The Coastal Post - December, 1996

Millie Dissler

Millie Dissler died last Tuesday at the age of 88. She lived in a cottage behind Smiley's Schooner Saloon, having moved to the comparative safety of Bolinas after the storms of 1983 washed out many of the houses on her street.

Burr Heneman, who used to live across from Millie on Ribera in Stinson Beach, said she loved to walk on the sand and would say, "Everything you would ever need is found on the beach." She collected shells and driftwood.

Millie assisted her brother, Dr. Karl Dissler, at his office in Stinson Beach years ago, but they had a falling out and he returned to Switzerland.

Millie was one of the first people in the area to have a compost toilet, which she was very proud of. I once interviewed her about the toilet, and I remember her friendliness when she welcomed me into her home.

Her aide, Kate Sanders, told me that Millie looked after her mother for 20 years and never complained, although her mother was bedridden for over 12 years. "She was the kindest and friendliest person I ever met," Kate said.

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