The Coastal Post - October, 1996

Stunning Scene On Site At The Shakespeare At The Beach


It's a bower of flowers now. It used to be an unsightly lot, and people in Stinson Beach, who used to complain about both the noise and the traffic, are now coming 'round and playing bowls on the green lawn.

"Jeff has done a wonderful job. He's worked hard in the garden and in keeping down the noise," said the owner of the lot and the whole post office complex, George Haskill." You would never recognize the entire lot."

The garden is dominated by huge cosmos from white (which is very rare) to pink to dark red. But other flowers are also blooming in colors from the rich, dark blue of lilies of the Nile to the white of wisteria and daisies, to the pink of stock. And all around the outer wall, there is cylmatus. And the dark green of the lawn in front of the stage only highlights the colors of the flowers.

So what people once thought of as a nightmare has now turned into a beautiful dream, and this season is beginning to pay off (maybe because of all those flowers). For the first time ever, this season the enterprise has made a very small profit.