The Coastal Post - July, 1996

How Crazy Are The Freemen?


It kind of goes in one ear and out the other. We're all too busy to pay much attention. But why don't you think about something for just a moment. Every child born in the United States of America now has a $16,000 debt on his or her head. The so-called "national debt" is, by the most conservative estimates, five trillion dollars and growing. Now it would be interesting if parents could pony up the sixteen large and buy their child's freedom. Hell, even the slaves in America's past could sometimes buy their own freedom. But it doesn't work that way now. It's a group debt. Supposedly, everybody owes until it all gets paid (see the 14th Amendment to the Constitution).

Another thing: Since when would you loan somebody five trillion dollars without any collateral? Do you really believe that the "national debt" is an unsecured loan? So what is the five tril secured against? Because it ain't never gonna get paid, and the international bankers know this. The repo man gonna come. More on this later.

Okay, so now you've got this group of whackos up in Montana with the gall to actually call themselves "Freeman." A free man is the opposite of a slave. A free man owns himself. A slave is owned by another. Now let's leave the issue of whether the Freemen are crooks, "white supremacists," "anti-Semites," check bouncers, and dangerous, judge-threatening criminals rest for just a moment. If Charlie Manson tell some that two plus two is four, is he wrong just because he a psycho splatter lunatic?

The Freemen are onto something very basic. Their delivery needs a bit of polish, but they are definitely on to something. At its root, the issue is one of what is called a "third party contract."

Now imagine that I go into a store and buy a two thousand dollar stereo. But I tell the clerk to bill my neighbor Betty. I go home to listen to my Barry Manilow collection and Betty gets a bill in the mail a couple of days later. And she says: "What the f---?!" And she calls the stereo store.

And the clerk tells her that I told him it was okay to bill her for the stereo set. Now the store manager can either come and get the stereo back from me and sue me for fraud, or he can take the loss, or he can sue Betty for the money. Which of these three options do you think the store manager is going to exercise? Let me tell you one thing. In a court of law, Betty isn't going to have to pay a cent. The store and I cannot obligate her (an unknowing third party) to a payment contract.

Now what's the difference between this and the government of the United States effectively billing your child $16,000 the day its little self pops into the world? Isn't there another Amendment to the Constitution that says that there shall be no "involuntary servitude"? Now, did that little child volunteer to the servitude that's gonna be required to pay off sixteen grand? (Actually it will be a lot more than that by the time the kid is old enough to flip a burger.) Hey! Is there a way out of this? Is there some way that parents can free their children so that they won't grow up as slaves? The Freemen claim that there is. Now they may be correct or incorrect in their technique, but you can't say that the Freeman don't recognize a fundamental injustice in the way things are now.

Now let's just suppose that the Freemen are right. Let's suppose that they prove themselves in court. Let's just suppose that they successfully substantiate their fundamental right to be free of the burden of third party contract. Then what? Do you realize what that will mean? It will mean that if some cowboy redneck can pull it off, you can pull it off! And if not for yourself, then for your children. And that means that millions and millions of Americans lawfully begin to refuse to pay into the debt fund that is going to the international money lenders.

And if that happens, the repo man gonna come to town. The repo man is gonna go to court and remind the government of the United States that the "public debt" can't be refuted. It says so in the Constitution that the government (not you) has sworn to obey. So the repo man takes all the land that the government owns. The word "public" really means government owned. So there goes the National (government) Park system. The World Bank gets Yosemite and Yellowstone and the Pt. Reyes National Seashore and they turn it over to the Disney Corporation to run at a profit. But it ain't enough, dude. It ain't coming to five tril.

So the repo man comes and takes your car. You think you paid for it in things called "dollars," but you actually paid for it with Federal Reserve Notes. Federal Reserve Notes are actually I.O.U.s that pass along with the material item like a lien. Your car is liened. Your house is liened. Your frigging toilet paper is liened. You think you own your toilet paper free and clear? Hah!

This all happened with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and was finalized and when the monetary system became entirely fiat (created out of thin air). There is no substance backing the green paper. FDR got rid of the gold backing. And silver backed currency went out in 1968. A silver dollar (one ounce of pure silver) and a dollar bill used to be interchangeable. A twenty dollar gold piece (one ounce of pure gold) and a twenty dollar bill used to be interchangeable.

Now you might be a senior citizen and you might live on a farm that you paid for with gold coins and you might think that you really own that land. But you paid your property taxes with federal reserve notes. Sorry, folks. Maybe they will let you keep your Lawrence Welk collection.

Okay, so this is just crazy chatter from a paranoid mind. But again, ask yourself: Why would anybody make an unsecured five trillion dollar loan? In closing, let's watch the Freemen trials very carefully. I have heard from "inside the movement" that a couple of these guys are very sharp. Pay attention.