The Coastal Post - December, 1996


Recovered from the election? Our Marin General spies tell us that Dr. Larry Bedard is still ranting and raving about his recall from the Marin General board. Politician Bedard described himself as a "dedicated public servant" in an ad in which he told anyone gullible enough to believe him: "My opponents want to turn MGH into a publicly-run, tax-supported hospital." Larry, baby, we never heard about that from your opponents. Prop 13 makes it impossible to do that to MGH, even if your opponents wished to do so.

"Integrity Mary" Carpou surfaced to be treasurer for the unsuccessful Linda Tavaszi campaign for MGH director. Nice to know that Mary's still alive. How come the moniker "Integrity Mary"? She claimed integrity in IJ ads when running for the hospital board years ago. So the moniker was a neat fit. We miss some of the folks of the past. We wonder what "Honest Peter" Eisenberg is doing outside politics these days. Tell us, Pete!

The good news is that the elected MGH board, like the private board, will meet once a month. So the public, when there are problems, has a venue. The outgoing board met quarterly and as a group was disinterested.

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