The Coastal Post - October, 1997

Fusion Confusion


A few years back, I advised readers to check out the Art Bell Show, an eccentric late-night talk radio program that ranged far and wide in subject matter. At that time, Art was on only a single station that we in the Bay Area could pick up. Now, from 10 p.m. until 5 a.m. you can't miss his program, as it comes in on at least a half dozen stations.

Art Bell has interviewed many so-called psychics and remote viewers. Several of the darkest of the bunch have, for quite awhile, been predicting disastrous (mostly climatic) changes over the next several years. This end-of-the-world stuff comes on strong as we approach the millennium. The fundamentalist Christians have their interpretations of the Book of Revelations, the tree-huggers are howling at melting ice caps, and anyone with an ounce of foresight can guess that somebody is going to pop an A-bomb suitcase off somewhere.

In short, and certainly just to be safe, we could do with a serious change of behavior on spiritual, environmental and political levels. So here I sit, pretending I'm one of the Illuminati. I'm realizing that the fecal matter is going to hit the fan pretty soon. Here's how I, as one of the Illumined Ones, one of the Global Plantation's Overlords, might view the coming situation:

1. I and my ilk have controlled the economics and politics of this planet for several hundred years. We are the Royal Families, the Old Money, the International Banking Priesthood. We have controlled the money supplies (we print the stuff), the political structures (we own the armies), and the wheres and whens of our very profitable wars (think of it as an NFL with tanks and bombers). No, it's not a conspiracy. It is simply a form of coercive collusion. Our hierarchy and minions go along to get along. Keep your mouth shut and profit, or start talking and we'll kill your children and grandchildren. Morality is not a hangup with us. We invented Communism as part of the dialectical materialism that hid our growing international corporate monopolism behind a carefully-orchestrated global fear of thermonuclear war. Our socialist, Pavlovian experiments upon the psyches of the Soviet people taught us much about how to control the minds and emotions of the herd, you our cattle. We now employ these techniques, in a diluted form, upon the so-called free people of America, using television mind control, news manipulation, and hypnotic sedation via the boob tube. These brainwashing techniques have allowed us to instigate and perpetuate massive vote fraud, because the boobs in front of their tubes are too ignorant, naive, or wishful to ever understand that computerized ballot deception can be surfed as easily as the internet. First, we tell you how you're thinking with our opinion polls, and then we produce elections that, by gosh, by golly, reflect your opinions. Isn't democracy neat? And you wonder how these blatant idiots and liars called politicians keep getting elected?

2. We have mastered societal compression via our shock testing techniques. We know how, in a given social situation the vast majority of people will react. We know how far to push our luck before we back off slightly and allow reform to occur. The present hearings on the IRS are just an example of the pablum we feed you. You don't like the IRS, do you? Alright, we'll reform those wretched hooligans and give you the same thing with a different name. However, can't you see that with each compression and decompression, we actually strengthen the finances, resources, technology, and military might of the secretive, elite, feudal civilization we have been fostering in your very midst?

3. As long as it was business as usual, our plans have played out harmoniously across the decades. But of late, our models have been suffering the slings and arrows of anomaly. I speak herein of...El Nino. Ah, we Illumined Ones would like to take credit for that, but sadly we cannot. So we fall back to Plan B.

4. As the winters of '97 and '98 progress, the Pacific jet stream will be forced far south over the northern section of Baja California. Visualize a band of incredibly heavy rainfall, storm after storm, marching through all of Southern California, across Arizona, Texas and into Florida. See huge waves pounding the California coastline from the more vulnerable directions of the west and southwest. Erosion from sea and rain will cause an erosion of the social fibre within a society that is, even now, rather fidgety. Other problems will arise as the vast agricultural areas of the Central Valley are flooded and food supplies diminish. The highway infrastructure will suffer from the three to four times normal rainfall, and communications will sputter fitfully because of downed power and utility lines.

Southern California and the Southern U.S are just isolated examples of the general confusion that will be experienced. Now we Illuminated Ones profit from a bit of stress and strife, if properly managed. But this thing is going to be more dicey than we'd like. So we're gonna be nice guys. We're going to allow cold fusion to rather abruptly put our petro-chemical fuel system out of business. We are going to centralize the fusion technology so that we can meter it and make you pay us for it. We aren't going to let you get energy independent from our benevolent, addicting teat. But we are going to cut you poor bastards some slack and appear to be heroes at the same time. Trust me, you'll take whatever you can get when the going gets sloppy.

We've been warming you up to this idea with a couple of Hollywood movies of late. And that fellow Art Bell had an interesting interview with a highly-respectable scientist who knows the skinny on the actual cold fusion situation. We also let you get a glimpse of the technology on Good Morning, America. That's why there's fusion in confusion.

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