The Coastal Post - June, 1996

Vaccines Leading Cause Of Infant Deaths


A long line of squalling infants are being held in their parents' arms. Their anxious crying as they helplessly await their appointment with a human dressed in white, inflame to heart-rending yowls as they are punctured one by one with a toxic blend of killed and live virus particles in a base of formaldehyde, aluminum and mercury, injected into their bloodstream. A government experiment in teaching children that the world is a dangerous and painful place, or an essential effort in preventive medicine?

The official dogma is clear. Without universal vaccinations against diseases, our children will be victims of plagues. Building immunity against these viruses with vaccinations for them is the best way to prevent recurrences of these long eradicated illnesses. And yes, there are billions of dollars at stake with global vaccine sales expected to increase to $5 billion in the next five years.

Many studies of vaccination programs have cast doubt on their effectiveness, and the dangers of vaccination for infant health are well documented. Even the germ theory of disease, which vaccination programs are based on, has been shredded over the last few decades with new discoveries on how we maintain health. Yet federal and state governments continue to legislate against parents' rights to choose not to vaccinate or for non-"orthodox" health care.

As a doctor or a citizen we may feel that the health of the majority of our nation's children is more important than the known injuries and deaths from vaccinations, but as the parent of the child who is hurt or killed we might not be so casually altruistic. We might question the basic assumptions of western medicine which have not evolved greatly from the days of leeches and mercury tinctures.

Health care treatment is in an enormous upheaval and millennial medicine will be fundamentally different than the reductionist, fragmented, invasive practices our medical universities currently preach. the changes are already evident and will inevitably grow, yet they are little more than seedlings right now in a snail garden.

Forced vaccinations are based on the old-style, still-popular idea that we are helpless victims of viruses, vicious little aliens invading and attacking our software, destroying our health. This idea has long been known to be false by medical researchers because many viruses live calmly in all our bodies, unless our immune system is weakened. Even in epidemics of deadly diseases, most of the people exposed to the virus said to cause it show no symptoms of illness. It seems our internal "terrain," a vastly complex constellation of physical, environmental, psychological and spiritual factors determines whether we stay healthy or get sick.

Since our health is partially determined by our psychological attitudes and beliefs, including feeling that we have control in our lives, the psychological harm of subjecting infants to agonizing shots at two months, four months and six months old must be examined, along with the known physical damages from DPT shots, a combination diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus vaccine, which are given at those ages.

Serious reactions such as grand mal epilepsy and encephalopathy may occur in one out of 200 infants who are injected, while fevers, diarrhea, projectile vomiting, inconsolable crying, breathing problems and brain damage are more common. Children die at a rate eight times greater than average within three days of getting a DPT shot, and the peak incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) are at two and four months of age. The vaccines cause an increase in irregular breathing patterns, and an Australian researcher claimed that "DPT vaccination is the single most prevalent and most preventable cause of infant death."

Parents might want to read Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective? A Parent's Guide by Neil Z. Miller, a well-researched book on both the dangers of childhood vaccines and parents' rights which are being curtailed. Abstention from vaccinations for religious reasons are exempt from current laws, but not rational choice based on known risks.

Even before vaccinations for polio, diphtheria, measles, rubella, and tetanus were developed, the incidence and severity of these diseases had been declining. Although vaccines were given the credit for the dramatic decreases in these diseases, improved nutritional and sanitary conditions are also believed to be responsible. Viruses are only one feature in our interior terrain; vaccines can help our immune system recognize certain viruses and destroy them earlier, but epidemics of viral diseases rarely occur without other co-factors. The most devastating epidemics known occurred in the Americas with the arrival of Old World viruses, famines and conquering armies. Estimates vary from 50-90% of Native Americans died from new to their immune system viral diseases. Europeans believed God had done the killing work for them.

Vaccination was practiced in Chinese and Hindu medicine before Dr. Jenner used cowpox scraped from milkmaids to vaccinate against smallpox in 1796. Mass vaccination programs began to gain support after WWII, with each new vaccine hailed as the end of another disease. Killed or disabled viruses are used, so that in case of an infection by a real, live one, the immune system will recognize and quickly mobilize against it. This response is enhanced by vaccinations, but it is not guaranteed.

The Center for Disease Control admits that every case of polio in the '80s was caused by the live virus vaccine. Three out of five Americans who contracted polio overseas had been vaccinated against it.

None of the vaccines confer complete or lifelong immunity as the claims for vaccination went. In nearly harmless childhood diseases like measles, mumps, and rubella, vaccinations have contributed to an older onset when they are more likely to cause serious health problems.

Perhaps we would gain more insights into health if we studied those people who don't get sick, and don't develop symptoms when exposed to viruses, than by developing potentially dangerous vaccines and legislating their mandatory inoculation into our children. At the least we could use the Japanese approach and wait until children are two, when they can be told what to expect and after breastfed infants' natural immunity wanes.

Western medicine tortures our infants at birth and after, routinely mutilates male genitals, and jabs them with needles regularly when they are helpless, before they have any understanding that it's for their own good. Babies don't feel it like we do, they say, they're like frogs or rats.