The Coastal Post - July, 1996

News And Notes Of Novato


Happy Fourth of July

Novato will be having the annual Fourth of July parade on Thursday, the 4th, starting at 10:00 a.m. Grant and Peichert Avenues (Old Town) is the beginning area; move west on Grant to the reviewing stand at Fifth, ending on Seventh St. (Long's-Lucky's Shopping Center). It has a theme of honoring Hamilton—"Hamilton Field: Then and Now" with Col. Lee A. Sarter (U.S. Air Force, Ret.) the Grand Marshall. He served as Hamilton Field's Commanding Office in the 1950s.

Over 140 entries will be in the parade. This will include floats, bands, fire engines, color guards, and the famous Nave Patrol. Al Mammimi, owner/operator of Mail Boxes, Etc. located at 936-B Seventh St., and a member of the Downtown Merchants Committee, invites all of Marin to join Novato in watching this great parade.

We have to say "Hats off" to Lin Hines, parade chair, who owns Marin Photo at 1419 Grant Avenue, for all the year's work he has put into this event. Thanks, Lin!

One point has to be made: A dozen vintage aircraft will fly over the parade. Wouldn't it have been great if the Hamilton Field airstrip would have been available for inspection of these planes as part of the day's events? The Novato Park and Recreation now operates the Hamilton Pool up at the old Officers Club. Bring your swimsuits, barbecue or picnic lunch and finish the day up there. The price is right: Adults $3, children $2, under five and seniors $1.

Come on up, Marin County! Happy Fourth of July and may it be safe.

School problems never end

As a retired school board member, I still hear from the public and I love it. Questions concerning policies and procedures are the main concern. The graduation at Novato High was marred by, of all people, the Principal Jerry Kenney. Andy Gibson, Student Body President, was among the 231 graduates, and he requested to be allowed to give a speech on graduation day. The students wanted him to speak. A petition was signed by the students to allow Andy to give his speech. "No way" was the principal's position. He is holding to an established practice at the school, which dictates that only the valedictorian and the senior class president speak at the graduation exercises. Notice the word "practice," not "policy"?

When I was called, I asked the person to request the principal bring the policy to the administration office and with the superintendent, settle the situation without involving the students and the public. To my knowledge, this was never accomplished. Why? No policy in writing, could be the answer, just a practice.

I called San Marin. We are a Unified District. Uncle Bill Stiveson, Vice Principal, stated the students submit their speech to a committee—five to six can be selected and they are heard at graduation! That makes sense, since it is the students' day prior to going out into the big world.

Principal Kenney was not happy with Andy giving his speech on a Bay Area radio station which released it two days during their programming time. Going to the press is not the solution.

Read Andy's accomplishments: Class President in his sophomore and junior year; earned awards as an outstanding student in the English Department and for his leadership, was a YMCA Youth in Government delegate in Sacramento. He was picked to represent California at the national conference in North Carolina this summer, and will go on to the campus of University of California this fall.

As the Principal of Novato High School, Jerry Kenney should have been proud to have such a student in the graduating class of '96—ask other principals of Marin County high schools how they would have handled this situation.

All I can say is, send your parcel tax for Novato School district to Mr. Jerry Kenney, Novato High School 625 Arthur St., Novato 94948. If he thinks he runs a public school his way, then let him pay the tax bill!

Good luck to Andy Gibson!

Sun country fruits, organic produce, fresh flowers

Located in the Nave Annex—south Novato Blvd. and Center Road which is 7553 C South Novato Blvd, Juan C. Montemos is the owner. Open every day. Look for his bright signs.


To Gloria and Ivan Hunt of Sausalito for their 52 wedding anniversary! Gloria says she feels like she is talking about her grandparents, not herself and Ivan.

To Jack and Betty Machado, 51 years of marriage on July 21. How could it be a whole year since the Golden Wedding party at Indian Valley Golf Course?

To Dr. Jack Watson, son of Barbara and Jack Watson who received a Doctor of Medicine degree from the medical college of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. He will serve a family medicine residency in the Merced Family Practice Program at the Merced Community Medical Center in Merced. Yes, there is a doctor in the house.

To our grandson, John Curtis Wilmott, upon graduating from Hill Junior High School. Yes, he is growing up, dear friends!

The Golden Girls of the Golden Arches

This group of ladies meet at McDonald's every morning for the great Senior Coffee offered by Manager Carla Gramaji and her crew. All wonderful people. Coffee refills are always available. So watch the table where the Grandma Patrol are on duty as the children go out the push-bar door to the play yard. Thanks, owner Michael McGruder. We love your place!

Train service for North Bay?

Let's hope we can all get on board soon when the whistle of the Northwestern Pacific passenger train lets us know they are making a run on the newly acquired 27 million dollar public acquisition of the historical rail line between Novato and Willits. Antonietta and Silvia Gregori were on hand to observe the train ceremony of drumming up interest on Friday, June 14. Antonietta remembered the good old days of electric trains used as commuters in Marin County. We can't wait two years, she says, and I agree.

The Northwestern Pacific's freshly painted locomotive, in famous black widow colors, pulled three restored passenger cars, starting at Black Point on Friday and went all the way to Willits by Saturday, a 300-mile run. The county newspaper gave the two-day North Coast Railroad schedule. Every town starting at Petaluma had a ribbon cutting ceremony, but not Novato! Former Supervisor Bob Roumiguiere was aboard. As Gail Wilhelm dubbed it, "the little train that goes nowhere." We have to promote it, now that it does go somewhere!

Tell Harry Moore, the Fifth District Supervisor, we the public would endorse a meeting with Allen Hemphill of the North Coast Rail Authority, Mary Jaeger, executive director of the North Bay Council, plus John Ellis, who is working on Marin County transportation problems, as soon as possible to have passenger rail service available this summer as a pilot project for future use. The train clubs with Michael Pechner formerly of Novato now residing in Cordellia could help coordinate a meeting. Let us ask if this is possible. Call Supervisor Harry Moore at the Civic Center, 499-7331. Tell him you read bout it in the Coastal Post.