The Coastal Post - November, 1996

Can We Be Of One Mind On The Bolinas Lagoon?


Remember the Bolinas Lagoon? It is still there and the question of what to do about it filling in is a problem we will be talking about for a long time. My biggest concern, aside from it taking too long, is the fear that we as a community will argue about some of the little details, not be able to agree, and in the end kill the restoration project.

It is a tradition for Bolinas to disagree with just about anything, and this is just as it should be. But in this particular effort, to save the lagoon from certain death, I hope we can set aside our differences and all be of one mind. Because if we cannot, and there is dissension in the ranks, the people with the money will surely walk away. And if they do abandon this project, it will be virtually impossible to start another one.

Through the efforts of some Seadrift residents who formed the Save the Bolinas Lagoon committee, there has been significant progress in getting monies set aside for the studies and implementation. Naturally, any normal Bolinas resident already doesn't like the idea; we have all been suspicious of Seadrift forever.

But think about this project aside from other things for a second,: Would anyone in Bolinas have actually gone to Washington and lobbied for the millions it will take to remove vast amounts of mud from the lagoon?

I have been attending most of the meetings revolving around this lagoon project and there is no way it will happen without all of us working together. The various agencies involved do not all work together; as a matter of fact, they work against one another, making progress very difficult. The agencies are all governmental, therefore they should represent our interests. Dream on-most of them are only worried about keeping their jobs. The longer it takes and the more studies and meetings there are, the better they like it. One must remember that they all get paid tax dollars to study and discuss. Five more years for the next study, no problem. No problem and no more water in the lagoon.

We as a community have to do what the agencies can't seem to do, and that is to all be of one mind and finish a project that is long overdue. No bickering, no long-winded debates, just keep the picture of a lagoon full of water, with birds and seals and fish, alive and well. I hope it can happen.

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