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Deceptions Defined


Here are some of the deceptive words used by socialists today. Read or listen to the brainwashing, leftist media, and you'll be bombarded with these examples of sedition by syntax.

"Affirmative action": This really means state-sponsored racism and sexism. We've had two, and in some cases three, generations of this egalitarian trickery. Ask yourself if this is really necessary today. A business owner is going to hire the person (black, yellow, brown, white, female or male) who is going to make him or her the most money. Michael Jordan could be a green-skinned transvestite and he'd still have a job as the highest-paid basketball player in the world. Bill Gates could be a black, lesbian Jew and the world would beat a path to her doorstep with offers of employment. Gee, Tiger woods' race sure has been a handicap for him, hasn't it? That little golf ball looks up and gets extra crotchety when it realizes there is an African-Chinese American swinging at it, doesn't it?

Why can't the socialist liberals out there realize that the cash register is color and gender blind? The scoreboard is color and gender blind. If I am a business owner, an employer, I simply want talent and drive from my employees. And can you really claim that any modern school, at any level from first grade to college, purposely holds back a student in any subject because of sex or race? Give me a break.

"Democracy": The true meaning of this word is mob rule. If we had real democracy in America, blacks would still be sitting in the backs of buses and gays would be so deep in the closet they'd need flashlights. You don't want "democracy," friends. It means that 51 percent of us can decide to rip off the other 49 percent. As much as I like the results of voter initiatives that have reined in property taxes in California, busted taxpayer-funded benefits to illegal aliens, and crushed affirmative action (racial quotas) in this state, I am firmly against mob rule "initiatives." Because what happens when the initiative to take away my guns or limit my freedom of speech ("hate speech laws"), or allow me to smoke a cigarette if I so choose, passes by "majority rule"? Legislation means creating laws. Laws control our lives. We've got way too many laws as it is, and hundreds more are laid upon us year after year. Legislation should be a slow, deliberate and ponderous mechanism. Remember that Lenin called the murderous monster he created a "social democracy."

"Equality": In the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson claims that "all men are created equal" and have an innate right to "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness." The word "pursuit" implies that you might not succeed (no matter which lying politician you may vote for). Michael Jordan and I are not equal when it comes to basketball. No matter what training I was given in my formative years, I could never, ever leap from the top of the key and slam dunk a basketball. Steve Wozniak and I are not equal when it comes to math. I can't even begin to fathom the numerical wonders he mastered to create the first personal computer. Think of the absurdity of making Michael Jordan play basketball with his feet hobbled so that I could have a "level playing field," or of keeping Wozniak drunk as a skunk so I could think that I was as smart as he is.

"Gun control": This really means gun confiscation. From the beginning of recorded history, tyrannical governments have sought to keep personal weaponry out of the hands of commoners. The ancient Israelites at one time weren't allowed to have swords. The Scottish peasants weren't allowed to have swords (see Braveheart). The American colonists rose up and rebelled when the British Army attempted to confiscate their muskets and powder. It wasn't about tea or even taxes. It was about "gun control." "Gun control" advocates have an insane trust in the fickle beneficence of government. Look what governments have done to unarmed civilians in just the 20th century! Stalin's goons murdered at least 20 million. Hitler's goons murdered at least 13 million. Mao's goons murdered 60 million. Pol Pot's goons murdered nearly 2 million. Idi Amin's goons murdered half a million. Guatemala, Rwanda, Zaire, Yugoslavia, Algeria, Argentine, Chile, Indonesia...the rivers of blood flow because evil cannot be challenged by righteous individuals who have been robbed of their most fundamental right to self-defense. There has never been a more pragmatic saying than "Trust in God, but keep your powder dry."

"Illegal immigrant": This one is absurd on its face. An "immigrant" is someone who has legally applied to live in a nation in which he was not born. The proper phrase is "illegal alien." Yes, alien. This doesn't mean a bug-eyed space creature. For centuries it has just meant someone who was not born in the nation in which they are visiting. Every time you see the phrase "illegal immigrant," you are being manipulated, because "we all came from immigrants." Yeah, okay, but our immigrant grandparents or great-grandparents most likely came to America, legally applied for residency, and then passed the citizenship examinations. We can give this nation away overnight if we want. Let's just let every foreigner (alien) who wants to come here come on in. But you should think about what that will really mean for your own children and grandchildren, Mr. and Mrs. Bleeding Heart Liberal.

Socialism is like cancer. It is unhealthy for the body politic in any stage of its development. Socialism is a lie. Its use of the English language is dishonest, and its proponents are, in the depths of their souls, either naive idiots, lying parasites, or calculating thieves.

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