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Volume 21, No 12, Dec. 1, 1996

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  1. CIA: Security Gone Amok BY STEPHEN SIMAC
  2. Not So Surprising Nuke-Earthquake News BY KAREN NAKAMURA
  3. Ozone And Climate-Something Else To Worry About BY JIM SCANLON
  4. Monday Night Football Outpolls Presidential Election BY STEPHEN SIMAC
  5. Election Retrospective BY JOAN REUTINGER
  6. Filegate Revealed After Hospital District Election BY GEORGIA SEARS
  7. Imported Seafood Could Be Dangerous BY JOSH CHURCHMAN
  8. Toxic Trash Traffickers Thwarted BY JIM SCANLON
  9. Working Conditions In Marin BY KAREN NAKAMURA
  10. Corporate Democracy BY FRANK SCOTT
  11. EDWARD W. MILLER "For the poor shall never cease out of the land:
  12. Police On Gun Rights And Gun Law BY LT. COL. FIELDING GREAVES, USA, Retired
  13. Buck Center Still Searching For Funds First
  14. The Marin General Hospital Election BY NORMAN CARRIGG, M.D.
  15. Millie Dissler Millie Dissler died last Tuesday at the age of 88.
  16. PR Dec 96
  17. Against The Current BY GUY W. MEYER
  18. Memorandum: Hospital Budget Cuts Effective November 1
  19. The Fully Informed Jury BY KIRBY FERRIS
  20. Letters To The Editor Dec 96
  21. News And Notes Of Novato BY BETTY MACHADO
  22. PIETRO PRATL Recovered from the election?
  23. The Bo. Tea Party BY SILVER

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