The Coastal Post - August, 1996

PR Aug 96

Valley Music

Dan Dickson will play stride piano on Thursday nights starting at 7:30 at the Two Bird Cafe at Valley Inn, 625 San Geronimo Valley Drive, and Les Bailey and Dori Green will play jazz, blues and pops on Fridays at 7:30, every week until further notice. Call 488-0105.

Money For Properties, Libraries, And Pregnant Teens

The signing of the 1996-97 State Budget on July 15 signaled victory for Assemblywoman Kerry Mazzoni (D-San Rafael), bringing significant revenues to the 6th Assembly District. Among Mazzoni's victories is $350,000 for the acquisition of critical Tomales Bay view-shed lands adjacent to the Tomales Bay State Park's Millerton Point property. There are four parcels, remainders of the historic Millerton Point Ranch, that must be purchased from landowners.

In addition, Mazzoni was successful in obtaining additional revenues, $7 million for the Public Library Fund and $175,000 for the Pregnant Minors Program, which helps assist pregnant students in completing their education. "This is a positive step," said Mazzoni. "I would like to see the State invest in more proactive programs such as this, that will in the long run save the taxpayer's money."

Medical Self-Help Courses

Starting Thursday, August 15 and running through Thursday, September 19, Kaiser San Rafael, 99 Montecillo Road, will sponsor an Arthritis Self-Help program that will meet for two hours each week from 10 am to noon. Any adult with arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia or any related condition may sign up.

Participants acquire knowledge of how to manage pain, use medications, communicate with doctors, exercise and solve problems caused by their condition. In the last 12 years, more than 100,000 people world-wide have benefitted from this course.

* * *

On Wednesday, August 21 and September 18 Kaiser, in cooperation with the American Cancer Society, will offer a free Breast Self-Exam class from 6:30-9 pm. Participants will learn about breast health and the latest breast self-exam techniques. Private instruction will be included.

* * *

There will be a four-session stress-reduction program offered on Tuesday evenings, August 6-27 and again September 3-24, from 6:30-8:30 pm. There is a $25 fee for Kaiser members, $40 for non-members. Participants will learn about the effects of stress on their bodies and will practice powerful and practical techniques to successfully manage stress, chronic pain and other stress-related disorders. The program will be led by Jan Markle, M.A.

* * *

Call 444-2433 to enroll for any of these classes. Space is limited.

Partners In Nature

The Sonoma Land Trust and several Sonoma County businesses held a press conference on July 16 to kick off the new Partners in Nature program, in which conservation-minded businesses and the county's oldest and largest non-profit conservation organization are teaming up to preserve more open space.

The program is designed to help consumers who value Sonoma County's unique quality of life to identify and support local businesses sharing similar concerns. Conservation-oriented businesses will also support the open space preservation activities of the Sonoma Land Trust.

Founding member include: Kenwood Vineyards & Winery, Viansa Winery and Italian Marketplace, Dry Creek Vineyard, Buena Vista/RACKE USA, Hafner Vineyard, Kunde Estate Winery, Matanzas Creek Winery, DeLoach Vineyards, Copperfield's Books, The Barlow Company, Ely Hill Veterinary Supplies, and Michael Friedenberg of Creative Property Services.

Consumers can recognize the company's support for open space preservation in the county when they see the distinctive logo, designed by Healdsburg graphic designer Patti Buttita, on a product or business.

Slide Ranch Programs

Homestead Farm Days

Sunday, September 29, 10-2, $12. Bring a lunch.

Experience farm life for a day. A Slide Ranch teacher will guide your exploration of the ranch's farm and wilderness areas. Learn where food and clothing come from. Activities may include: Milking goats, making bread, collecting eggs and feeding chickens, carding and spinning sheep and rabbit wool, helping in the garden or hiking along a wildland trail. This program is most suitable for adults with children between the ages of 6 and 12.

A Time for Toddlers

Saturdays, September 21 and 28, 9:30-noon, $10. Bring picnic lunch.

These half-day programs are especially oriented to families with children under 6 years old. Children's senses will be awakened as they help milk a goat, feel the warmth of a freshly laid chicken egg, stroke the soft fur of an angora rabbit or plant seeds in a garden bed.

Fall Harvest Celebration

Sunday, October 6, 10-4, $20 or $15 in advance.

Come celebrate the Harvest Season! Make masks and recycled paper, paint your face like a pumpkin, create rain sticks and musical instruments, take a guided nature hike on an ocean trail, milk goats, collect hen eggs, make butter, knead your own piece of bread, learn how to make a worm box, spin a wool bracelet and much more.

* * *

Advance reservations are necessary for all programs. Call 381-6155.

National Amputee Meeting

The Amputee Coalition of America will hold its annual national meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, August 16-18, concurrent with the Paralympic Games. Researcher John Sabolich, an innovator in the development of high tech artificial limbs and patient-care techniques, will deliver the keynote address.

Other attractions will include running and golf clinics and health and education seminars, as well as updates on federal research and development of prosthetics. Over 40 manufacturers of prosthetic devices will be on hand to demonstrate and answer questions.

Call 1-800-355-8772 to register or for additional information.

Colin Powell Sweeps The Fair

Retired General Colin Powell was the top vote getter in the Marin Republican Party's Vice Presidential Poll at their booth at the Marin County Fair. The other candidates, in order of popularity, were: Jack Kemp, Newt Gingrich, Pat Buchanan, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Christine Todd Whitman, Steve Forbes, Alan Keyes, Peter Wilson, Tommy Thompson, William Bennett, Lamar Alexander.

Fairfax Library Garden Program

Organic gardener Wendy Johnson will give a talk entitled, "Gardening at the Core" at the Fairfax Library on Tuesday, August 6 at 7:30. Ms. Johnson has been practicing organic gardening and Zen meditation with her family and at Zen Center's Green Gulch Farm for over 20 years. A student of Alan Chadwick, she developed the gardening program at Green Gulch. Currently, John and noted vegetarian chef Annie Sommerville conduct all-day workshops at Green Gulch combining the expertise of each, progressing from the garden to the kitchen to the meditation hall.

The event is free. Call 453-8151.

Vets Betrayed, Says Republican Challenger

Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey (D-CA6), who claims to support Marin County veterans, voted in Washington to cut vets' health-care spending and raise the budget deficit.

"Like my fellow veterans," said Duane Hughes, Woolsey's Republican challenger in this fall's election, "I am disgusted to see this 'bait-and-switch' tactic. Lynn takes from the most deserving and needy aid recipientsthose who have rendered true national serviceto support another failed liberal pet program of hers and the Clintons. Then she compounds the damage by increasing the debt burden Washington is passing on to our children by hundreds of millions."

On June 26, Woolsey and the Democrats voted to slash $40 million in vets' health-care spending and add $327 million to the national debt in order to fund the AmeriCorp program, at a cost of $31,000 a year per volunteer.

In one case, a $1.2 million grant program coerced AmeriCorp volunteers, who were paid $15.65 a hour, plus health insurance and college stipends, to distribute political campaign flyers attacking a Denver City Council member seeking re-election.

COM Good Prep For 4-Year College

Offering an attractive alternative to paying the high cost of immediately entering a four-year institution, College of Marin stays above the state average each year in transferring its students to a public university.

It is not surprising that Marin residents, themselves a uniquely talented and creative community, enjoy the benefit of local academic excellence provided by one of the nation's most outstanding community colleges at a very affordable cost.,

For information on Fall registration, call Kentfield campus at 457-8811 ext. 7722 or Indian Valley at 883-2211 ext. 8822, or visit the Admissions office.

Floating Homes Open House

On Sunday, August 11, visitors will be treated to a rare glimpse inside the world-famous floating homes of Sausalito. Participants in the 12th Annual Floating Homes Showcase will be welcomed into at least 10 homes located on various docks between 11 am and 4 pm. Docents from the community, including the owners of many of the homes on the tour, will provide details on the individual homes and the floating homes lifestyle.

Included are such unique homes as the Japanese-designed Oyama Wildflower Barge, a turn-of-the-century tug redesigned as a whimsical pirate ship, and a Southern Pacific caboose which now rests on a ferro-cement hull.

Sponsor of the tour is the Floating Homes Association, a volunteer civic group which represents the interests of the residents of the 400+ homes in five floating home marinas in Richardson Bay.

Tours of 15 or more with advance reservations will be provided with guides. A two-mile walking tour starts at Kappas Marina on Gate 6 Road just off Bridgeway and includes complimentary light refreshments. Admission is $20 per person. Proceeds partially benefit the Sausalito Schools Foundation.

Individual tickets will be available on site the day of the Showcase or by advance reservation (highly recommended).

Call 332-1916.


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