The Coastal Post - November, 1996

Elitist Hypocrisy

There's a war being waged in Pt. Reyes Nation whether the Invernessians should be allowed a 750 sq. ft. second unit, or upwards of 1,500 sq. ft.

Now mind you, some of these anointed environmentalists don't want even one single family unit across Tomales Bay from them, because it might interfere with their viewshed.

When the devastation of the October 3rd fire of 1995 on the Inverness Ridge had finally turned to reconstruction of the homes on the charred hillsides, we on the east shore of Tomales Bay didn't protest the new construction even though the homes are in our viewshed now (even more than ever before because of the deforesting of the hills).

Along with their original home plus a second unit, an average lot (one acre) in Inverness would cost $100,000 to $150,000 depending on the location, while our ranchland on the opposite side of the bay was devalued in 1972 from A-2 (one house per two acres) to A-60 (one house per 60 acres). The rancher suffered a loss 30 times below what he was originally worth, and never a penny in compensation for it (excluding the ranches in the Pt. Reyes National Park).

Now, the ranchers on the eastern shore of Tomales Bay do a slow burn as their illustrious Inverness neighbors squabble over what size their second units should be and their property values escalate.

The old school of thought is if you can't find a willing seller to give you what you want or lust after, you devise a scheme in which your end justifies the means, and you steal it by rezoning, confiscation or condemnation of the coveted land.

History repeats itself in the fact that the same pseudo-environmentalist who feels the American Indian and possibly the Mexicans in California were totally shafted out of their lands by the gringos, are the same gringos who would shaft the ranchers out of their land today. Their sanctimonious role as saviours of the environment gives them the God-given right to literally steal the ranchers' land, while sporting a superior attitude.

Many of us in West Marin sincerely care about our beautiful place in time, and we realize that the rancher has been the primary steward of this land, not the negative, meddling, arrogant, over-zealous environmentalists pumped up with their own self-importance.

Now these same zealots are pushing the candidates for supervisor into a dog fight of which one of them is going to prove to be the most extreme environmentalist in West Marin. It's gotten beyond mean-spirited; it's downright disgusting.

What a lot of us in West Marin needs is a supervisor who can balance all the needs of the community, even those of that dirty, nasty word: developer.

Many of the heavy environmentalists themselves are developers, although they don't like that perception. Many of them will develop second units on their land, and many of them live in homes that were built by Jack Stockstill, or Dave Adams (the Inverness developers of not too long ago). But I guess it's ok for them to live in a developed tract, but God forbid somebody else from doing so.

As for the closing of the Martinelli Landfill, I feel the zealots who brought up the idea of a transfer station over four years ago should allow the Martinelli family the right to do so. If any pollution is being emitted from that dump, it's from all of us. For years we've used the Martinelli land to dump our garbage and I know for a fact a few anointed environmentalists who dumped lead-based paint and batteries there while under the influence of divine enlightenment.

The Martinelli family after years of serving our community with a place to discard our disdainful crapola certainly deserve the right to locate a transfer station on their property. What happened at that dump is the responsibility of all of us including the ones who want it closed immediately without any consideration for the Martinelli family.

Positive community spirit at its best-right folks! Covet and steal your neighbor's property by downgrading it and give a swift kick in the ass to a family who's been handling our shit for years!

P.S. Thank you, Pat Latimer for your letter about Eureka Valley, remembered in September's Coastal Post. I've tried to call you but your phone is unlisted. Could you please call me or drop by the Old Western Saloon? I would love to talk to somebody from the Valley!

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