The Coastal Post - December, 1997

Shop Locally

By Karen Nakamura

The holidays are here and it's time to spend vast sums on family, friends, Christmas trees and the fattened calf. This season, let's all remember to spend some money in our neighborhood. The businesses certainly deserve it. Their offerings are first class and the extra income could very well keep them afloat for the next year.

Who's local? Look around. There are interesting merchants, restaurants, copy centers, office suppliers, auto shops, theater companies, clothing stores, flower shops, grocers, gas stations, book stores, authors, hair salons, community organizations. The list is long.

Besides, with the monetary condition in Asia and its effect on multi-national corporations, it might be in our best interests to insure independent companies stay afloat while bloated "box merchants" go bankrupt. If they fold, where are we going to shop? Not at local stores that we've ignored and are gone, but at businesses we've kept solvent and are ready to serve our needs. Remember the alar apple scare and the relief of finding organic shops stocked with safe apples.