The Coastal Post - August, 1996

Coast Not Clear For Douglas

In the face of overwhelming public support for protecting California's coastline, the California Coastal Commission backed down from its effort to oust Executive Director Peter Douglas on July 12. But the Commission's new, anti-environmental majority, appointed by Governor Peter Wilson and Assembly speaker Curt Pringle, gave a blank check to every developer who appeared before them.

"Their opening salvo against the state's landmark Coastal Act blew up in Wilson's and Pringle's faces when their own appointees balked at carrying out the marching orders to fire Peter Douglas," said Warner Chabot, regional director for the Center for Marine Conservation. "But the coast is not clear. By their votes on projects at this meeting, the commission's new majority has already signaled its intent to roll back the fundamental elements of the Coastal Act. They rubber-stamped every coastal development project submitted to them. They even voted to cut off public access to a publicly-owned beach."