The Coastal Post - October, 1996


Creating Terrorists

In Januar,y Washington issues its "terrorist list." This year seven countries the U.S. intends to punish are: Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan and Syria. Such listing and the political and economic repercussions which follow may well sentence the peoples of these countries to a lower standard of living. Their children may not eat as well, some may starve, their medical care may well suffer, housing and the necessities of living may come less easily. Above all, they will learn to hate us. How the list is generated is often puzzling but one notes the countries are all smaller than the U.S. and easy military targets. In each case their leader has failed to roll over and play Washington's game. Usually, there exists in the U.S. some group or groups, racial, economic or political, with strong ties to Washington which gains from such actions and will both initiate and coach these political and economic repressions. The instigator often manages (with the help of our docile media) to keep a low profile so our government's action may seem a considered "U.S. policy." One primary victim of this game of hate is Iraq, and here a campaign of unusually severe and unrelenting repression clearly exposes Washington's modus operandi.

Following WWII and the severe drubbing we gave both Germany and Japan, the U.S. reached out with billions to rebuild their countries. Not so Iraq. Despite Saddam's total military defeat and an unconscionable devastation of his people and infrastructure (Noam Chomsky describes our selection bombing of potable water and sewage facilities as "biological warfare"), in the five years since "Desert Storm" we have shown no kindness toward Iraq's impoverished populace and starving children. On the contrary, we pursue this hellish embargo despite repeated criticism in the UN, and rebuke from the International Red Cross, the Red Crescent, Amnesty International, and humanitarians such as ex-Attorney General Ramsey Clark. Over 700,000 Iraqi babies and children have either starved to death or died of preventable childhood diseases. Millions of other youngsters will never achieve the mental or physical stature nature intended, their lives forever blighted by this U.S. genocide.

Though Saddam, albeit often reluctantly, has complied with each and every demand, foolish or otherwise, of the UN Security Council, our government continually pressures the UN to move the goalposts, discovering new sins of either omission or commission to justify its inhuman oppression. The length to which the U.S. and our media will go to distort this picture is amazing. Almost weekly we hear Saddam must be somewhere hiding "weapons of mass destruction," or has denied the UN team access to another government building. In the Security Council our aging Zionist Madeleine Albright callously explains why the starvation of the innocents must continue. We had almost run out of excuses for our genocide when Saddam moved some of his forces north from Baghdad to intervene briefly in a dispute between two Kurdish factions both supported by arms and cash from our CIA.

Clinton was in seventh heaven; not only could he demonstrate his power as Commander-in-Chief and give his re-election a boost, but he could also please the Zionist lobby, the real instigator of Washington's campaign against Saddam and his people.

The fallout from our President's 44 missiles has been interesting. Of those nations which had joined our Gulf War effort, only Great Britain (which also has a strong Zionist lobby), lent support. The remainder of our friends, despite a pitiful door-to-door pleading by Defense Secretary Perry, either offered no support or openly criticized our savage response. Even Kuwait, whose Al Saba family Bush rescued, forced our embarrassed president to cool his heels for two days before permitting some 3,000 troops to bivouac there. The Al Sabas are still bitter over the 1994 invasion scare, when our CIA, mistaking Saddam's summer maneuvers for an invasion threat, panicked the oil emirates and then billed them for our unnecessary military airlift. Some of those accounts are still unpaid.

As for the Iraqi Kurds, Americans have witnessed another CIA blunder. During the Gulf War, having armed both Barsoni's men and the Talibans by promising an independent Kurdistan if they would betray Saddam, with the War over, our CIA not only abandoned them, but using threats of Saddam's revenge, stampeded them into the mountains where thousands perished from the cold. The CIA never learns. This time, having bribed and organized hundreds of Kurds from Iran to steal across the border into Iraq and join Talibanis' militia, those mercenaries with other Talibanis, just defeated by Barzoni with Saddam's help, are being airlifted from Iraq. Eventually they will be settled at taxpayer's expense in the U.S. The first 792 are already on their way.

In another on-going attempt to weaken Saddam's control, our Northern and Southern "overflight zones" (not legalized by the UN) add to the destitution of both Iraqis and Kurds. Instead of protecting the latter, our military actually allow the Turkish army with ground troops and helicopter gunships to massacre Turkish Kurds who escape into Iraq from their own government's genocide. Our "safe haven" is a "turkey shoot."

Our media doesn't want us to remember that even prior to the Gulf War Saddam treated his Kurdish population better than any Mideast ruler. Three autonomous Kurdish districts were presented in Saddam's cabinet wherein kids attended schools in their own language. Saddam's vice president was a Kurd. This continuing demonization of Saddam and the genocide of his people, slowly but surely exposes to the Muslim world the ugly face of American colonialism. Losing our precious civil rights to fight "terrorism" while we create enemies around the world is political insanity at its worst.