The Coastal Post - February, 1996

News And Notes Of Novato


Hello, Dear Hearts

Happy Valentine's Day! How could it be February already? There is a lot of action taking place in Novato:

Pat Eklund's conflict of interest—

Councilwoman Eklund called me to say she had not spoken at the Novato Park and Rec meeting of November 20 on the subject of purchasing the surplus firehouse below her home. She is against the purchase as are her neighbors since having a community use of the firehouse, which would include a teen center, would devalue the price of their homes. Pat acted as the president of the Hillside Park East Homeowner's Association plus being a City Councilperson. She did write a letter to the Park and Rec to have it on the November 20 agenda. She stated the opposition of the Homeowners Association thus "setting the position" with staff and the Commission. Paul Mamalakis filed a compliant with the Fair Political Practices Commission on January 3. She resigned as President of the Homeowner's Association two days later. The Team Building Workshop held with the council department heads and the city manager had to be interrupted twice when Tanya Schevitz of the IJ was writing the story. First she called out Mayor Gray—then Pat Eklund, to which, Pat returned and wanted to know which councilperson had worked against her with the public member. Councilperson Carole Dillion "fessed up'" that she was the one! Yes, great meeting subject for Team Building Workshop. As the editorial in the IJ stated: "Conflict of interest? A classic." Only in Novato.

Downtown post office—

For years, I have pursued a downtown customer post office, but it's no avail. Now we have an alternative: Mail Boxes, Inc., located at 936-8 Seventh St. (next to the DMV) with a great owner, Al Mammini. Family-owned business. Gwen, a good helper, will assist you with all their services. Stop by this new addition to the downtown area. To check before going, call 899-1686. Personally, I can say: Welcome, Al, and may you be there a long, long time.

Angels' attic—

Here is another great addition to the downtown area. Located at 967 Fifth St.—that's behind St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal church—the building is open Wednesday, through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Hillary Roundtree and Jennifer Ghee are the store managers. Welcome. Do drop by and see this thrift shop. They accept donations; drop them off during the above store hours.

Mabel and Hugh Turner—

Mabel's birthday brought all the family together. So, Mabel Croughman became Mrs. Hugh Turner. Ex-mayor and ex-school board member are now joined together. Wonder if this is called "joint power agreement" or MOU (memorandum or understanding) in governmental jargon.

Congratulations to Jeannie and John Schuonover—

Karin and her husband had twin daughters on December 28. What a present to the above grandparents.

Sonoma State University courses at IVC—

Attorney Assistance program will offer a course on Legal Research from February 1 through May 16. A second course is Estate Planning, from January 30 through April 2. Call Marjorie Wilkinson at (415) 383-7229 or call Sonoma State at (707) 664-2394. Good going, College of Marin Board.

LAFCo meeting—

Subject: Buck Center for Research in Aging. This is a reconsideration or amend the LAFCo resolution No. 96-02 dated January 4, 1996. The meeting will be at 7:30 p.m. San Rafael City Hall, 1400 Fifth Avenue, San Rafael on Thursday, February 8, 1996. All interested persons shall be heard by the Commission at the above noted hearing.

Purchase of the Young Bros. building for recreation—

The City Council is negotiating to purchase this site as a Community Center. The building has no value—it will be torn down—did the Parks and Recreation hold a public hearing on this item? No! Seems Larry Ditto, Park and Rec Director decided this would be the location to spend the money from Vintage Oaks in lieu fees to build a new facility for the community. Tell me, how do we make up for the lost property taxes, sales taxes from a commercial site in the name of... recreation? Maybe Larry Ditto will decide to sell the O'Haire Ranch at Sutro to the horse group, take the money and negotiate purchasing the Pinhero ranch downtown on Redwood Blvd. That would make sense, instead of purchasing the Young property without the support of the community. Time will tell.