The Coastal Post - April, 1996


Hello, Dear Hearts. Happy Easter. Although spring is official on March 20, one feels spring is here when we celebrate Easter.

MARCH ELECTION VS. JUNE: The excitement for the California primary election never seemed to materialize. The results of other states held promise of a primary "in the making" but in California we still had no real enthusiasm for the Presidential seat since the Republicans were always changing candidates while the Democrats remained steady with one person, the incumbent.

Locally, the election for the Novato Sanitary Board had a strange twist. A inspector for one precinct had a fit because she had to hand out "split ballots"—some voters county, some voters city; because "Betty Machado made it happen in this election." Yes, had I not placed my name on the ballot, the two incumbents would have been granted two more four year terms without the benefit of a vote.

SKATE BOARD PARK A HOT ISSUE: Three hundred and fifty young people showed up at the Novato Parks and Rec. meeting on March 14, skateboards and all, demanding they have a "place to go."

Larry Ditto, Park and Rec. Director, failed to have the meeting on Channel 23. A lot of the kids were unhappy since they told their parents to watch. "You will know when I'll be home after the meeting is over." So much for public relations since it wasn't televised.

The students were very well mannered; spoke with great emotion over being busted by the police for skateboarding in the shopping centers. One mother stated she babysits the skateboarders and the police still give out tickets. I wonder if the lady realizes her insurance could pay for accidents that might happen? At any rate, the kids know about the $4.5 million granted to Novato by the Hahn Shopping Center and they want part of that money for their recreational needs like three parks—beginner, intermediate and advanced skateboarding.

This columnist volunteered to sit on the committee to help organize. Remember when we couldn't build enough tennis courts? I'll give you more details on this issue as time goes by. Maybe we can all help cut the ribbons on three parks in one day—like the 4th of July. Following the parade there could be demonstrations by the skateboarders as part of the day's activities. You know, those kids are good at what they do. But, please, not at Lucky's or by the Old Great Western by McDonald's in the driveway off Grant.

BEST HIDDEN SECRET IN NOVATO: John and Jill's cheesecakes. Location? #4 Commercial Blvd., Suite 2. You really have to look to find them. If you go past Antonio's you have gone one driveway too far. Listen to some of the choices: Triple Chocolate (16 pre-cut portions) Pumpkin, Cranberry, one named "Turtle." Go see Marianne and enjoy Novato's New York Style Cheesecake. If you get lost call 382-1295.

MAIL BOXES ETC: 936-B Seventh St. This is the closest you are ever going to see a downtown post office in Novato. They are by the DMV. Wouldn't it be great if the owner of Long's/Lucky/Ross Shopping Center would build a building on the corner of 7th and Grant on the site where it now says "For Lease?' A flag, zip code numbers and an identity as a post office in Novato. Hope you read the column, Jerry Hoyt! Also, I do hope the owner, Al, agrees. Drop by and let him know your viewpoint on a downtown post office. South Novato would remain as Richard Nave has signed a long-term lease. We are entitled to additional post offices. Did you ever count the number in San Rafael besides the main one on D Street? I can show you four, but who is counting.

THE GENERAL PLAN IS FINISHED: After long council meetings the General Plan has gone up to Sacramento. Forty-three properties are still in "limbo"—changes in zoning will be forthcoming and I suspect so will the lawsuits. The Novato Historical Society didn't take a real stand for a new museum despite the $250,000 left by Carolyn De Borba to the Parks and Rec. Dept. to create a new building. Pioneer Park would be a natural for the new museum. Land is owned by the city. Utilities are in, community facilities are in and it could be located by Pioneer Cemetery. Just move the playground equipment. By removing the John Kassenbrock sailboat, rock pile, water—no longer running—makes this a real hazard especially for the young children climbing around on rough rocks. By placing the playground equipment over by the tennis courts, you would have better drainage than exists in the present sand pile. Water stood and became stagnant after the rain of recent weeks and no child could go on the equipment even though the sun made it a wonderful day.

Think about it. Tell the Park and Recreation Commission to work with the Novato Historical Guild to put the new museum in Pioneer Park. John Trumbull is the president and George Amoroli is the vice president of the Novato Historical Society. Get that plan moving and do the De Borba Family proud on their donation to the cause. Cause if it 'don't get spent soon, the money will go somewhere and everyone will say, "We should have done something with the De Borba funds."

COLLEGE BOARD MEETING OF APRIL 9: The board will decide the agreement for the recreational use and lights at Indian Valley College. Robert Lang has reams of paper being filed in opposition. This would be a great joint meeting between the city council and the college board and could be on Channel 23 for all the community to watch the action taking place. Carol Dillion-Knutson and Pat Eklund are the council liaison people. Barbara Dolan of the college board mentioned it to these council members with no response. Who's idea will it be before it becomes reality? Time will tell.

NEW IN NOVATO: Hospice of Marin has opened Hodgepodge II—a thrift and gift shop at 910 Grant Ave. Telephone 893-9036. Congratulations.

ANGEL IS AN IMPORTANT NAME FOR SHOPS: We have Angel's Frame Shop on Grant, Angel's Attic Thrift Shop in back of St. Francis Church on Fifth St., and we have a new place that just opened on Industrial Way behind Pini's called Angel's Haircuts. Take your pick of Angels in Novato.

CONGRADULATIONS TO: John and Edna Rocha formerly of Sausalito, now of Mill Valley, on their 50th Wedding Anniversary. We are all celebrating this event in the next few years. Where did the years go? That's thirty for this month, Dear Hearts.