The Coastal Post - September, 1995


Our August hero was Harold Brown, the one county supervisor who has courage and common sense. The other four supervisors jumped on the Buck Center for Research on Aging bandwagon. The Buck gang has enormous sums of money for self-promotion. Money that poor county residents need for food housing and health care is thrown away every day. "Hal" Brown did not endorse the Buck boondoggle which Supervisor Giacomini, Kress, Moore and Rose did. Shame on that foursome!

One of our readers called attention to an IJ article noting that Dr. Larry Bedard was one of 41 people appointed by President Clinton to the new National Advisory Council on Violence Against Women. Politician Bedard knows all about that. It was he who engineered a series of hit pieces published locally in periodicals which last November knocked Nancy McCarthy off the Marin Hospital District Board. Mother wonders if Senator Bob Packwood from Oregon is one of the 41. I assured her that he couldn't be as he's a Republican.

As I write this mid-August I do not know the fate of the Marin General Hospital psychiatric services. Hospital management obviously wants to close down the unit and replace it with something more profitable. No hospital anywhere puts out more hype than MGH. If hype could be equated with care, MGH would be at the top of the heap!