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Framing Earth First, Pepper Spray, And The War On Drugs

By Arthur Sobey

A federal judge has ruled that agents of the FBI, acting in conspiracy with members of the Oakland California Police Department, must stand trial for violating the civil rights of Earth First activists. "This is a wakeup call for all Americans, because the FBI has been exposed as a rogue agency, engaged in illegal and immoral operations against innocent citizens" said Steve Kubby, Libertarian candidate for Governor of California.

In a ruling handed down October, 20, U.S District Court Judge Claudia Wilken refused to grant immunity from prosecution to agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Oakland Police Department.

Wilken's ruling stated plaintiffs have made an adequate showing that the FBI and Oakland Police deliberately misrepresented clear evidence regarding the location and makeup of a bomb that injured two Earth First activists, in order to justify their false arrest. Wilken also upheld the right to sue individual officers and agents for illegal searches, and a conspiracy to "chill plaintiffs' advocacy on behalf of Earth First" in violation of their First Amendment rights.

On May 24, 1990, a sophisticated, motion-triggered, anti-personnel bomb exploded beneath environmental/labor activist Judi Bari's car seat as she drove through Oakland, with fellow activist Darryl Cherney. Bari and Cherney were the two most prominent organizers for Earth First Redwood Summer, a campaign of non-violent protests targeting corporate logging practices. Instead of trying to find the bomber, the FBI and Oakland Police had the activists arrested and then attempted to frame them on charges of transporting the very explosives that were used to try to kill them. The arrest directly contradicted the physical evidence, and ignored previous death threats against the pair. The bomber remains at large.

Judge Wilken found that FBI special agents Frank Doyle, John Reikes, Stockton Buck, John Conway, Walter Hemje, and Philip Sena and Oakland Police Lt. C. Michael Sims, Sgt. Robert Chenault, and Sgt. Michael Sitterud must stand trial for what Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney assert were deliberate attempts to disrupt, discredit and intimidate Earth First.

"Every citizen must clearly understand the threat that is being increasingly imposed upon them by their own government, and by our law enforcement agencies upon whom we depend so much," charged Kubby. "I urge everyone to look past any differences they might have with the Earth First organization, and see the government's actions for what they are-the abusive use of illegal power by those entrusted with our protection.

"Actions of government in recent years have destroyed parts of our Constitution," said Kubby. "For all intents and purposes, the Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Eighth amendments to the Constitution have been gutted by a government that claims that in order to save us from great peril, we must first be shackled by the elimination of these previously guaranteed, and now "inconvenient" to some, rights and freedoms.

"The FBI appears to have directly violated Congressional dictates which ordered the FBI to disband its COINTELPRO, the FBI's notorious counterintelligence program of 1970's, after the Church hearings by the U.S. Senate found the practice unconstitutional. COINTELPRO is an FBI program designed (in the words of J. Edgar Hoover) to "expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit and otherwise neutralize" activists and groups advocating social change in the U.S. Judge Wilken found strong evidence that the FBI had conducted a COINTELPRO-style operation against Earth First How can we trust the FBI to investigate the pepper spraying of Earth First activists, now that it has been exposed as a rogue agency which is ignoring a direct order by Congress?

"In the weeks ahead I will be presenting a simple plan to stop this illegal erosion of our freedom and liberty. My plan to return control of government to the people in such a way that it can never be removed again, is easy to understand, and easy to implement. Action is required now, before it is too late."

Humboldt Sheriff And Pepper Spray

"This week, the entire country watched in horror as members of the Humboldt County Sheriff's Department rubbed pepper spray directly into the eyes of unresisting young women," said gubernatorial candidate, Steve Kubby.

"It is profoundly disappointing that our own government has become so ruthless and lawless, that people can no longer assemble peacefully and redress their government for grievances. The Humboldt Sheriff not only violated these women, he violated the very foundation upon which this country was founded," charged the outraged Kubby.

"In recent months we have watched as rogue members of law enforcement arrested sick people and seized their medicine, in violation of state law, while our Governor and Attorney General Dan Lungren, did nothing to stop the violence. It appears they intend to do nothing in this case either.

"We join with these environmentally dedicated women who only want a better place to live and raise their children. It's time to tell our government officials to start obeying the Constitution. Please join me by speaking out now," urged Kubby.

"Call the Governor NOW and tell him to stand up for the people who he is supposed to represent. Tell him how you feel about rogue cops acting without restraint in defiance of the law. And tell him that if he makes peaceful change impossible, then violent change will be inevitable."

Below are e-mail, fax and phone numbers to contact Governor Wilson. Take five minutes and tell the Governor what you think."

(916) 445-2841 (phone)

(916) 445-4633 (fax)

Congress Out Of Touch With Reality

The House of Representatives declared Thursday in a voice vote, that if the U.S. can reach a national drug use level of 3% by 2001, a "virtual victory" will have been won in the War on Drugs. Drug Czar Barry McCaffrey immediately objected, saying that even a reduction to 3%, from the current drug use level of 6.1%, was impossible, regardless of how much money or power was given to him.

"Congress is dangerously out of touch with reality," said Steve Kubby. The gubernatorial candidate said that such a claim bordered on virtual criminality. "When the War on Drugs began in 1972, national drug use was less than 1%. Twenty-six years later, the architects of this massive disaster claim that if drug use can be reduced to only 3%, a virtual victory will have been won.

"What does this really mean for Americans," demanded Kubby. "The numbers don't add up. Back in 1984, Congressman Dan Lungren promised us a Drug Free America by 1991, and pushed through legislation totaling $400 billion over the next 10 years. Dan Lungren also gave us asset forfeiture to help pay for him and his buddies to terrorize the American people. Thanks to Lungren and the Drug Warriors, the Feds and local cops have been looting $1 billion a year from American citizens and in 80% of these cases, no charges are ever filed. We have trashed many of the basic beliefs this country is supposed to stand for, simply because 3% of the population is using unapproved drugs. And by the government's own reports, these people are not even addicts, just drug users.

"It has cost us over $1 trillion dollars to drive drug use up to 6.1% in the United States. Now those who gave us these massive failed drug policies of the past are telling us that if we can reduce drug use to only 3%-by spending another $400 billion by 2001-virtual victory will be ours. I have a better idea," said Kubby. "Let's declare virtual victory now. We will save $400 billion dollars, keep six million more children from becoming drug war orphans, prevent the continuing illegal seizure of property from innocent people, and prevent millions of new American drug addicts."

"It's time to accept reality: Drugs are here to stay! Let's learn to live responsibly with drugs and stop trying to arrest our way out of our social and medical problems," said Kubby.

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