The Coastal Post - June, 1996

Get Real—Help Women


Stories about the California Gold Rush sounded very adventurous when I still lived back East. I came originally from Germany in 1963, running away from a country that had lost its honor. I couldn't quite take the humiliation that came back on the people after the War. I felt enthusiastic about life and certainly did not want to cry over spilled milk, over something I could not even understand because I was just a baby when it all went down.

I set out into the world very early to get a taste of a free life in another country where I couldn't feel the pain from a nation that put millions of people on the move. After I had lived in several European countries, I came to the U.S. via New York, Massachusetts and eventually California. I always knew California as going to be one of my last stops.

Not being cradled in the arms of a husband family or homeland, I adventurously underwent the task of raising two boys as a single mom, underestimating the rough U.S. climate as far as mothers are concerned. Today, it feels like alien immigrant women and women in general are being put into straight jackets all over again with the new abortion laws and no assistance, etc. How is a single woman going to survive, tell me? Are the days coming back when women give themselves spontaneous abortions with coat hangers and have to be rushed to a hospital? What about all the Mexican aliens who have to live a closet existence with their babies today because of the fear of getting reported? A gun in one arm and a baby in the other? What is her kid going to be like? How does she have any time or leisure to pull her kid away from the TV set so she can relate to him or her personally? We need more schools and time for our children, not jails and guards. The government is biting it's own tail.

Women are the stronghold of the earth, let's face it. We are connected to the moon by the nature of our womb. The system drains women of all their creative energies and make them fearful and weak with tough immigration laws and a medical system that likes to control our bodies and tell us what to take and how to do things. Most women are totally out of sync with their own biology, having depended on men doctors forever. How strange to have to confide your personal problems to a man and expect a solution from him.

I was glad to read in the Independent Journal the other day that we are making room for the illegal Mexicans and especially the children in school since Proposition 197 is still in court. It makes sense to treat the people who are already here in a welcoming manner and with respect. They all have a strong reason to be here, like me. Once you have created our own family in a new country and you have been here for awhile, you are one of the people. Californians are very open folks compared to the rest of the States, although I feel there is a lack of authenticity here. The princess consciousness that exists here doesn't allow people to really step outside of themselves and give a hand where it is needed. I suppose that's why many people move up north to Oregon, Colorado or New Mexico where folks are genuine and real.

I don't see why a woman has to be put under such tight scrutiny in our present-day society. If you are a single mom from a foreign country and especially alien, you can expect one of the worst receptions here, you may as well go back home and God only knows what awaits you back there. This country is vast and spacious, and to feel any kind of belonging to this land and earth takes an inner appreciation for everything that has remained sacred over the years, and a strong gut survival spirit.

Hug a redwood tree before you come out with a new tough law, especially when it's for women.