The Coastal Post - November, 1997

Off-Year Election In Ross Valley


Off-year elections are often dismissed as not worthy the bother. That's not a good attitude for we the educated masses of Marin. Consider how wonderful it feels to stand in line and poke those holes in the ballot. Or making those marks on your absentee ballot and dropping it in the mail on time. You're doing something right. And then there's that snotty little feeling you get when your ballot stub is thrown on the car's dashboard and your negligent neighbor doesn't have one. A moment of real political correctness where you win.

But there's more. This November the really big issue is Measure A, the Ross Valley parcel tax for educational programs and health and safety measures. This tax, already in effect, has greatly enhanced educational programs for our children. It's allowed smaller classroom size and higher test scores. It's also working to give our teachers a living wage.

Patricia Garcia, the real challenger, received her AA from COM, a definite asset, is a human resources consultant and has served on the Marin County Committee on School District, being appointed incumbent. She appears qualified as a native of Marin, past President of the Marin Bar Association and Planned Parenthood. As a lawyer, she represents many homeowners associations.

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