The Coastal Post - April, 1996


Well, Phyllis Pfeiffer, I am giving you gratuitous advice again: (Phyllis is the CEO of the Independent Journal)

Credit for this idea belongs to my mother, who hatched it when playing bridge with the "girls." Mom thinks you should go tabloid. You could have an intellectual paper such as the Los Angeles Times. But that would be too unlike Gannett. So tabloid it is, by proclamation of the four girls.

Phyllis, you have the talent. Mom says Paul Peterzell would be the perfect editor. Blandness and dreariness would be out. Peterzell could be asked to do a daily hatchet job. For example, what he does to Elderhearth, the San Rafael care facility for dementia.

Phyllis you could even hire an investigative reporter or two. Find out for all of us which politician is bedded down with whom. You might even send a reporter to Marin General to find out what's happening there. Lots of stories with work redesign, I'm told, waiting to be reported. Go for it!

Mom says she'd be so proud if an IJ tabloid daily were placed with the National Enquirer in the Safeway magazine rack at checkout. Phyllis, appealing, isn't it?