The Coastal Post - April, 1996

Moo Town News

Meadow Muffin Liberals


Surely you've heard these self-appointed, highly-committed liberal elitist tell their supposed neighbor in the community the way it's going to be.

There is nothing wrong with a difference of opinion and a strong passionate debate over issues, but the not-so-liberal liberal doesn't see it that way. Instead of discussing the issues at stake, they personally intimidate and attack the person.

For instance, the Varlow property on the East Shore of Tomales Bay and whether the 90-acre plus property should have a 6,000 sq. ft. home and a restrictive easement placed on it by the county.

Some of the opponents against the Varlow home resorted to demeaning Mr. Varlow himself. Making judgment calls on the issue via the cut of his clothes or printing disparaging remarks in their mean-spirited letters to the editor in the Pt. Reyes Light. One literary genius even wrote that if he got his home, the community will revile him.

Instead of promoting what they consider to be their side of the issue in a positive manner, the Meadow Muffin liberals resort to below-the-belt character assassination. I sometimes wonder if they do this for lack of a real case with substantial merit.

The elitist liberals even have gone so far as to state that if you don't think like them, you don't belong in our community. Only a real fascist-liberal would come up with these kind of statements.

My point in this article is not pro or con the issue; it's the absolute scourging that the people like Varlow and Gerry Coles have to endure from their own community on a personal level. When you're attacked on this shoddy level and you try to defend yourself, you're rebuked even more, slammed to the pavement and spit on (literally), while the righteous open-minded "liberal" pats himself or herself on the back for a job well done.

The environmental zealots have been up to their over-extreme irrational ploys again trying to save us from death warmed over.

Mary Ann of R&R; Pest control came out to West Marin on Tuesday, the 19th of March, to help curtail a problematic infestation of ants and rodents caused by the tearing up of Main Street in Pt. Reyes Station.

The charming little critters, whose homes were in an upheaval, were on the prowl to find a new home and targeting our buildings for safe haven.

Whilst Mary Ann was putting out the bait to abate the onslaught of insects and rodents alike, a lady of the underbrush accosted her, accusing her of spraying weeds and no matter what Mary Ann said of not spraying weeds, the indignant lady did not want to hear and lit off with verbal abuse and threats of, "I'm going to report you to the company," and then sped off in a dilapidated pea green junker that was causing a real pollution problem. Have you ever noticed the hypocrisy of the environmental zealots in their full array of ambiguity and denial?

They will attack and beat to the ground some person over a minor infraction or what they perceive to be as defiling Mother Earth and then they themselves drive the most air-polluting, gasoline-fuming, noise-emitting junk heaps in town.

Leroy Martinelli once told me that one of the most vocal pollution-fighting zealots once hid some lead-based paint in the bottom on his pickup truck, camouflaged over by other assorted junk and dumped it in his landfill.

I once gave permission to an environmentally-conscientious lady that it was alright to dump some of her over-abundant garbage in my dipsy dumpster by the Old Western Saloon. It just so happened at the time that my bartender checked it out and lo and behold, the little Miss Non-Polluter had dropped three acid-mucking batteries on me. I called, she came and took her acid-bearing batteries off into the sunset.

The best one is the time my son Thor and I were over-looking the bay from atop the Borello Ranch hills with binoculars when he spied a pillar of the illustrious environmental community taking a most relieving leak into the pristine waters of the Great Tomales. Wonder what he'd say to the oyster growers at the next anti-pollution pow-wow!

P. S. Well, I guess the lesson is: Let he who is without sin sling the first meadow-muffin, and let's attack issues, not people!