The Coastal Post - January, 1996

An Open Letter To All Successful Women


Congratulations! You achieved material success in a dog-eat-dog world filled with sharks and vultures. (Gaia, please excuse me using your beloved animals to describe disgusting human behavior.)

When I first heard the words "women's liberation" I was attracted by the idea of more freedom. I was in a woman's college that acknowledged the beauty of a woman's mind, and I loved the idea that thanks to women's liberation I might have a better shot at liberating my creativity in a co-ed world.

Then I discovered that the agenda for the first part of the program was the freedom to make money. Oh, that. "Equal pay for equal prostitution," grumbled a poet friend, and we all stayed starving artists together while you became successful in the marketplace.

Now that you are successful, I want your attention again. It is time for Planetary Liberation: equal pay for equal service.

I look around at the world that has produced successful women and what I see is a decadent world out there full of debt, inorganic trash, pollution, sickness, despair, resource ripoff and an international monetary system run by upscale gangsters who are sacrificing the poor, the weak and the young to their self-aggrandizing lifestyles. In no way does the commercial system support the laws of love and charity.

Interesting, huh? It is just the way it is. Left alone, the materialist system is destroying our beautiful and perfect Earth and our children along with it.

I am, of all things, a good old Sixties idealist and I am still willing to give my all to fight to save this planet and its misbegotten inhabitants. I think we are capable of pulling off a miracle, and I believe women are going to do it.

I don't believe that money alone is the source of all evil, but I believe that we are very naive about money and what its power is. Money measures scarcity. Its value is based on its scarcity. If everyone who is praying for money got money, it would cease to be valuable. If money grew on trees it would not be money.

What is valuable is what is scarce: the great virtues of humankind. I am interested in doing business in virtues. The greatest human virtue is creativity. We are fashioned in the likeness of God, it says in the Bible, so we are creatures of creation.

We just had a fire run through out community—45 houses burned—and the story was as always: people saw what they really valued. Their loved ones, their pets, the works of their life and objects of personal sentiment with no market value. Fire purifies: it's a truth meter.

I am involved with artists, philosophers, teachers, healers, shamanic guides, performers, visionaries and children. We are uniting to course-correct this planet. We have less than 20 years to create a universal paradigm shift. We are basing our movement on changing the calendar. Pure and simple.

Our intention is to restore natural time, to resynchronize the human being with the forces of nature which benevolently evolve us toward more love, harmony and beauty, and restore ecological balance.

Women are hearing the call first because the calendar has been held in the body of woman since the beginning of time. All the women's ailments in modern times from PMS to breast cancer are connected to the disconnection of women to natural time.

Who do you know in your life who says she has enough time for everything she wants to do? You know me, now. I do. I have been living the natural calendar for four years. I don't have money, but I have time and I think I got a better deal.

If this idea interests you, let's communicate. It is time to get our message into the pulse of the culture. You have a gift to add to this movement. We need you and we need the women of means to help us get this information out. We need 144,000 million people on this calendar by mid-1996 to create the harmonic which will give us the powers of increased synchronicity and natural telepathy. You can't lie in telepathy, and you sure can get your message out.

If you send me your address, I will send you a calendar. There's more information, too, but I'll wait for your response. If you give me your birthday, I can identify you within the calendar. You are one of 20 Tribes of Time in four root races, and you express one of 13 Tones of Creation. Let's see how we are connected.