The Coastal Post - April, 1996

" 'Gun Control' Kills Kids"

"America's Aggressive Civil Rights Organization," Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO) has once again turned up the volume in the "gun control" debate. These are the folks who brought you the billboard with Adolph Hitler giving the Nazi salute. The written message on the billboard simply said: ALL IN FAVOR OF "GUN CONTROL" RAISE YOUR RIGHT HAND.

The reason JPFO designed this graphic message was their documented discovery that the American "Gun Control Act of 1968" had been derived from the Nazi German gun law of 1938. The late Senator Thomas Dodd, a leading proponent of the 1968 legislation, had the Nazi law translated into English by the Library of Congress. Some four months later the American version became the law of our land. The similarity in the language and structure of the American federal "gun control" legislation with the Nazi version (especially considering Dodd's intense participation) is beyond coincidence. JPFO documents the entire discovery in their first book, " 'Gun Control'—Gateway to Tyranny."

JPFO's second book hit just as hard, and with even more unassailable documentation. It is entitled "Lethal Laws—'Gun Control' is the Key to Genocide." The "gun control" laws of Ottoman Turkey, Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Red China, Guatemala, Uganda, and Cambodia are presented in their original language form with English translation. JPFO's researchers show how corrupt governments were then free to murder 56 million of their own unarmed citizens. I was able to personally hand Senator Dianne Feinstein a copy of this JPFO book. I wonder if she even cares, considering her continuing advocacy of "gun control." (I have chosen to follow JPFO's lead in placing the phrase "gun control" in quotes because what the term really means in a historical context is gun confiscation.)

Now JPFO has another publication. It is a comic book that is intended to educate children to the lie that "gun control" is good for them. The comic book is entitled: " 'Gun Control' Kills Kids." In the comic book, a friendly senior citizen named "Grandpa Jack" (a combat veteran of WW II) tells his grandchildren how they have been lied to by advocates of "gun control," especially those in the media. Apparently, the parents of the kids receiving the comic book are being aroused by the message. Sales of the other two JPFO books are burgeoning as thinking adults finally decide to see for themselves if JPFO's claims are founded on historical fact.

I decided to call Aaron Zelman, JPFO's founder and Executive Director, and ask him about the response to " 'Gun Control' Kills Kids." He told be that JPFO is shipping more than one thousand copies a day to locations all across the United States and Canada. "The response is gratifying," says Zelman. "Children are passing the comic book around to each other at school. Parents are getting their hands on copies and learning new information. The support has been 99 percent positive."

I couldn't quite believe that, considering the strident emotionalism of the "gun control" advocates. I asked Zelman if he'd had any negative response at all from the organized opposition. "Not a peep," he answered. "There is a deafening silence from Handgun Control Inc. and the major media. They can't deny the evidence. So they have to remain silent. For them to deny the evidence would mean they would have to deny the Holocaust as well as all the other genocides of the twentieth century. The message of our comic book is simply this: 'Gun control' has killed millions upon millions of innocent children and their parents in this century. When parents are disarmed there is no one to stand in the children's defense when a government goes bad and becomes the agent of mass murder. And 'gun control' advocates prove that they are not interested in saving human life by their consistent efforts to disarm people."

JPFO's comic book does not advocate a casual attitude towards firearms in the presence of children. Gun safety instruction is vital. Guns are potentially dangerous tools, like many others found in American households. Guns are a self defense tool.

The first of the "Grandpa Jack" comic books has been so successful (nearing 50,000 in circulation) that the second in the series is now being written. I can predict it will cause an uproar. Some day the Charles Schumers, Sarah Bradys, Diane Feinsteins and Barbara Boxers will have to answer JPFO. Zelman calls these people "the real Nazi sympathizers." Considering that they advocate the identical policy of Adolph Hitler, is Zelman far from wrong?

Recently a madman murdered 16 children and a teacher in Dunblane, Scotland. It is this kind of insanity, more than any other type of crime, that fuels the screams for more "gun control." Regarding the Dunblane horror, JPFO pointed out in a press release that British "gun control" had created such a false sense of security that not a single adult had any kind of implement, even mace, available to protect the children. The British policies had disarmed the law-abiding adults that might have protected those children.

I would challenge all of you well meaning, but misguided "gun control" advocates to make yourselves aware of the educational material Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership publishes. Contact JPFO at: 2872 S. Wentworth Ave., Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53207. (414) 769-0760.


A phrase was missing from the seventh paragraph in Kirby Ferris' column of last month. It should read: "Abortion is a very troubling moral and philosophical issue. I find it far easier to come to definitive moral stands regarding the income tax (it is thievery), "gun control" (it invites government tyranny and genocide), censorship (it invites government mind control, and fiat paper currency (it invites inflation and eventual financial collapse). I find it logical and moral to oppose the institution of these policies in our society."