The Coastal Post - June, 1996

A Word From The American Pistol And Rifle Association

Has the New World Order already been established while Americans slept? Is it already directing the Clinton Administration and much of the U.S. government? Have we already become an occupied nation?

Thousands of sightings of unmarked black helicopters have been documented across the nation. Whose are they? What does their presence mean?

Why are thousands of foreign troops being trained in the United States? Why are U.S. troops being sent to serve in a UN army under foreign commanders?

Why are thousands of Soviet trucks, tanks, chemical warfare vehicles, and armored personnel carriers being shipped into the U.S.?

Why are closed American military bases being converted to UN bases?

Why are numerous civilian detention centers being established?

Why do the media and certain government agencies try to create the idea that patriots, Christians, home schoolers, pro-life groups, petitioners for prayer in school, gun owners and Second Amendment organizations, constitutionalists and states right advocates, opponents of the New World Order, and similar groups are extremists, cultists, radicals and a threat to peace and security?

Is the outlawing of assault rifles and other significant weapons, and the intended disarming of the American people, a necessary step—so that Americans cannot oppose our merger into the New World Order?

Why is the U.S. military being trained for police enforcement and civilian control, in direct violation of the Constitution and U.S. law?

Why is illegal and unconstitutional search and seizure being made lawful by the Congress and the courts?

Why are local law enforcement personnel being federalized? Why are SWAT teams needed by the Post Office, Park Service, Forest Service, Fish and Game Commission, and nearly every state and federal agency? What is the Multi-Jurisdictional Task force? Is it to control and enslave the American people? Are these things real or only paranoid delusions of the Patriotic Right? Are Americans willing to consider the facts and accept the truth? Why, for 50 years, have all our presidents, whether Democrat or Republican, worked to strengthen the United Nations organization and numerous international agencies while weakening our national sovereignty and giving away our national resources?

What will the New World Order mean to citizens of the United States? Are Americans simply too stupid, lazy and preoccupied with nonsense to observe important events and recognize their ominous danger? Are the American people too brainwashed by the controlled media to even care? Will the uninformed and unconcerned care when they are done away with as part of the program Global 2000 [to reduce the world population from nearly 6 to 2 billion]? Do the liberals and the wimps realize that they will be liquidated just like the patriots, only more easily? When millions of Americans are taken away to be gassed or have a bullet put in the back of their heads, will they still believe that all of the information and warnings provided by constitutional, Christian, patriotic organizations such as American Pistol and Rifle Associations were only the imagination of those dedicated Americans who for decades had been fighting for the freedom and independence of the United States and the liberties of American people?

"And they did not understand until the flood came and swept them away." (Matthew 29:39)

Time is running out!