The Coastal Post - November, 1996

Predictions Of The Future

Prognostications generally spout around the New Year. But since elected officials play such a role in our futures, I decided to make some social, economic and political predictions right about election time. The secret to making such predictions is to not pinpoint a date of eventuality. That way, when such things happen, one appears smart. If one lays down a certain deadline, and the deadline passes, the erroneous date causes the event to be tossed out like a baby with the bath water. So here it goes.

1. The invasion of our country by illegal aliens will result in a backlash and the institution of a National Identity Card. Of course, this card will have every detail of your life stored on a magnetic strip. Is this bad or good? You decide. But if you don't like the idea, you had better support much, much stricter border control.

2. The Social Security system will go belly up. Two things make this inevitable. First, the funds were stolen long ago and absorbed into the federal revenue pool. Second, the baby boomer "age wave" will create a huge burden on younger workers to support retired folks. Inflation-the devaluation of the purchasing power of each dollar-simply accelerates the day of reckoning. If you don't like this looming situation, you must insist that Social Security be privatized, or in the very least, the funds must be made completely inaccessible to government spending in other areas.

3. A global Great Depression is inevitable. When the so-called "National Debt" of the U.S. is declared unpayable, the rest of the world will stagger. The U.S. dollar will be devalued, new currency will be printed, and a deadline for spending or exchanging the old green stuff will be vigorously enforced. This happened with Soviet rubles. It will happen here. The only way to prevent this is to get the United States back on a gold and silver based monetary system. The dollar will be defined by a specific weight in gold or silver. Bogus, out-of-thin-air, fiat currency-printing press money-will have run its course, as it has four or five times in mankind's recorded history.

4. Vast tracts of "federal" land will be surrendered to the international bankers to satisfy the "National Debt." This nation's wealth, in the form of water, mineral, and agricultural resources, will be part of a global repossession. After all, why would anyone make an unsecured loan of five trillion dollars ? There has to be some hidden agreement on what the collateral is to be.

5. Racism will reach critical mass. Watch for street warfare, first between Hispanic and Black gangs in the inner cities. This will spread into the White and Asian sections of our cities as the available items of plunder are absorbed. The next L.A. riot will engulf Beverly Hills. Then the soldiers and cops will shoot to kill, and this will propel the conflict into distinct armed turmoil. Fueling this is the crushing poverty and the insanity created by cocaine and amphetamine based psychoactive chemicals. In short, lunatic, crazed drug addicts with guns and nothing to lose.

6. Door-to-door confiscation of all firearms, beginning in the tumultuous inner cities. Because confiscation depends on gun registration (which is in place), the preponderance of weapons collected will be those of the basically law-abiding folk who registered their guns. Street gangs and criminals are packing untraceable guns. Attempts to expand the gun confiscation into rural areas will be met by fierce, guerilla-style resistance.

7. State's rights secession movements will sprout up across the nation. The states will eventually refuse to be taxed to pay for the immense cost of the turmoil in the more populated, predominantly urban states. Wyoming, Montana, Nevada, Arizona, Alaska and Hawaii will lead the way. The federal government will actively move to squelch these movements. Armed confrontation will polarize the sides even more.

8. "Lone gunmen" will commit atrocities with firearms to fuel the hysterical demands for more "gun control." The movie The Manchurian Candidate is absolutely credible. All one needs do is access the psychological studies on hypnotism and brainwashing that are mentioned on the soundtrack of the movie. You didn't learn about these studies in Psych 101. Certain kinds of people can be hypnotized to commit horrible criminal acts. Post-hypnotic amnesia is part of this phenomenon. The vile acts of "lone gunmen" in the past have done more to fuel the "gun control" movement than the crime rate.

9. Terrorist bombings will increase. Every bombing increases the power of the federal government. Whether the government is behind a specific bombing or not, the result is the expansion of the power of national secret police bureaucracies. Oklahoma City was the best thing that could happen for the ATF and the FBI. Parts of the so-called "Anti-terrorist Bill" urinate upon the Constitution.

Okay, enough of the dark stuff. Here's some optimism:

1. Bio-mass fuel from the cultivation of hemp will provide cleaner fuel for our transportation and heating needs.

2. The Internet will become a potent tool for individual, not government-sponsored, learning. Tyranny hates open communication.

3. Increasing levels of carbon dioxide will stimulate plant growth on the planet. This is already being verified and monitored.

4. Bright children of all races will get the special attention they need to become the leaders, inventors, artists and philosophers of the future.

5. Recent discoveries about the effect of iron particles on plankton will open the oceans to renewable harvesting of its resources.

6. Advance in gerontology will allow us to live much longer, thoughtful, and productive lives. We will become more wise.

7. The Aliens will make contact and tell us to solve our own problems.

8. The world will not end. It will just change, as it always has. "Earth Abides."

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