs in a Tel Aviv slum, more from Mossad, you know, Jew scum. Yo, yo, Yahu, just a Jew lie. End all aid, don't even ask why. Subhumans all, the Jew, I say. Rid the planet, let's do it today.


San Frnacisco

Letter From Prison

I've often wanted to write your paper on a variety of subjects, but until now I've failed to do so. A few friends and associates have written and been printed concerning the over-powered, self-righteous, lesbian-operated and dominated Marin Inhumane Society. Through lies and misinformation to my agent and attorneys, three of my four pedigree weimaraners were stolen and either adopted out or killed. I still don't know! These animals were all in a bloodline I'd been raising and breeding for 12 years. Grandmother, mother, pick bitch and runt male puppies. Twelve years of care, love, expense and work ripped away from me by these assholes. Cindy Machado, Carol Skaggs, Ms. Miller and Executive Dictator Diane Allevato have caused me "continuing emotional distress and depression as well as a grave personal and financial loss," as stated by attorney Jean M. Borden of Legal Aid in two formal letters and a number of phone conversations.

The experiences of Sanford Gossman and Paul Parish are also examples of this over-powered county organization. Their dogs were killed. Both I met at the County Jail, and both have written your paper and been printed. I've lost contact with Sandy and would like to write him and keep abreast of his continuing political exposure of this Society, drunk with their own importance and power, backed by the political infrastructure of county government and seldom if ever held accountable for the gross injustices imposed on many individuals, myself included.

After two formal letters and many phone calls that included various conflicting statements, Miss Borden clearly pointed out to them that my constitutional and civil rights had been clearly violated.

A written response finally came from Ms. Allevato stating conversation between Ms. Machado and my then public defender Patrick Atkinson never occurred. And any further questions should be referred to their attorney Leland Jordan.

Well, Ms. Alevato, your karma goes around, comes around. The meek shall inherit the earth. Is this type of gross injustice what my grandpa fought for in the Great War? Or my dad served at Pearl Harbor for? When do the citizens say "enough!"? Power corrupts! All fact, no brag!

I'd never been in trouble in my life until after my marriage failed and, at an emotional and psychological low point, I began to live in South Marin and Sausalito out of my car.

Here I must take some blame and responsibility for the events that followed. My own alcohol problem mixed with some of the more noted subculture individuals I started to associate with and the high amount of attention brought to me by these magnificent and beautifully mannered animals led to a subterfuge and vortex of failure. Now I've been railroaded into a four-year maximum prison term with a three-year parole due mainly to my own lack of legal knowledge, emotional duress and lack of financial capital.

As I told my first attorney, Steven Berlin (the lawyer who got Sausalito's Ted Stewart a five-year prison term, down from life without parole, for the slaying of Rudy Homer), you get what you pay for.

So I sit here in North Block, San Quentin, and try my best to make a negative into a positive. Further educating myself with history, geography, biographies, science and quality literature with an occasional Louie L'Amour or Ken Follet, thrown in here and there.

I'm very pleased to read the pot club will reopen, myself a member due to orthopedic pain, the result of a serious auto accident in 1979.The first hurdle is past, press on Dennis Peron! Let the cops fight the lawyers of dedicated medical and psychological doctors who believe in the validity of pot as medicine.

I must also mention a sense of belonging to your humble town of Bolinas. The last time I visited, March, '96, I left the grocery store and as I entered the alleyway to the north, a local eyed me up and down and said, "Hey, do you know the dog Kingfish?" A warm feeling of joy and pride flushed over me as I answered, "Yeah, I know Kingfish. He was born on the passenger floorboard of my '66 Volvo on November 9 at 2:45 a.m., 1994." "Oh, you're him-didn't recognize ya with the beard. Kingfish is fine, big as an ox, saw him yesterday. Come on over and have a beer, brother." Kingfish had been born with a lame front leg and I had to give him extra attention and care, pulling him off the small tit and stickin' him on the big tit, and then later making room for him at the chow dish. Two warm meals of vitamin-fortified oat mush with cream and honey per day. A trick I learned from Regina's breeder in New England, Regina being grandma.

This plus individual attention paid to each puppy daily helped make my dogs superior as pets, the breeds tends to be a bit high-strung and more adaptable to kennel and field for hunting. More than them being my dogs, I'm their human. Kingfish's human is Sabrina Jordan. Sabrina believes Kingfish is the pick. Thank you Sabrina! He is special to me.

So here I sit, making a negative situation into a positive. Peace in mind shall persevere over outside uncontrollable obstacles of confinement. I'm sorry to learn San Quentin does not offer computer science, a skill I, and I believe we all, desperately need.

If you could send me a subscription to the Post, I'd be grateful. I haven't seen an issue since October when I was brought to North. If you or any readers can put me in contact with Sanford Gossman, or if Sandy reads this, please write.


P.O. K 27568

San Quentin, CA 94974-5N61

No Excuse For The Bomb

First saw your newspaper at Mini's Market when visiting my aunt and uncle's beautiful new home in San Rafael. Deeply appreciate Jim Scanlon's concern about nuclear power in "Fusion Is Just Too Hot To Handle." (January, '97) It brought back the memory of feeling betrayed when learning for the first time in 1995 that there were other motives for the U.S. dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Was in high school at the end of World War II and had always believed that there was one motive for the atomic bombings.

Our family did a serious study of the subject. From Harry Truman's diary and declassified military documents we learned that the U.S. did not really need to drop the atomic bombs on Japan. We did not need to invade Japan. Japan was the verge of surrender. General Eisenhower said, "The Japanese were ready to surrender, and it was not necessary to hit them with that damn thing. I hated to see our country to be the first to use such a weapon. Most of the victims were civilians."

Why, then, were the atomic bombs used? Joe Gerson looks at this question carefully in his book With Hiroshima Eyes: Atomic War, Nuclear Extortion and Moral Imagination. Here is one of his conclusions: "The decision to devastate the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and to incinerate, annihilate, and irradiate the people who lived there, has less to do with bringing the war in Asia to a close than it did with establishing the rules of the game for the Cold War era that had already begun."

This and other motives do not disparage the patriotism of the World War II veterans who were willing to give their lives to stop Japan militarism. It is no reflection on these men who were ready and willing to risk their lives to point out the research findings. Servicemen obviously did not have access to top secret information. They were repeatedly told-partly to keep morale high, partly to keep the pressure on the Japanese-that they were going to invade.

I believe that the U.S. atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the 52-year nuclear legacy, the censorship and historical cleansing of it constitutes a dangerous (our world of 50,000 atomic bombs, many of which are 1,000 times more powerful than those that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki) righteousness that has given our country a seal of approval for, and is the cause of fomenting every type of violence and moral day. Life is cheap. Crime is ok. We have everything and we have nothing.

Our family religion teaches us that "no matter what the world's worse negative experience appears to be, the real truth about it is its exact opposite: 1) We must "acknowledge that an essentially decent nation committed a grossly immoral act," (from Mike Moore enclosure) and we are paying the price for it; 2) no more nuclear weapons, bombs and guns (retired General Andrew J. Goodpaster, who once oversaw America's nuclear arsenal, Russian President Boris Yeltsin, and 60 former general and admirals are urging nuclear disarmament); 3) an accurate portrayal that conveys the reality of nuclear war and its consequences taught in every school; 4) nuclear weapons museums comparable to the Holocaust museums; 5) copies of the original and uncensored Smithsonian Institution 500-page script The Crossroads: The End of World War II, the Atomic Bomb and the Origins of the Cold War about the 50-year nuclear legacy in every library; (the uncensored script is in the book Judgment at the Smithsonian edited by Philip Marlowe, Marlow & Company, New York); 7) medical and psychological relief for all Americans and other victims of nuclear weapons and nuclear tests; and 8) a federal budget to rebuild our communities.

All Americans deserve the best best, and are worthy of the complete facts. I believe that some day in the foreseeable future everyone will know world peace.


San Francisco

The People vs. Evolution

Face it-nobody wants to be a flood victim. So when six families decided to sue the State of California and a Reclamation District for failing to repair a levee, it seemed justified.

However, let's think this through. Did the State and the District ultimately create the flood?

Rain falls from the sky. Can we sue the rainclouds? Obviously not. They are the by-product of Earth's evolution.

Planet Earth could be sued. Hold it! That unique sphere developed after "The Big Bang" (according to some people).

Surely this explosion must have been caused by some guilty party.

"Logic" can be extended as far as the imagination will enable it. Yet we humans always need a scapegoat to be held accountable for what in essence is part of "the great mystery."

Too much rain caused flooding; too little universal awareness creates ignorance.


(fictitious name, but genuine opinion)

CP-Instrument Of Change

We appreciate your running of the article "Bo Tea Party" in our January '97 issue.

All too many fellowmen have unduly suffered from the abuses of the Planning Department/Community Development Agency.

All too many businesses, projects and free enterprise have been bogged down.

When enough of the People voice their concerns and demands, we will be heard and counted in.

You and your Coastal Post is being instrumental in bringing a change.



CP-The Only Public Forum

I got out of Marin detention after being in from January 16 to September 19 for kicking out the patrol car window when the cops kicked my briefcase of graphics aside and refused to take it to jail or detox. I got two felonies, three years, eight months suspended, 27 months straight time left to do.

I did a nine-page graphic entitled "Is Justice Sleeping?" It was intended as a trial exhibit. The judiciary was not intent on providing me a public forum with which to express my concepts, so it struck a deal through my attorney. Three years, eight months state prison, the imposition of which remains suspended provided I meet the criteria of probation for five calendar years.

The Coastal Post is the only public forum I have. I get accused of the most outrageous crap. I got a guitar and amp. I got another roofing belt, hammers, tape, tin snips, chalk box, knives, etc. I'm doing a roof in Forest Knolls, so I plug the guitar in and start practicing. The school kids come up and say, "Hey, Mister! My dad has all these Jimi Hendrix records-can you play us a Hendrix song?" So I sing "Wind Cries Mary," figuring this is a good one. When I finish, I'm letting these kids try my guitar, giving 'em lessons, when Sgt. Providenza of the Fairfax police pulls up, orders me to unplug (from the town's electric outlet). I unplug, then he accuses me of bothering the kids! He also called my probation officer...

I get out of the drunk tank with no money, pouring rain, at 2:30 a.m. Sgt. Pittman, Deputy Leftridge, Deputy Codero and Deputy Prandi give me a sack lunch. I go to Civic Center cafeteria in the morning with some instant soup I found in the jail lobby. I get some hot water. I see the girl and guy at the espresso stand setting up. I make small talk. The girl goes into an office and points me out to some guy.

I don't give it a second thought. I go back into the cafeteria to talk to some old man. The toaster catches on fire. I go to pull the toast out and this other guy says to leave it in there, and crams another piece of bread in after it.

I split down towards probation to see two of my buddies. All of a sudden a deputy is approaching. He says, "You got any I.D.? You know what I'm here?" He accuses me of panhandling and orders me to leave the building. I'm so upset by this time-and they took away my psych meds the night before-I go over the railing, to jump down to level one in the foliage. This guy grabbed me, smashed and beat me, took me to Marin General for four hours. I got no breakfast or lunch, spent 12-15 hours in booking, and I'm in jail of this writing on a $500 bail for obstructing and resisting.


Marin County Jail

Bikers vs Measure A

As a "disgruntled biker" and "scofflaw"of many years, please allow me a word in defense of my outward participation towards Measure A's defeat, which I am certain and thankful was shared by enough like-minded individuals as to be considered pivotal. This action, though unfortunate, we consider to be the lesser of two evils and necessary testimony to our government's foolish refusal to acknowledge the importance of bringing its cycling community into the fold. More warning or proof can hardly be expected.

Two years ago, County Supervisors and Marin County Open Space District received petitions with nearly 8,000 locally-collected signatures requesting a reasonable portion of trails be made available for mountain biking. The requests were ignored, even berated. Measure A failed by 8,653 votes.

The handwriting is on the wall, yet apparently left to their own validations, MCOSD will continue ignoring the negative ramifications their closed-trail, closed-door, closed-minded management has set in motion. Frightfully, Measure A's defeat only begins to address the political, financial and social decay this masterpiece of governmental dysfunction lays claim to.

Those who may consider themselves unaffected by this controversy, simply because they rarely if ever use public trails, are mistaken. Raising their awareness defines the hope and basis of our opposition to Measure A. If enough of the general public (happily, I'm sure) were to put aside the surface issues-and just examine the effects existing policy has produced, we feel our cause will advance.

Questions: Who benefits from this policy? What are the enforcement costs? Who pays them and why is there no closure to this debate?

Answers: Nobody! Seven figures! You do! Because refusing to base public land use regulation on the needs and desires of the public at large is unacceptable.

Scenarios: In a random sampling of 100 typical Marin citizens, what percentage would you estimate are avid trail users? Certainly the vast majority of are not. Why then, should their tax dollars finance this controversy? They receive nothing back. Now imagine an integrated group of 100 avid trail users. Many are mountain bikers who want expanded access, and in reality, receive little resentment from most member of the other "user groups."

Summation: This policy at exorbitant expense stands to serve only a minute portion of the population-human folly in spades.

Regarding statistics given by MCOSD General Manager Fran Brigmann-32% in favor, 57% opposed-I preferred to rely on tamper-proof phone polling, as conducted by the Independent Journal on August 28, 1994. The call-in question: Are Marin's trials for hikers and equestrians too fragile to allow bicyclists too? The No response was 71% compared with 29% who answered Yes. Look, even 32% is justification for amends, and frankly, the questionnaire was fixed. It prepped individuals to tie their response to the extremely far-fetched supposition that allowing mountain bikes on existing "hiking" trails, or constructing new trails for mountain bike use, would entail an expense paid for with Measure A proceeds. Not just a spin, this is a complete 360-degree deviation from reality. Mountain bikers, as they have demonstrated, will readily volunteer to maintain and construct any number of trails they are welcome to share.

Please, people, in future elections keep in mind that whether one's chosen activity involves riding horses or bicycles, running trails or walking them, everyone's "quality of experience" is important, interdependent and solely reliant upon the attitude and behavior of the individual, NOT their chosen activity. Equality of experience is the appropriate concern.



The Times Are Changing

The controversial San Rafael City School czar, Jeff Blackwell, has finally been ousted from his $88,740 a year position as Superintendent of Schools. Although the I.J sugarcoats his resignation with showers of praise and accolades of how wonderful Blackwell is (was), as is too often the case, the unreported truth paints a far different picture.

Since coming to the San Rafael District eight years ago, Blackwell brought his liberal credentials as a tireless advocate of the bilingual curriculum lobby and other education "social engineering" scams. Over his reign and much to the detriment of the District, he had instituted into public policy much of his ill-suited agenda.

In the past year, outraged citizens and parents of San Rafael had risen up and publicly denounced Blackwell's on-going failed bilingual programs, in turn successfully implementing new guidelines and restrictions. As a result of this intense public pressure, the School Board had no choice but to advise him to step down.

The tragedy is that Blackwell will be allowed to take a lesser District position as head of its personnel department! Thus, he will be in the crucial behind-the-scenes role of hiring not only future potential teachers, but will also influence the choosing of his replacement, the new Superintendent of Schools. Therefore, the public must continue its vigil, making sure that it maintains a much-needed voice in this upcoming important selection process. Get involved, and make your desires known!


San Rafael

* * *

Liberal Media Blackout

I proudly attended the huge rally in support of Prop. 209, which took place on the steps of the San Francisco federal courthouse on Thursday, January 16th. Over 1,000 peaceful demonstrators noisily made known their objections to the recent controversial assigning of liberal Federal District Judge Thelton Henderson, to hear and decide the Constitutional legal merits of this new state law.

Many gravely-concerned citizens who had voted for Prop. 209, rightly fear it will share the same unpopular fate as the 1994 state initiative, Prop. 187. That is, be purposefully tied up for years in the courtroom of another biased radical leftist federal district judge.

Be that as it may, what concerns and outrages many is the total lack of next day IJ news coverage regarding this unprecedented and unique civil demonstration. Here we had literally hundreds of average Middle American citizens, many demonstrating for the first time in their lives, and the ultra-liberal IJ rudely ignores this ground-breaking grassroots phenomenon.

Oh, but the IJ did not earlier neglect to publish prominent stories when a mere 50 or so radical leftist students rioted at UC Berkeley and San Francisco State protesting the passage of Prop. 209. The biting irony does not escape your readership. It only adds fuel to the already widespread belief that the mainstream liberal media is superbly arrogant in its continuing selective scrutiny of "newsworthy" stories.


San Rafael

* * *

Murdered In Berkeley

On December 19th, long-time liberal Berkeley political activist, David Nadel, was brutally murdered while tending his beloved multi-cultural dance club. While any death is a tragedy, this one is especially ironic. It seems the alleged suspect is none other than an illegal alien-long since departed for his homeland, Mexico.

With over a quarter of our California prisons overflowing with illegal alien criminals, the late Nadel joins the hundreds of thousands of American citizens who routinely are victimized by this unwanted transient population. Unwanted, that is, by most Californians, but not Nadel. With his leftist radical beliefs, Nadel has been an outspoken advocate for illegal immigrants.

From the redwood forests of the Andersen Valley to the urban streets of Los Angeles, and the sandy beaches of San Clemente, hundreds of decent American citizens have become cold crime statistics to this growing invasion. Who's to blame? I guess we all are, for allowing it to continue. To David Nadel, and all the other faceless crime victims of illegal immigrants-I'm sorry.


San Rafael

Social Insecurity

Your headline about Social Security becoming a pyramid scheme is attention grabbing, but it accepts the establishment line. The writer seems to believe that the fund is running out of money-wrong! Or that it will run out of money in the future-wrong again!

Projections that show the SS fund running low in 20 or 30 years are based on a scale of economic growth that is half what the rate has been for the past 20 years. In truth, if that happens, it won't be Social Security as a fund that would be in trouble. The social security of the entire system and all the people would be in trouble!

All that's needed to make sure the fund, if not the larger American system, remains solvent is to begin taxing the upper income groups that now pay little or nothing as a percentage of their income to payroll taxes. At present, a person making $120,000 a year pays half the rate of someone who makes $60,000, a quarter of the rate of someone making $30,000, etc. They stop deducting at $60,000, which is stupid, unfair and leads to all this nonsense about the system being in trouble. Wake up, America!


Mill Valley

Car Culture

Re. Over-reliance on the automobile in urban America.

I quote the following from an essay by Raven Earlygrow, Mayor of Point Arena, California, from Coast magazine, Winter '97 issue:

"When [growth] is translated into the auto-choked, smog-fouled, incomprehensibly noisy sprawl that crawls inexorably across our landscape around every urban area, "growth" seems more synonymous with something that needs to be surgically removed than with the healthy development of an economy...

"...Auto use has more than tripled in the past 20 years. Our country is planned and built on the assumption that we will drive everywhere we go, from the "convenience" store to the mega-mall, multiplex-discount, do-it-yourself, plenty-of-free parking, giant look-alike box."

Is this what you want, CP reader?

[email protected]

San Anselmo