The Coastal Post - August, 1996

News And Notes Of Novato


Hello, Dear Hearts

It's the dog days of August. Where did the summer go? August is a happy month, though. Happy Birthday to our grandsons: John Curtis Wilmott and Randy Everett Engler! These two are really growing up. In September, John will be starting Novato High School.

Priority One for August

A public notice is out, signed by Richard C. Hill, Acting City Manager for the City of Novato. Rod Wood is on vacation. On August 12th the City of Novato will hold a public hearing at 5:00 pm in the Police Training Room at the Police Station on Machin Avenue to discuss the proposed execution and delivery of certificates of participation (COPs) to be provided by the City of Novato in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $60,000,000 for the benefit of the Buck Center for Research in Aging (the corporation). Proceeds of the certificates will be used to finance and refinance the acquisition, construction and equipping of research facilities owned by the corporation. Interested persons wishing to express their views on the execution and delivery of the certificates or on the nature and location of the above-described facilities proposed to be financed will be given the opportunity to do so at the public hearing, or may prior to the time of the hearing, submit written comments to the City Clerk, 900 Sherman Avenue, Novato 94945.

This citizen and taxpayer has already called Mr. Richard Hill, 897-4343. Novato has an ordinance called Measure D, related to the new City Hall a few years ago. No expenditure over a million dollars can proceed without the vote of the people! This is 60 million dollars! Morgan-Stanley as tax underwriters, were contacted three years ago to set up this financial arrangement. Wells Fargo Bank turned the Buck Center down. According to Richard Hill, they don't write bonds for 60 million dollars!

A telephone call has gone in to Mayor Ernie Gray, 897-5403, to stop the 5:00 pm public meeting being held in the police training room. Hold the meeting at the regular time, 7:00 pm, in the City Council Chambers and go on Channel 23. Since when does staff have the authority to determine time and place without the sanction of the Mayor and the City Council? Watch the next chapter on this issue!

Novato Senior Citizens Redwood Empire trip Thirty-five seniors went to the Avenue of the Giants with Patty LeVant, Novato Senior Center employee, and the Travel Center, Tours and Travel of San Pablo. The trip included accommodations for two nights at the Eureka Inn. Ray Hillman, historian-author of Pride Enterprises Tours located in Eureka, was our on the coach guide to narrate and conduct walking tours at designated areas. We visited the Founder Grove, Trinidad, Yurok Indian Village, Samoa Cookshack for lunch, Patrick's Point State Park. We had dinner out in wonderful places, and Ray Hillman was a very interesting person. He left San Francisco in 1987 for Eureka.

He is 54 years old, a bachelor, and very dedicated to California history. He currently is writing the history of the Talbot family in Bennett Valley, Santa Rosa area. He conducts one to six and a half hour tours in Eureka, Trinity River and Weverville. He has over 25 years experience. He offers senior, junior and group discounts. He can be reached by calling 800-400-1849. Very interesting person.

Before coming home, visited Ferndale. Our guide on the bus was a third generation lady who is still living in Ferndale. Patty LeVant of our Parks and Rec Dept. with Margaret Todd center did an outstanding job putting this trip together.

What a difference a year makes

Jack and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary on July 21, 1995. We had a great party at the Indian Valley Golf Course. This year Jack is in the skilled nursing facility at Pleasant Care Nursing home on 1565 Hill Road in Novato, 94947. He can receive mail, Room 411.

Angela Machado, Paul's wife, along with Paul and Laura, took me to court three times this year. Declared me unfit to be Jack's Conservator. Commissioners Mary T. Grove revoked permanently the Durable Power of Attorney Jack and I set up as our last piece of business together. Angela requested and received through the court action of Judge Michael Dufficy, Jack be under public guardianship. Mr. Edwin Castleman is now the one to represent Jack against me. The estate is under court orders. I receive spousal support, and this week, July 21, we celebrated our 51st anniversary as though it never existed. I have disowned Laura and Paul. Through this action, I also have lost the grandchildren. The court has taken a turn to destroy the family unit, gain control and you can't fight it. Angela has signed a complaint against me with the Dept. of Adult Protection. Sheila McGorty refuses to send a copy to me. The California law does not allow the confidential nature to be revealed! Yet, the Constitution allows you to face your accuser!

Mark the name of Monica Rudden down. Public Defender of Marin County, she was appointed by the court to represent Jack against me. Jerry Herman, District Attorney, will not be running for re-election. Will Monica Rudden be the first woman District Attorney for Marin county?

My final word to seniors in Marin: Do not trust a durable power of attorney or durable power of health as the way to protect yourself. The court can and has permanently revoke the Machado powers of attorney! So much for trust in our courts.

Good News newspaper by editor Nancy Sangster

Paul Brindel, the late resident on Mastro Road wrote such a paper years ago in Novato. In checking, I learned he had worked on a Hearst newspapers. Nancy is acting like Scot Deming with his challenge to the IJ. The Novato Advance will survive. But like Scot, will Nancy?

Tickles the Clown...

...met Davi recently. She had just returned from Camp Rainbow where all the clowns and entertainers were there in tents learning new routines. Need a clown? Call Davi 892-5696. Oh, Wavy Gravy was at the encampment!

Lights at IVC

Phyliss Metcalf became Board President of the Marin Community College upon the death of Dale Fleming. The first meeting under new leadership was at the IVC campus with the lights for the Sports Center on the agenda. Trustee Barbara Dolan Atherton voted no on the project. President Metcalf sent a note down the table to remind Barbara this is a Betty Machado project. Barbara still voted "no." President Metcalf called me at 9:00pm on Thursday night for an explanation as to why I didn't attend the meeting! Told her I had given the College Board, the Parks and Recreation Commission and the City council my offer to help organize and have the College Board meeting televised on Channel 23, the night of the meeting. Phyliss said Dale Fleming as chair of the Board and the President of the college, James Middleton, ruled against televising the meeting! The Fire Marshall had to be called at the College Board meeting at IVC due to capacity load. All could have been different if it was on Channel 23. I did leave a voicemail for James Middleton. He is promoting Internet communication through IVC, but refuses to televise the College Board meeting in Novato. Haven't heard back.