The Coastal Post - August, 1996

It's amazing how our struggling newspaper has gotten breaking stories out before the mainstream media has even heard of them.

I refer here to Kirby Ferris' coverage of the Randy Weaver case, the extent of ozone damage by Jim Scanlon, our early focus on the Buck Center by Joan Reutinger, the coverage on the fight over immigration in the Canal, and our small town/big mall focus.

All of these stories have been picked by the mainstream media, activating ordinary citizens to a better life. Of this we are proud and happy.

We've also given space to the Libertarian point of view, regularly publish Attorney General Dan Lundgren's column, and have a right and left voice. Our liberal credentials are flawless.

I like to call our little rag "very ACLU." We may disagree with everything you say but we'll fight to the death for your right to say it.

However, because we do attack the big guys and don't charge our readers for the thrill of being on the cutting edge, we often come in short on the monetary end.

Are you a business wanting local covering for your ad but sick of watching it get lost in the crowd? We don't have a lot of advertisers, so each one is highlighted.

Another thing, if our paper helped get out the vote against the Buck center, which it did, think how many readers will notice your ad? We're local biz friendly.

If you support the concept that democracy is made strong by the input of all points of view, why not subscribe for a year? Sure, you can get it free. But wouldn't it be nice to help us pay the printer?

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