The Coastal Post - July, 1996

Dance In Marin With Rosenthal & Company


Annie Rosenthal presented her second student dance production in the Marin Theater Company's Theater in Mill Valley the weekend of June 21-23. Sorry you missed it if you did- watch for it next year!

The performance was so powerful and entertaining that I wondered why I ever bother to go across the Bridge to the city or the other Bridge to Bizerky and spend lots of money to watch famous performers recycle the same old stuff.

I don't want to get carried away with the aesthetic joy of convenient

parking, but it significantly raises my comfort level when I can leave 20

minutes before curtain time and arrive early. And I can leave and carry

the wonderful emotions home with me .

The program consisted of ten pieces created and danced by Annie and

instructors and students at RoCo Dance & Fitness, her dance studio at Tam

Junction next to Bacci (the Italian Restaurant).

I suppose the best way to describe the dancing is Power-Modern and

hip-hop. The modern ranges from slow, flowing and sensuous, to sustained,

robust, athletic movements usually associated with macho male dancers.

The hip-hop was not your "flash-in-the-pan" explosion of energy, which is

usually over before it begins, but varied and paced, mature and (I hope I

am not misunderstood) theatrical. You get to see something that is fun to

watch ! Rauley Duenas and Jesse Santos choreographed these pieces .

The highest high point of the evening for me was The Living Room, the only

hold over from last year's performance. Four incredibly athletic women

dive, roll, somersault, flip and jump all over a stuffed couch. The

audience always laughs as it begins as the piece pulls you into its power

and manic complexity. It has to be seen to believed-you will never, ever,

sit on a couch the same way again.

Rebecca Young was the hero of this performance. On short notice she

replaced Samantha Beers who sprained her ankle. You would have thought she

had been doing the piece for the last year. Brook Bushnell, Annie and

Melinda Foster also assaulted the poor couch in the name of art. I never

felt sympathy for a stage prop before!

Melinda, presented her kids pre adolescent hip hop group. This was the

only performance for which the name "student" really applied. What they may

have lacked in precision, they made up for in high spirits, and the crowd,

including many moms and dads no doubt, loved it.

The Marin Theater Company's theater is a wonderful setting. There is not a

bad seat in the house. It is easy to get to, comfortable, and with this

kind of performance, why go over the bridge ?

We need more locals like RoCo performing for locals at local locals.

Jim Scanlon

Jim Scanlon

199 Canal St #8

San Rafael CA 94901


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