The Coastal Post - July, 1996


One of mother's friends telephoned the news that two elected board members of Marin General made the November ballot for recall. We know Dr. Larry Bedard and Paul Lofholm as hospital management stooges. Politician Bedard's group has a sweetheart emergency room contract with the hospital. Fat chance he ever will look out for his constituents even if he wished to do so. Politician Lofholm rents space from the hospital and has a lucrative contract with MGH. He doesn't look out for his constituents either. Throw them out in November, mother's friend advises.

Marin General has problems with its older wing. It's not seismically safe and will have to be torn down eventually or upgraded to current seismic standards. Another reason to stay well. One of our writers suggested bringing your own caretaker if you ever need hospitalization. MGH is top heavy with hype, but shy of nurses. Most have been replaced by unlicensed personnel who work for much less.

It's no secret that since 1985 millions have been siphoned out of the hospital and never will be returned. Three persons on the elected board recently made it possible to siphon money to the Sutter organization. The three directors who have this folly to their credit are Dr. Larry Bedard, Valerie Bergmann and Suzanna Coxhead.