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Volume 21, No 9, Sept. 1, 1996

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  1. Quintessential Compassion And Kindness Is The 14th Dalai Lama BY TSU HRIM LAHA
  2. The Amazing Dr. Randall BY JOAN REUTINGER
  3. An Introduction To Your Immigrant Neighbors BY KAREN NAKAMURA
  4. Cannabis Buyers' Club Closed A San Francisco judge granted an injunction to close down the San Francisco Cannabis Buyers' Club today, leaving the club's 11,000 patients without a source of medicine
  5. Appeal And COPS Define Buck Plan Now BY JOAN REUTINGER
  6. Countdown To Homelessness BY D.L.G. FOREST
  7. Environmentalism Is Turning Marin Into A Rich Duck's Pond BY STEPHEN SIMAC
  8. Vote "Yes" On Prop. 208 BY JOAN REUTINGER
  9. Ultraviolet Radiation... Good or Bad ?
  10. Back To School BY RICHARD W. RILEY
  11. Stop The Cineplex In Fairfax BY RICKY KELLAR
  12. Falsely Accused In your August edition.
  13. You Can't Cheat An Honest Man BY KIRBY FERRIS
  14. Letters To The Editor Sept 96
  15. Next Stage - A New Movement To Benefit Humanity? BY GUY W. MEYER
  16. News And Notes Of Novato
  17. Troubled With Gas? BY EDWARD W. MILLER
  18. Conventional* Politics BY FRANK SCOTT

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