The Coastal Post - January, 1996

News And Notes From Novato


Hello, Dear Hearts

Happy New Year. May 1996 be a very good year for all of us!

Recycle Christmas trees

The Novato Disposal will collect Christmas trees, cut in lengths no longer than five feet, right at your curbside on the regular garbage collection day during the week of January 8-12.

San Marin High School will charge $2 per tree when you drop it off at the parking lot. The money will help fund their Safe Grad Night. The students will pick your tree up at your door for $4. This service is available January 6-7 and 13-14 as well as New Year's Day, 9 am to 3 pm. Call 897-6862 or 892-7612.

Good service, students. Thank you.

Vera Schultz estate sale

On December 5, this citizen went before the Board of Supervisors and requested the return of a set of original blueprints of the Marin Civic Center, which has been withheld from the sale waiting for private bidders. This constitutes the gift of public funds. since we the taxpayers of Marin have paid for the original set of blueprints.

The Grand Jury of 1987, with committee member, the late Georgette Vilas of Nicasio, requested the Board of Sueprvisors to protect the historical documents of Marin County. The original items were being taken, stored without protection or thrown away with no regard to their value.

The Board made no comment, and to date no action has been taken. Supervisor Hal Brown did state he had received a phone call about the blueprints. I later learned Lorraine Berry of Ross had expressed concern, but again no action by the Board. So we will lose the original set of blueprints. Marlon Bradley of Martinez is the sale organizer.

South Novato Boulevard firehouse sale

The Board of Directors of the Novato Fire District have taken action to have the Marin County Real Estate Department arrange for the sale of the old 1967 firehouse. The neighborhood network organization has requested that the public be allowed to retain the building for community use, as teen center, meeting place, to house Holiday Share for the Novato Human Needs Center, and other uses in South Novato area.

The main opposition came from Councilwoman Pat Ecklund. Seems she is the President of the Homeowners' Association representing the residents of Hillside One and Two, who do not want to retain the firehouse for community use as that would take away from their home values.

When challenged that her stance constituted conflict of interest, Councilwoman Ecklund totally agreed, during a telephone conversation with this columnist, following a public discussion at the Fire Board. But on December 14 she appeared at the Novato Parks and Recreation Commission meeting stating the same opposition. Too bad she doesn't take her position of being in conflict of interest seriously. This could be her downfall in the political arena.

I walk by night tidbits

The Spring marriage between former school board member Mabel Croughan and retired Mayor Hugh Turner was made known at the Stuber-Stroeh Christmas Party. Watch for another senior hand-holding couple to take the final step.

Joe Giaris had a moment of fame with his picture on the B section of the county newspaper receiving an autographed book from Dr. Ruth at a recent bookstore event. Joe is a retired PG&E; employee, an bachelor, and very involved in our local Historical Society. Dr. Ruth Westheimer is pointing her finger at Joe as though giving some pointed advice to him regarding her book, titled Sex for Dummies.. Good reading, Joe!

The marriage of Carla Torres and Edy Gramajo

Date: December 16. Place: Santa Rosa. Carla is the manager of the McDonald's in Novato. The Grandma Coffee Circle, which meets every day, same table, were invited to attend. Their gift was a money tree made from a two-foot Christmas tree with lights! We all hope they took it on their honeymoon and will always regard it as their first Christmas tree. The bride was beautiful! Her dress was made in Novato.

Congratulations to:

Paul Mamalakis. This retired gentleman has been very interested in local issues for over 15 years. He is working with the new City Council to promote a communication network between City Hall and the community. His purpose is to create a business-like manner for City Council meetings by holding Citizens' Communication Network meetings prior to going to the council on "open time" conflicts.