The Coastal Post - November, 1996

News And Notes Of Novato

Hello, Dear Hearts

Happy Thanksgiving! Time to assemble with family. Renew family traditions. Enjoy!

Be sure to vote on November 5

To all relatives and friends of middle and southern Marin: vote for Linda Remy and Sylvia Siegel for the Marin General Hospital Board. Linda has a lawsuit against the Sutter merger in January 1996 with Marin General Hospital. Novato is now part of the Marin General Hospital, but we do not vote on representation. We have a Board for Novato Community Hospital, but the members are appointed, not elected! A task force of selected people decided that Marin General Hospital would be the birth center of Marin County. Yet Sutter, through the memorandum of understanding (MOU) agreement, promised to have a birth center in the new hospital. The Novato City council hasn't signed the final MOU with Sutter. There is still time to create a new plan.

Novato Hospital District

The Novato Community Hospital was created through the donation of seven acres on Hill Road by Dr. Ralph Weiseman. The Seventh Day Adventist doctors formed a non-profit group to build and equip what we know today as the Novato Community Hospital. No taxing agency was ever voted on to have a hospital district. The time has come to explore an alternative to dump Sutter and return the hospital back to the Novato community. We could have the boundaries of the North Marin Water District and the Novato Hospital District be the same. That means we would have West Marin be part of our hospital district to help build and maintain a new hospital on the present Hill Road site. West Marin can get to Novato a lot easier than to Marin General.

Kaiser could be the hospital for Novato, when we build on the present site, through a joint powers agreement (JPA) for the time it takes to construct and equip the new Novato Community Hospital. Kaiser should join with Novato for the new birthing center instead of sending the women up to Santa Rosa. It is as bad to go south to Marin General as to go north to Kaiser in Santa Rosa. Every transportation study tries to keep services and work sites locally to stop using Hwy. 101 until we discuss health: then we hear, go south or north to the hospitals! Doesn't make sense.

Novato pays taxes for paramedics to the Novato Fire District. Now is the time to address creating a hospital district, tax ourselves, vote on a hospital board to represent us, build a new hospital on Hill Road, since the doctors offices, skilled nursing home, the Canyon Manor facility and the housing for the employees are within walking distance of each medical facility. The density of the apartments on Hill and Diablo were increased for the medical employees.

Tell the City Council members bye-bye to Sutter. We will. do it ourselves!

Renaissance Faire at Black Point

This is the last year for the Faire. The Sunset magazine has acclaimed it as a place to go. What would happen if the Marin County School Board requested staff to explore purchasing the site, sell the Walker Ranch in West Marin, pay off the developer for his rights and retain the Renaissance Faire as a resource site for the nine Bay area school districts to help support and maintain, to aid teachers and students in understanding the Renaissance period of our history. To lose such a wonderful site with the built-in buildings and now the wetlands addition would be a tragedy. Houses and a golf course could go anywhere, but the Renaissance History Center can never be duplicated as we know it at Black Point! If you like the idea, tell Mary Jane Burke, Superintendent, County of Marin Schools Office.

Survey for Birthing Center results

On Friday, October 25, the opening of the surveys will be done at the Simmons House (City Hall) conference room at 11:00 a.m. Supervisor Harry Moore's office will send representation. Mayor Ernie Gray and Mayor Pro-tem Pat Ecklund will be in attendance with J.J. Jackson, editor of the Novato Advance. The tally will go to the Novato City Council at their next meeting.

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