The Coastal Post - November, 1997

Coastal Post Needs A Buck

By Don Deane


"If every Coastal Post reader sent in one buck a year, the newspaper would never have to worry about advertising or covering it's costs again," said David Belrose who is the General Manager of Smiley's Schooner Saloon and Hotel. For the last few years Smiley's has helped absorb the Coastal Post's annual loss of approximately $20,000.

Some advertising and subscriptions have handled the annual $30,000 or so that it takes to publish the paper once a month. We gladly accept both.

Advertising and the lack of it has always been the nemesis of this little publication which printed its first edition in 1975 at a copy center. We closed the paper for a year in 1991 when advertisers fell too far behind in paying their bills.

What's in it for the 30,000 or so readers to send in a buck once a year to support a paper they can get for free?

Nothing, if they don't either love or hate the publication and that seems to cover the majority of the readership. It's not a pretty sight, this newspaper. There aren't any pictures. There isn't any color. But where else can you be guaranteed the publication of your letter to the editor, regardless of your view? What other newspaper serves as a wakeup call, a trip wire, a canary in the coal mine for a wide variety of environmental and political issues in the county that other publications tend to shy away from? Where else can you get the spread and variety of columnists' views-from Kirby Ferris and Edward Miller to Betty Machado and Frank Scott. Where else can a free lance writer get a controversial piece published that doesn't see print anywhere else?

Access to a significant readership which really does read the publication is what we offer to writers. Many of the readers take us up on this too and submit letters, columns and news stories.

It's a pretty simple idea. Send a buck to the Coastal Post once a year, or when you really appreciate a story.

The good news is with a minimum of advertising, there is a huge amount of material to read every month in our twelve pages. Given the fact that most newspapers carry 50 percent advertising or better, the twelve pages is the equivalent of a 24 page rag.

Think about it and then, send in your buck. Help keep the Coastal Post stirring it up. Send your buck to P.O. Box 31, Bolinas, CA 94924.

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