The Coastal Post - December, the six-day event.

Seasonal Distractions: Santa Hussein

By Frank Scott

TV's celebrity death telethons were briefly displaced by the nanny murder trial, but military muscle came back strong in the ratings, after the threat of serious global market failures. Public consciousness remained corporately controlled as we approached the annual commercial orgy of the holy market days. And a familiar devil was used to prime us for potential bloody murder to lead into the season of love, peace and frantic shopping.

The recent mantra, repeated endlessly by propagandists of corporate government, TV, radio and press until driven into the skulls of our citizenry, is WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. We have been conditioned, like Pavlov's laboratory dogs, to relate those words to a popular demon, Saddam Hussein. He is, somehow, and after seven years of intense inspection by an invading force which dropped 88,000 tons of destruction on his nation, supposed to have these WOMD, with which he threatens all of civilization.

He must be stopped, by George-or Bill-even if it takes starving and killing thousands more innocent Iraqis.

Identification of personal demons is important to the religious economics which rule in the U.S.A. When things are going wrong, we're given stories of a bad guy, not a bad system. Capitalism isn't at fault, only individual demons are to blame. They serve that system by drawing public wrath and keeping minds away from what might really be wrong.

We have home-grown devils, like Clinton, Gingrich and their political bedfellows, and foreign devils, like Hussein, Noriega and others who were first allies, and then became monsters when it suited the policy of the corporadoes at the top of U.S. finance. For example, after helping the CIA kill and maim all over Latin America, Noriega's supposed drug connections became a problem, so his nation was invaded and thousands were murdered in order to capture him. Millions of Americans were supposed to think the drug trade ended once he was jailed. These same millions may be shopping for tickle-me-Elmo dolls this season, having missed the fact that fads, like demons, are subject to marketing change.

Saddam Hussein has served a variety of purposes, among them Western domination of Middle Eastern oil reserves, the strengthening of Israeli interests in American politics, and the vicious streak of anti-Semitism that exists in the U.S.A. The venomous anti-Arab and anti-Islamic filth spewing from American mouths on an average day would bring hate-crime lawsuits if uttered about any other group .

The belief that Arab people are fanatics is fed by media depictions of bloody crimes committed by groups and individuals connected to the Middle East, without analysis or regard for the material conditions that might contribute to or provoke such deeds. Past Western barbarism, and present policies of domination and disrespect that often lead to mass murder, as in Iraq, are unmentioned or excused as necessary to preserve western civilization and its over-consuming malcontents.

There are countless examples of monstrous dictators being sucked up to by U.S. leaders. For one case, while the Shah of Iran's secret police were gouging out fingernails in his torture chambers, former President Carter was commending him on his wonderful democracy. What's the big deal with Saddam? His record as a dictator may be dreadful, but it didn't stop us from being his ally in the past. And white America's favorite black man, Colin Powell recently stated that Hussein's power had been broken and that his neighbors no longer feared him. So what are we in a panic over?

According to media sources like the Gannet News Service, and groups like the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, there are technical and scientific experts in Iraq who could create chemical weapons if the equipment and supplies were purchased. Wow! Further, according to these same sources, any place that can manufacture paint can manufacture chemical weapons. Even a well-equipped commercial kitchen can be used to make chemical weapons. Double wow!

Should we murder all such experts in Iraq? Or maybe in the U.S.? Should we raid restaurants and paint factories in Oklahoma, where Gulf War veterans may be scheming to create poisons, rent trucks and destroy the heartland? This would be hilarious if it were not so tragic. It can only be hoped that a celebrity scandal will have displaced the manufactured Iraq crisis in public consciousness by the time these words are published. And that we will soon confront the dangerous manifestations of our own political economics, which not only threaten the world with weapons of mass destruction, but with chemical and biological weapons of consumer marketing.

We are poisoning the air, the water, the earth and our weather, with the production and distribution of our profitable waste, even as we poison the intellectual climate with a steady flow of putrid propaganda. The depletion of fossil fuels, the increase in our chemical garbage and the over-production of gas-guzzling autos are a much greater danger to our future than anything Iraq can allegedly concoct in its kitchens or paint shops.

And further abuse of the innocent Iraqi people would be shameful beyond words. These vicious, evil and stupid sanctions are performing massive acts of child abuse in Iraq. Thousands of kids die for lack of medical supplies. The sanctions prohibit the import of allegedly dangerous items like pencils, sewing machines or chlorine to purify water. They produce a misery which has all but destroyed civil society in that nation and might, indeed, become a self-fulfilling prophecy and help create a real threat that terrorism will increase here in the U.S.A. Happy Holidays.

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