The Coastal Post - May, 1996



Happy Mothers' Day

In the past, this was a family day for me. Invitations were given for a big dinner. The clan would gather to honor my late mother-in-law, Mamie Machado. It would be her day. The family doesn't have get togethers anymore. But I always love to hear about the ones who still carry on the traditions of family unity. Happy Mother's Day to each and every mother and grandmother. May your day be glorious!

New address for Jack Machado

A mandate from Dr. Martin Spitz of Yountville was carried out on April 12 that Jack Machado be discharged from the Veterans' Home. Despite his entrance January 9 under Durable Power of Health administered by his designated attorney, Barbara Dolan, when Jack was discharged from Kaiser with 10 stitches in his head due to a 2 a.m. fall, Dr. Spitz was thumbs down on allowing him to stay. His earned veteran's entitlement was not accepted.There was an appeal hearing on March 26 at Yountville. The VFW representative, Charles Moran, from the federal building in Oakland, Mort Tallen, Marin County service officer for veterans, Barbara Dolan, Mary Sackett and I, with a three-page petition from the Indian Valley Golf Course members, were all in support of Jack being able to stay. Against his staying in Yountville and testifying that day was our daughter-in-law, Angela Machado! Seems she feels Jack was abandoned by me, the wife of 50 years on January 9, and she related how concerned she was over him. Monica Rudden has been appointed by the Court to be the public defender representing Jack (over me) and she sat in on the March 26 meeting

Marin County Major Crimes Task Force

This group represents the county, cities and law enforcement agencies under the title Oversight Committee with nine members. Novato's contribution in the new fiscal year 1996-97 will be $77,186. Yet when a proposal from residents of Novato who sponsored Red Ribbon Week was made to the Committee last month to meet the educational section of the law, Supervisor Harry Moore did not go for their help. He even read the law out loud to those present. Then he proceeded to state why he won't sponsor their proposal. An educator not in favor of an educational program to prevent drug use our public schools? Look at the cost of a staff of nine for a committee of nine: $744,489. The former members did pay for the costs of a sexual harassment case in San Rafael. The Novato Police Department received funds to paint new police cars navy blue with red stripes (Pepsi wagons) at the recommendation of the new Police Chief Brain Brady. This columnist salutes the committee of Red Ribbon Week who did make the presentation as interested, involved public members. Education is the best tool for fighting drugs in our public schools. Please try again to educate the Oversight Committee of nine!

The Lighthouse Singers are coming to Novato

Carolyn Crabtree sent me the following press release: On Saturday evening, May 25, at 7:00 pm, the Lighthouse Singers will be appearing at St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church (967 Fifth St., one half block south of Grand Avenue in downtown Novato). Carolyn states: "For those who love gospel music, attending this concert is a must." See you there!

Resolution honor Lee Gerner

On March 27, the Marin County Parks and Open Space Cultural Commission honored Lee Gerner by Chair Diane Rubin reading and presenting a resolution of commendation to him. This represented 26 years of service to the Commission and the people of Marin County. Lee resigned from the Commission in February due to ill health. He accepted the resolution with gratitude and stated that he enjoyed serving on the Commission and will miss the many friends she has made there through the years. Director Fran Brigmann presented Mr. Gerner with a lifetime Marin County Parks Pass. He was also presented with a resolution from the Board of Supervisors commending Lee for his good work during the 1995 Marin County Fair. Good luck to you, Lee. We shall always think of you when we walk in the Lee Gerner Park in back of Longs and the Baker Square viewing from the dining room. Our very best to you and your lovely wife, Ruth.

Did you know...?

The Novato Advance no longer has Channel 23 piped into the editor's desk. Budget cut. Penny wise, pound foolish, applies to this action.

Skateboard Park update

Four sites were selected by the Parks and Recreation Commissioners at an informational meeting. The neighborhoods were not notified of the selection, but read about them in the newspapers. No formal report by staff concerning liability, funding sources from the City budget or time frame outline before the City Budget Workshops. Seems Commissioner Nancy Sangster likes staff's lack of information. She commended them for lack of performance that night.