The Coastal Post - November, 1996

Letters Nov 96

Peters Has To Go

In an article by Greg Risling in the September 4-10 issue of the San Rafael/Terra Linda News Pointer Dr. Tom Peters, Marin County's Health and Human Services Director, claims that his department will do "exactly nothing" to implement Governor Wilson's executive order denying illegal immigrants state benefits, including non-emergency medical services. And Dr. Peters is quoted further in the article saying: "Wilson has the authority, but how will it translate down after people challenge it?"

What is this, civil disobedience inside the government?

Citizen Peters has every right to protest Gov. Wilson's executive order or any law that he feels goes against his left-liberal beliefs, but H. & H. S. Director Peters has the obligation to implement them. Be they good or bad, as a public servant, Dr. Peters has the sworn duty to enforce the laws of the state of California, not to take advantage of his position to oppose them!

But Dr. Peters is not alone in his adolescent rebellion and irresponsible behavior. In Los Angeles, for example, one left-wing liberal judge, Marianna Peltzer, has blocked the implementation of Prop 187 because she finds it offensive to her left-wing political beliefs, even though two-thirds of the California electorate voted for Prop 187 in the 1994 elections. And, in the Bronx, one of the borough's D.A.s recently made the news when he refused to seek the death penalty for a cop killer, as required by the laws of New York state.

This insubordination by public officials has to end! American taxpayers have every right to demand that government officials run their agencies by the Rule of Law, and in accordance with the wishes of the voters, and not to abuse their bureaucratic powers to promote pet causes, or indulge in social activism at our expense.

In any job the penalty for insubordination is dismissal, and Dr. Peters should implement Gov. Wilson's executive order fully, resign or be fired.


San Rafael

Diverse Viewpoints

Yes, I agree the Coastal Post is a valuable paper for Marin and deserves our support. Your articles and even letters to the editor provide points of view mostly missing from other publications.

Especially good was the letter "Facing Facts in the Mid-East," on Miller's article in your paper, which I regret having missed.

So now I renew my subscription for one year.



Double Dip, Please

Henry J. Buhrmann, who runs Marin General , must believe that he can fool all the people all the time. Display ads in the IJ and Pacific Sun tell the gullible "every dime we make goes back into providing the highest quality health care. We're private, we're non-profit, and we're proud of it."

The truth is that MGH is part of the Sutter chain. That's where the money goes-not back into MGH. Buhrman gets $1,000 day from MGH! How much does Sutter pay him? Is Hank another one of those double dippers?


San Rafael

Vote For Consumer-Friendly Hospital Board

In a letter signed by Paul Lofholm, but written in the style of the hospital publicist Lofholm, a former Marin General Hospital director, he had some kind words about himself and some unkind words about us. His lengthy September epistle deserves considerable refutation.

Lofholm said that we seek to overturn the 30-year lease between the hospital district and the lessees. We believe that anyone who reads the lopsided lease would wish to rescind it. The lease which runs to 2015 gives the lessees the right to siphon patient revenues out of MGH. No return is required. Millions of dollars of patient revenue are gone forever, dollars which could have been used for patient care.

We do not seek to examine or interfere in the day-to-day operation of MGH. Lofholm is wrong about that. We would like accountability, which we have not had since the 1985 privatization of MGH. Where has all the money gone?

We would like to rescind staff reductions. Lofholm has that right. The ratio of nurses to patients is dangerously low. Lesser qualified caretakers mean lesser care of hospital patients. That's reality!

Lofholm said, "legally the (elected) district board can only oversee the lease between the hospital and the district." The elected board has more responsibility than that. For example, if the privatized hospital wishes to borrow money using the revenue bond route, permission from the elected board is mandatory. Just before the 1992 election, for example, it took no more than the votes of three directors (Valerie Bergmann, Phyllis Miller, JoHanna Willman), to put MGH $53 million in bonded debt. Should there be a default, who is responsible? Then it becomes a problem for the district resident!

The people of Marin County, except those in Novato, own MGH.They lost hospital control in '85. While we cannot get it back now, we feel the most urgent need is an elected board that serves its constituents, not the hospital administration.

We believe that Dr. Diana Parnell has been an excellent director and the only consumer advocate on the current board. She should be re-elected. Two other outstanding candidates are running this November. We urge Marin voters to vote, also, for Linda Remy and Sylvia Siegel.




San Rafael


San Rafael



Cognex The Dots

Here is a contribution to your paper. What inspired me was the August article, "Stupidity at its best for the gene pool." I can't remember when I last laughed that hard.

I heard on the radio that the government is going to eliminate funding for Alzheimer's disease. What will the Buck Center do now? People might be interested to know drug companies are spending millions of dollars on research for drugs to treat Alzheimer's. Guess what? Parker Davis now has one. It is called "Cognex." The Buck Center in Novato is going to turn into a big waste of money.



LeMieux's Bogus By-Laws

What work had dotty LeMieux done with the Bolinas community Land Trust (BCLT), and what achievements had she made "to contribute environmentally to the well-being of Bolinas" (during her 10 years involvement with the Board of the organization, often reigning as President)?

This was a question asked by Margot Doss at the Giacomini-LeMieux debate in Bolinas, 1992. own actual experience with this issue was the time Ms. LeMieux marched into the membership meeting* held by the BCLT Membership on June 7, 1992 in Bolinas. We had assembled to exercise our BCLT Membership vote on an agenda solicited from BCLT members. Our BCLT By-Laws told us we could do this...a certain way, spelled out carefully, and a large group of us BCLT Members had decided we needed to do so. Our Board was not being responsive to our direction, and we wanted to call a vote on some Organizational issues.

In marched Dotty LeMieux herself (with a few of her fellow Board Members and their significant others). Dotty personally handed me, and handed the other assembled BCLT Members, two pages of "The Other By-Laws," a phony set of By-Laws. She told us that we BCLT Members "must disperse" (and not vote on anything). She assured us that "The Board" would bring up these issues at their board meeting.

It turned out that the State, who regulates Non-Profit Corporations, had no record of her phony by-laws. They made it clear that this was a "highly illegal situation."

There followed two years of "disruptive" in-fighting, between the Board vs the Membership over which version of the By-Laws was real... Meanwhile, according to the California Attorney General's registry of Charitable Trust's office, the Board, under the direction of Ms. LeMieux, "illegally took away the voting right of the Members of this Non-Profit Membership Corporation"...with $$$ and time and energy being spent on the next inappropriate housing attempt.

This is what, in my personal experience, Dotty LeMieux has done to Bolinas, and to Affordable Housing in Bolinas, through her involvement with the Bolinas Community Land Trust, Inc.

Four years ago the County of Marin voters rejected Dotty as Supervisor of the 4th District. It is time to reject Doty LeMieux again.

Please, voters, use your precious vote to insure an alternative to this dishonest person's treatment of Bolinas folks and their Community Plan vision.



In Response To "Death"

The fear of life

is with us all.

Thinking of what might be,

then realizing what is.

Accepting the realities,

but, existing with a dream.

Searching for our peace of mind

only to become more confused.

The confusion

It's all around us,

in our hearts,

and in our souls.

In the lost and empty faces

of our young and of our old.

Yet, still we go on searching

for what? We may never know.



Calmness, Clarity And Compassion

Steven Kinsey is all the above and more! I have known Steve for 15 years. Each and every time I bump into him I go away feeling uplifted.

The quality he possesses which will be the greatest asset for the Board of Supervisors is his extraordinary listening abilities.

Two friends of both mine and of Steve's had been feuding over a fence for a year, not talking to each other. When Steve got wind of it, he offered to mediate. He took many hours out of his busy schedule during this campaign to listen to the two of them. He wrote up a comprehensive letter of what he felt the situation was. That broke the ice. Good relations have finally been restored for the whole neighborhood. Thank you Steve. And this he did gratis.

If Steve becomes Supervisor, all of Marin will see benefits beyond our best hopes.


Forest Knolls

Radical Cut In Homeless Article

I was delighted to see that you had printed my article, "The Relentless Countdown Toward Homelessness," all 2,000 words of it-intact in your September issue, changing only the title. (I like your title better; mine was only "Countdown.") That change and one freak word accidentally inserted were your only editing.

Then came the October issue. I concede my second article, "Welfare's Cycle of Defeat," at a ghastly 5,000 words (more suitable for a book) was likely too long to be printed or read in full by most newspaper readers. I wasn't surprised to see it cut; but to a mere 800 words! I was dismayed, to say the least. You took away so much as to eradicate its flow, its fact, and its content. Many of my ideas are lost in your "editing," leaving pieces of thought which, alone, become counterproductive to my aim of influencing the public to see a new perspective. As printed it says little or nothing which is cohesive or compelling. I am embarrassed to show it to my acquaintances; and it degrades the quality of your normally excellent paper.

Please! In future, get a better article-editor, or give me notice and a couple of weeks to cut it myself.


San Rafael

Prop 218

In a recent statewide poll, 71% of the California voters said they wanted the right to vote on new local taxes, assessments and fees.

And this is precisely what Proposition 218 will provide-the right to vote on new local taxes, assessments and fees.

More than a million California voters signed a petition to put Proposition 218 on the November ballot. This out- pouring of support is in response to the explosive growth of local taxes in California. Since passage of Proposition 13 in 1978, local taxes in California cities have soared 976%-many imposed without consent of local voters.

Despite the heated and hysterical rhetoric against Proposition 218 from those who want to continue imposing taxes without voter consent, the initiative simply:

Requires approval by a simple majority of local voters (50% plus one) for all new general taxes imposed locally. Currently, some cities can impose new general taxes without a vote of the people.

Requires approval by property owners for all new assessments imposed on their property. It does not require two-thirds approval, just approval by a simple majority of voters.

Does not, as critics charge, give unfair voting strength to corporations, developers and foreign landowners. Under current California law, corporations, developers and foreign landowners already have a proportional vote on assessments based on the size of their property. This is a specious argument against Proposition 218 meant to inflame and mislead voters.

Requires two-thirds voter approval for the imposition of new local service fees, and requires that the fees not be more than the cost of the service provided. Currently, fees are imposed without voter or property owner approval and often far exceed the actual cost of the service.

Makes uniform the process required to impose new local taxes, fees and assessments in California. Currently, local taxes are governed by a "crazy quilt" of conflicting laws and court rulings resulting in voting rights for some local voters, and no voting rights for others. Proposition 218 solves this problem.

The bottom line: Proposition 218 gives local voters the right to vote on new local taxes and local property owners the right to vote on new local fees and assessments. In addition, it brings new fairness to the local taxing process by making the rules the same for all California taxpayers, no matter where they live.

Proposition 218 is sponsored by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, Paul Gann's Citizens Committee and the Alliance of California Taxpayers and Involved Voters.

In addition, Proposition 218 is endorsed by the California Taxpayers Association, the California Chamber of Commerce, the National Tax Limitation Committee, local tax reform groups and 36 members of the California Legislature.

I urge you to join me and millions of California taxpayers in supporting Proposition 218-the Right to Vote on Taxes initiative.

To learn more about how Proposition 218 protects California taxpayers, call (213) 384-9656.



Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee

Nature's Way

Re: Attack Of Harbor Seals by Josh Churchman

I have read Josh's article, and want to make sure I understand his opinion. Is it that by humanely keeping the seal population to a minimum, the steelhead and salmon could then return to the lagoon and grow in population, and that this process would help the lagoon or the "fishing"?

Don't you believe that by interfering with nature in this manner that we, the humans, throw off the balance? Get rid of the sharks and who will keep the seal population in check? I say let's work on fixing the lagoon so nature can take its own course. I do understand fishermen's need to fish, but let's do it on nature's terms, for we are in their world when in the water, right?


Stinson Beach

Writing On The Wall

On May 21 I and my girlfriend killed Kay Garfield on Bolinas-Fairfax Road. Kay had poisoned three of us at the time of her death and I believed myself dying as I took her life. Twice earlier on that date Sheb also attempted to run my girlfriend over with her car (and myself). My girlfriend's dad is the former police chief of San Clemente and supposedly still has connections through Nixon's cronies. My girlfriend is in a photo on Nixon's lap as a young girl.

I passed a Department of Justice administered polygraph test and they found Kay's body right where I said they would. They have also independently corroborated much of what I've told them.

Jealousy was the cause of it all.

Since August, I have tried to have them do tests on my girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, and myself to determine what poison was used. The court (Judge Boren), the DA, and the defense attorneys and all law enforcement involved have refused. I've been told that since no charges have been filed that I have no legal right to put together beneficial evidence. Only the DA can gather evidence now. And suppress it under color of law.

My girlfriend's brother is Sgt. Dave Anderson of LA County Sheriffs Department, Lakewood visions. Her roommate when I met her on May 3 was a homicide investigator named Ross Moen of LAPD of sheriffs. On May 25 a deputy (LA sheriffs) helped move some of Kay Garfield's belonging to Bel Air. His name is Keith Slack. Kay had been dead for four days.

What I did may be self-defense. The entire story needs to be told. What they are doing is not a question. It's called a cover-up. The Independent Journal was to interview me. Authorities scared them off. They will also lie to you if your paper inquires. My witnesses will polygraph and allow you to publish the results. Who do you want to believe? I have 55 cents on my account. I can't afford OJ's lawyers to actually bring the truth out in this case. Can't afford to buy real justice.

They don't have to file, nor do they have to arrest the other party. You know...protect the public. The writing is already on the wall as to what sort of fair trail they have in mind for me.

If possible I'd like a subscription donated. I'll be here for at least a year.


Show The Map For Developers To Public

It has come to our attention that county staff have put together a map showing 155 vacant properties in Marin County with the same zoning designations as the Grady and Big Rock ranches (RMP and ARP). By precedent, if the Lucasfilm proposal to expand its facilities in Lucas Valley is approved, these 155 properties will be subject to the same kind of large-scale commercial and industrial development which is being proposed by Lucasfilm. We understand that the RMP properties are concentrated in Strawberry, Tiburon, Tam Valley, Kentfield, Sleepy Hollow and Marin City, and that the ARP properties are concentrated in Nicasio, San Geronimo, and Black Point. Reed Kathrein, who had asked you for a copy of this map earlier, indicated that you or someone on your staff characterized this map as a "Road Map for Developers" and, for this reason, it was not being circulated to the public.

It is extremely important that the citizens of Marin County have the opportunity to study this map so that we might fully understand the potential impact of this project on these parcels and on the Countywide Plan. We hereby request that a copy of this map be provided to us within one week of the date of this letter, along with a printed list of these parcels showing their zoning designation and size. We certainly hope you have shared this map with your fellow supervisors who are presumably reviewing the Lucasfilm proposal at the present time.

To expedite matters, we are willing to come to the Civic Center to pick up these materials. If you do not wish to replicate the map, please notify us at once. We would be willing to come to the Civic Center to photograph it.

As soon as possible, we would also like a complete list of the 3,500 other parcels with similar zoning designations throughout the county that are currently developed for residential use, but could potentially be purchased by a developer and converted for commercial use if the Lucasfilm project is approved.

We hope that by now you have had the opportunity to view the video tapes of our two community forums on the Lucasfilm proposal. Forum I covers the myriad inconsistencies between the EIR's for the 1992 and the 1994 Lucasfilm proposals, which are presented by Reed Kathrein. Forum II is a critical analysis of the Lucasfilm proposal including its relationship to Skywalker and the Marin Countywide Plan, presented by Marge Macris (former Marin County Planning Director) and Don Dickenson (former Marin County planner). We were sorry that neither you or any of your county staff were able to take part in these discussions.



Lucas Valley Homeowners Association

Bad Policy

It is my understanding that many (70%) of the staff at Ross Hospital are not receiving benefits, even though they frequently work 40-hour work weeks. Isn't this setting a bad example for other corporations?

* * *


There is Unity in opposites






Because of this unity

There are no real boundaries

In Revelations

It says

I am the Alpha and the Omega

The Beginning and the End

Or Life and Death

Are one and the same

Within Death is Life

And Within Life is Death

Therefore, Life and death are both Eternal.



Contempt For Democracy

Steve Kinsey's apparent contempt for the democratic process is a major reason why I cannot support him for Marin County Supervisor. Last spring, just a few months after the referendum on the Buck Center proposed facility at Mt. Burdell, I asked him in a public meeting what he would do, if elected, should the Buck Center's proposed facility at Mt. Burdell come back to the Board of Supervisors. He merely replied that the matter was not a land use issue and that he was trying to bring both sides together to work out a compromise. Not a word about the referendum. Not a word about the democratic process. Steve was conducting negotiations in spite of the fact that the citizens of Marin County had voted against the Buck Center's project (in West Marin the vote against the Buck project was over 70%!). As one who risked his life for democratic government in World War II (or I thought that was the issue), I am angered by what I see as the steady erosion of and contempt for democratic government at all levels, including, no less, the local Marin level. And Steve Kinsey is part of that contempt.




ty. Even the silence surrounding Affirmative Action from state agencies prior to voting has to make you wo#~