The Coastal Post - January, 1996

And Now, More Nuke Testing Results


Hey! Did you see the "Deep Space Nine" segment where Dr. Bashir is in the holodeck playing James Bond and the bad guy is using underground nuclear blasts to set off earthquakes? Are we hip or what?

The French tested again at the dilapidated Mururoa Atoll on November 21, 1995. If you've been watching the test/earthquake connection since May, you are now probably seeing for yourself the pattern to tests and subsequent quakes, volcanic action and weather changes.

Interesting. When I called the National Earthquake Center, a staff member said someone (I didn't ask who) had been around to show that, statistically, there's no connection between nuclear underground testing and earthquakes. Is that right?

But it's the clustering, not the long-term averages, that are important. Remember what Dr. Gary Whiteford says: "...the geographical patterns in the data, with a clustering of earthquakes in specific regions matched to specific test dates and sites, do not support the easy and comforting explanation of 'pure coincidence'."

French nuclear underground test at Mururoa Atoll:

21:30:58 UTC, Nov. 21, 5.0 ground zero

04:15:11 UTC, Nov. 22, 7.1 Gulf of Akba, Israel

06:18:54 UTC, Nov. 23, 6.4 New Zealand

17:24:12 UTC, Nov. 24, Kuril Islands, Japan

21:49:31 UTC, Nov. 24, 5.6 Alustian Islands, Alaska

03:04:04 UTC, Nov. 26, 5.8 Santa Cruz Islands near the Solomon and New Herbrides Islands

15:52:59 UTC, Nov. 27, 6.0 Kuril Islands, Japan

Want an up-to-date UTC list of tests and quakes? Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to me: P.O. Box 864, Fairfax 94978.