The Coastal Post - May, 1996

Kirby Ferris

Hey! What's Wrong With Nationalism

In the U.S.A. today it is appropriate to hope that your favorite football team is number one. No one gets a sideways glance for hoping their son's Little League team wins the championship. Don't most parents secretly hope that their daughter or son might become an Olympic medal winner, or graduate at the top of her or his class? And don't most workers like to work for the "number one" company? Aren't all of these desires a matter of pride?

So what is wrong with wanting America to be the strongest, wealthiest, and freest nation on the face of the Earth? It's a rather old fashioned concept, isn't it? But if we are to believe the socialist media brainwashers, such desires indicate that a "nationalist" is some sort of Neanderthal flag-waver standing in the way of a glowing New World Order, a One World Government, and an inevitable and good "global economy."

You are supposed to embrace the erasing of national borders and gleefully welcome "multi-culturalism." And if you don't feel comfortable with that, especially the effective erasure of our border with Mexico, then you are also labeled a racist.

The liberal (socialist) of today has been brain washed into welcoming "globalism." There are some rough spots, however. The trade unionists, whose movements grew out of Marxist strategy (a global revolution of workers), aren't playing ball with their outspoken stands against GATT and NAFTA and the impending downsizing of their union members' paychecks. It's a big push to "Buy American" if you're a union worker. That ain't globalism Comrade Clinton style.

Ironically, borders elsewhere are being re-drawn, not erased. The Soviet Union is no longer. I was taught in school that we'd never see the day the Berlin Wall would crumble. Yet nationalism is rampant in the once Soviet "republics." And, the last I heard, the EEC has a strange holdout in little Switzerland. What do the Swiss know that the others don't? Somehow a "United States of Europe" still seems a utopian daydream.

The social engineers lust for a single controllable unit, a Planetary Plantation, a Corporate Earth, wherein every indentured servant is numbered, computerized and conditioned. This is a coagulating force.

On the other hand there is the fractionalizing force, the tribal instinct buried deep in the human psyche. Many people reach a point where they realize the dangers inherent in centralized government, in joining with the larger. This awareness surfaces after they have been taxed, manipulated and coerced for "the greater good" until their own good, their own innate need for personal freedom, begins to suffer.

Personal freedom wasn't something invented by Thomas Jefferson and the other founders of America. It was something that was recognized. Man is not a hive creature. Our natural priorities are family, neighborhood, tribe (village), state, nation and world, and in that order. Only a lunatic would take the food off his own family's table and send it to another country to feed the poor over there. And yet, day in and day out we are being encouraged to "think globally" and allow our hard earned money to be taxed away and sent overseas while immense problems confront us right within our own national boundaries, or right out our own back doors.

Yet the socialist guilt peddlers always accuse the man or woman who thinks of his or her family first of lacking compassion. If one analyzes the logic one becomes more and more convinced that a serious case of upside down thinking is being foisted upon us. Healthy cynicism would lead one to the conclusion that the reality being projected by the globalists and their socialist media is actually 180 degrees off of one's own self interest.

Have you ever thought that if something is truly against your own self interest that it is likely also against the self interest of your neighbor? And that, in the end, is against the self interest of your nation? Think about this. We are not all that different in our needs. We don't need the "think globally" part of the bumper sticker saying. All we need is the "act locally" proviso and the rest will, if solutions are even possible, take care of itself.

America needs to quit telling other nations what to do and simply show other nations what can be done. This requires a rebirth of nationalistic pride, not a sublimation of that pride. We must realize that many people of the world can't immediately make the leap into a constitutional republican form of government. Charity begins at home. Keep your own doorstep clean. And maybe most appropriate, mind your own business. Could it be that sovereign nations are simply the larger version of the single family household? Like, please stay out of my yard?

The parasite class, the world bankers and fiat money creators, are simply attempting to get every last thing under their control. They play the money exchanges, diddle with interest rates, and foreclose on the true material wealth. At the point of a gun (tax collectors have guns) they take something from you and then, smiling beneficently, return a fraction of what they stole. And the majority of the sheep, the dumbed-down cattle, still don't see what is happening.

Globalism is a plan to erase the idea of Americanism, individual freedom, from the face of the Earth. America, even as wobbly as she is now, is the only place in the world where a resurrection of individual freedom can occur. This sovereign nation is the last bastion, and when each of us surrenders what we are in ourselves, loses sight of what we could be to ourselves, and joins the "Global Community," we will have sold the freedom of our children and grandchildren for a mess of pottage. America doesn't need the rest of the world. The rest of the world needs America.